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1ST GROUP COACHING:  Natural Tonsillitis Treatment with Homeopathy.

Do you need natural tonsillitis treatment?
I’ve finally taken the first step to set up my teaching community.  You can find and join it here:

We’ll be doing a LOT of learning about enhancing and recovering health through homeopathy and lifestyle … with a massive emphasis on personal empowerment & community collaboration.

We’ll be adding to the already amazing first aid materials at Sally Lloyd Homeopathy and I’ll be producing and teaching a set of in-depth modules enabling you to learn to treat acute [self-limiting] infections and injuries for yourself and family.    There will be free live tasters in the facebook group and paid courses available also.

Here’s the sign up for the first of the paid modules Tonsillitis Group Coaching!

You’ll see, over at the group, we already have a teaching unit coming together for tonsillitis in the wake of the NHS announcement that they intend to stop routine tonsillectomies.  The teaching units in the group will give an overview … but come and learn more in-depth at our learning academy and sign up for the first class!

Join us for TIM Facebook live tomorrow!

Wednesday 11th July at 11.15am we’ll have a live, free taster session on treating tonsillitis, so come to join the group and watch live!  Comment about what you learn from the free live session and you receive a 20% discount for the group coaching!
natural tonsillitis treatment

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