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REMARKABLE improvement in autistic boy’s school work. Pictures below! Tuberculinum & VAX detox.

6 year old Benji has a starting ATEC score of 72.

6 year old Benji has an Autism diagnosis and began to regress around his second birthday, having been an engaged and sociable baby. His mum came to me in July 2019 when he had an ATEC test score of 72 points. (

Mum reported:

Main challenge is communication.  Started speaking 4.5y.  Needs based language only.  4-7 word sentences.  No expressive language.  Nothing about feelings.  Answers basic questions recently.  Can answer functional questions with closed ended answers.  
Social connection poor as can’t talk well.  
Hand flapping.
Some major gut issues.

Mum of Benji, age 6.

Gut issues seen:

OATS test:
Low vit C.  Some neurotransmitter imbalances.  High glutathione.  
Major abdominal bloating.

GIT test
▫ Non-physiological E. coli 10E4 
▫ Yeast spores Present 
▫ Candida glabrata 10E4 
Escherichia fergusonii 10E3 

Starting Treatment

As B’s family had to ship in the specific vaccine detox remedies from the USA, he didn’t start his remedies until a month later in August 2019.
His first prescription was as follows: Tuberculinum, vaccine detox.

1st follow-up: Sept 2019 ATEC 45 [27 point drop in severity]

“Engagement & Connection”:
School say every day that he’s doing better.  He’s now sitting, paying attention, directing his attention, doing his school work. He sits down at the table without reinforcement.  

“Language & Expression”:
He’s actually hearing them talking now, at home and at school.  He’s tuned in and repeating what they say.  echolalia [new].  
He is describing pictures.  
He is asking “What is this?”  [new, and catch up with the developmental stages he missed when younger. I often see this when language comes].  

He has a big jungle gym outside and he began having a conversation across the fence, chatting full on with the Au’paire next door.  He was getting involved with the lesson she was giving.  [1/2 an hour long].  This was conversational stuff for the first time.  He was totally engaged.  She would say to the child she was teaching ‘spell whale’ and B would say:

“Whale swimming’.  Baluga whales are kissing with the mouth”

[this is something happening in his own reading book.]

Before he could answer ‘what shape is it?”  He not only improved with this but is now able to answer an open ended complex question like ‘what’s in this picture’ and infer from partial objects what’s happening [from handlebars he inferred that the woman in the picture was riding a bike].  

Understanding Time & Deferring Gratification:
Understanding has improved when trying to talk through something that’s out of control.  He newly has a concept of time and wants to talk about it. He’ll ask “Nursery on?”   He’s starting to understand about ‘later’, ‘now’, ‘a different day’.  He wakes Saturday morning and says “No Lizzy.” as she doesn’t come on Saturday mornings. 
He’s more satisfied because he knows something is going to happen later rather than not at all and his ability to express himself has improved during melt downs.  

Executive Thinking:
Instruction follow has improved as his comprehension and attention have improved. Great improvement in executive functioning 🙂  

The Really Remarkable Results Come Next: October-November 2019. [2-3 months in].

We are due to follow up again soon, but Benji’s mum just sent me his reports [shared with permission] … just going to let school reports speak volumes now and will add new developments and his new ATEC score when we follow up later in November. 🙂

Starting Point: [baseline since May 2019]

Teacher’s Report, October 18th 2019.
Since May 2019 Benji’s check list has looked almost exactly like this. His improvements are not quite showing up in his check list yet. Explosion is about to happen.

Explosion begins:

25th October 2019,
Remarkable changes are beginning to show at school.
There is more to come!
November 1st 2019
Benji’s teacher report clearly shows expressive language and marked improvement in independence across the board.

Sally Lloyd

I’m Sally Lloyd. I’m a homeopath working internationally, with special interests in autism, anxiety, autoimmunity & children’s behavioural problems. You can book in with me at

4 thoughts on “REMARKABLE improvement in autistic boy’s school work. Pictures below! Tuberculinum & VAX detox.

  1. You are doing great work and keep on doing it!
    I also love homeopathy and fight to show the wonderful results to all the people around me. All the people need to learn the miracles of homeopathy!
    Thank you for encouraging all of us, with your finest results, to keep on going!
    Love and peace!
    God bless you! ❤??

  2. Hi Sally great case well done. In homeopathy we can achieve these results often but of course we don’t show our cases that don’t respond very well.
    The problem for me here is that you have mixed so many things together that you can’t actually say it’s the Tub bov that has this effect. Which is a shame for homeopathy’s sake. Conversely it’s probably only the Tub bov. that has worked But again you will not know. It’s probable the so-called de-tox did nothing! It’s a shame in my view to confuse things so much. It’s not clear.

    1. Yes Andrew. I can see the sense in your argument and I know and respect your point of view.
      In my article, I’m attempting to show what is possible and there would be no sense in showing cases where there was no improvement. I certainly don’t promise results when I am consulting, just as I know you wouldn’t. We can’t control all factors, nor be perfect practitioners.
      Sometimes, when a constitutional remedy is unclear [as sometimes happens, as you know, in low level cases] and the parent makes a clear causative connection, I have carried out a homeopathic detox without a constitutional remedy and seen similar results. If the constitutional remedy is very clear I will give it without any kind of homeopathic detox prescription, unless it has been given by a previous homeopath without effect [this is not uncommon when I’m approached by patients]. I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.
      When deviating from the single remedy, Classical prescription it is obviously difficult to say which part of the prescription has brought about the improvements. Sometimes, it is possible to decide to some extent based upon improvement in symptoms you know relate to the constitutional remedy.
      However, I’m essentially interested in seeing improvement above all else and frequently my patients are coming after having been treated with classical prescriptions for some time without results. That’s led me to find it very difficult to insist on a classical prescription when I see colleagues making progress in such cases with homeopathic ‘detoxes’ [tautopathy]. I observed their prescriptions for more than 18 months before I would consider deviating from a Classical, single remedy prescription in such cases. It was personally hard for me to deviate from what I was strongly taught [because I was thoroughly taught and I dislike disapproval]. But examining their results in detail [and seeing clear signs that cases moved in the curative direction and the person was well as a result] convinced me that in certain cases I couldn’t adhere to classical practice just because I’d been taught to not deviate & was afraid to be ‘excommunicated’ <3 . In some cases I think drug pictures do create obstructions that can be resolved with tautopathic [isopathic] methods. I also read a good amount around research data showing increased elimination of toxic metals using nano-dilutions [homeopathic] of arsenic, mercury, etc [in animals and humans] and I have seen people [including myself] have very high levels of metal toxicity unresolved by years of classical homeopathic treatment show much lower toxic metal levels after carrying out homeopathic metal detox.
      I've never been able to find convincing arguments against isopathy compared to homeopathy. There are frequent overlaps in practice [such as the use of mercury where there are mercury toxicity symptoms]. Tautopathy seems to be a simple extension of that.
      I'd like to do one thing at a time, but frequently that would take a long time for the patient and many times I don't see that it is in their interests to extend their treatment unnecessarily. I still have seen that the person's case clearly leads in the right direction [you taught me well what to look out for]. I'd observed that in my colleagues' cases long before I was confident to begin to follow similar prescriptions.
      The most difficult deviation for me was to use 'organ support' remedies. From what I was taught homeopathy could not work in this way. However, I've seen clear improvements in people's toxin elimination ability [observable signs] when 'liver support' remedies were used by my colleagues alongside detox remedies & there is research evidence to say that improvements in liver stats show after use of these [non homeopathic] remedies. It has caused me to rethink and question our model of how homeopathy works.
      I'm not made personally happy by practicing in ways that are seen as heretical to Classical homeopathy, having come from a strongly Classical training. It's really hard for me to leave my 'family'. However, I have more difficulty with acting on the basis of what would be dogma for me, in the face of evidence to the contrary and not enough evidence to support an exclusive, Classical approach. Still, if at all possible I will use a Classical prescription by preference and see great power in such prescriptions often.
      I'm sorry that you see this as selfish and damaging to the profession. I can only act according to my own conscience, in what I see as the interests of my patients and not according to pressure from friends and colleagues. I may be wrong, but I have attempted to look deeply into this. I'm guessing you will see it as a foolish and perhaps arrogant action and that causes me pain of course.
      Very best wishes

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