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Migraine treatment is very effectively with homeopathy.

I had a migraine treatment eureka moment whilst reading a post by my friend and colleague Ingefleur Spreij, (specialist in homeopathic fertility treatment).
Ingefleur explains how, during pregnancy progesterone is maintained, first by the body and then by the placenta … and that during your period progesterone levels drop.   What we find in Claire’s migraine treatment case (below)  is that she had a complete break from migraines during her pregnancy (blessed relief!  I’m surprised she doesn’t have 10 children!) … and now her migraines come just during menses.  Keep reading …

Migraine treatment with homeopathy: Claire’s Case

Claire began with migraines at puberty, 31 years ago.  It was the same for her mother and grandmother. Gradually her migraines have built, becoming more frequent and intense.  Without homeopathy she will have another decade of migraines before menopause, when her female family members finally stopped suffering.

By the time Claire came for migraine treatment with me, she was suffering with:

  • Migraines at least twice a week,
  • Sometimes lasting more than a day or two,
  • With frequent, burning vomiting that was damaging her throat,
  • A general malaise in terms of energy and mood.
  • She was struggling to parent her small child.
  • She was struggling to lead a productive life.
  • She was struggling to have a social life.
  • She was pretty miserable.

With her first remedy her mood improved a lot and her migraines temporarily stopped altogether … or so it seemed.  What had happened was that they began to be only related to her menstrual cycle, but still present.  They were at least quartered in number, and less severe.
Since then had another homeopathic remedy, which stopped the vomiting during migraines and made them far less severe.  We have to remember in this case that Claire had had this problem a long time and it had become gradually more severe.  What we see during treatment is her migraines returning in stages to their earlier, less severe character.

Yesterday she had a remedy which will, hopefully, stop the last of the migraines and leave her migraine free.  She won’t have  to wait for the blessed relief of menopause.

I’ll keep you posted on outcomes and I’m sure Claire will  write about her experience with homeopathy for migraine.

Ingefleur’s post:

migraine treatment and progesterone

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