Nonverbal Autism Treatment for Max*

22nd March 2018 0 By Sally Lloyd
Nonverbal Autism Treatment for Max*

Max: Nonverbal autism treatment plan

Max is my patient. His mum brought him to me for nonverbal autism treatment. He was diagnosed with low functioning Autism at 15 months. He was hitting milestones up until then but regressed after vaccination with the MMR, she tells me. All he could do was grunt from his throat. Here he is singing ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider song’.

Now he sings and talks ALL THE TIME. He recognizes and plays with his sister and parents. Has begun drawing and reading.

Max has had homeopathic treatment with me which has included individualized remedies to fit the totality of his symptoms and homeopathic detox.

He’s also recovered from ‘picky’ eating that left him eating almost nothing and he was very underweight.

Another diagnosis was lupus, but during treatment, his symptoms have disappeared and now he has no signs on his tests for lupus currently.

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