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Homeopathic Suramin For Autism: What Can It do?*

In this article: 

  • Klinghardt’s use of Homeopathic Suramin for Autism.
  • The known side-effects of chemical Suramin. 
  • Homeopathy & Homeopathic Suramin … How it works. 
  • Why Might Homeopathy Have Been Misunderstood by NDs?
  • Suramin, retroviruses, and the cell danger response (CDR)! by Rowyn Bakwyn. 

 homeopathic suramin for autism

There’s a definite buzz about homeopathic Suramin for autism in the healing community.
We need all the hope we can get.
It looks like Suramin injections, like most conventional medications, may offer a temporary step forward and two steps back with attendant risks, as most conventional medicine does.  Will its homeopathic counterpart do better?

Understanding the laws of homeopathy can shed some light on whether Suramin in homeopathic potency holds the promise we’d like to see.

At this time, the action of Suramin in homeopathic potency is unproven though I know Dr. Klinghardt ND is using it in homeopathic form.

I’d like to gather the experiences of anyone using it in homeopathic potency to see if we can gain some pattern of its effects. 

Please use the comments box at the bottom if you have any experience. 

homeopathic suramin for autism
CLICK for Klinghardt link. The term ‘energetic copies’ is used to refer to homeopathic preparations of Suramin, etc.

The known side effects of Suramin: 

“Suramin causes a fair number of side effects.[4] Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, skin tingling, and weakness.[2] Sore palms of the hands and soles of the feet, trouble seeing, fever, and abdominal pain may also occur.[2] Severe side effects may include low blood pressuredecreased level of consciousnesskidney problems, and low blood cell levels.[4]”

Homeopathy and Homeopathic Suramin

The mechanism by which Suramin works on the body of autistic children is not homeopathic, so it cannot be made into a ‘homeopathic remedy’ and be expected to give the effects we observe from its chemical, injection form.  Here is why: 

‘Homeopathic’ means ‘same suffering’.
It refers to an age-old observation [or law of nature] that:

a substance that creates symptoms in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person.

This process is explained by another age-old medical observation [or law of nature]:

In tiny amounts, a substance stimulates,
in moderate amounts paralyzes and
in large amounts kills.

Homeopathy uses tiny amounts of substances to stimulate the body to heal itself.
They can be poisonous substances when not highly diluted.
Most substances have the potential to cause symptoms and kill in large enough amounts [water, salt, sugar, chalk, etc]

A substance that can’t cause the symptoms you want to cure can’t be used in nano amounts to cure them via the ‘homeopathic’ healing mechanism.
Suramin doesn’t cause the symptoms we are trying to cure in autism so it can’t work this way when potentized as a homeopathic remedy.

What it seems to do is suppress symptoms in its chemical form.  The human body doesn’t heal itself by suppressing its defences. That would be against its interests.

What CAN Homeopathic Suramin Do?

We are not sure yet as there are no reliable provings.
Theoretically, homeopathic Suramin can cure symptoms it can cause, ie the side effects of Suramin.

Homeopathic remedies are too dilute to cause chemical poisonings or side effects.  Their only effect is to TREAT those kinds of chemical effects or symptoms that are remarkably like them.

Homeopathy, however, can offer a whole arsenal of remedies that could [in large quantities] cause, and thus CAN stimulate healing of symptoms your autistic child may have.
Homeopathy may also offer a way to heal side-effects of medications & vaccine injury.
It can safely address metal toxicity
And it has a long history in the safe and effective treatment of parasite infestations.

So don’t pin your hopes on Suramin when we have 100s of safe and effective homeopathic remedies.  

Why Might Homeopathy Have Been Misunderstood by NDs?

Some conventional meds are incidentally homeopathic:

  • Ritalin is used to treat hyperactivity and it causes hyperactivity in healthy people [recreational drug ‘Speed’].

  • Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorders and causes these symptoms in the healthy according to the poisoning and proving records.

  • Digitalis is used to treat angina and causes angina symptoms in the healthy.

  • Mercury was used extensively to treat syphilis and causes similar symptoms in the healthy.

  • The list goes on.

We use many conventional medications as homeopathic remedies [in diluted forms] and I think this is where an oversimplification has started leading to the misunderstanding that you can take any medication and make a homeopathic form and expect it to have the same mechanism of action as the conventional form.

Unfortunately, the active mechanism of most conventional meds is the suppression of chemical production or suppression of the immune system itself [the anti-inflammatory action of steroids or Suramin for example].  The majority of conventional meds don’t have a homeopathic action.

Another exception arises when a conventional medication is used to supplement.
Some homeopaths might use potentised adrenal cortex to attempt to support regeneration of the adrenal cortex or thyroidinum (potentised thyroid) for the thyroid.
We might use ferrum phos to attempt to modulate the body’s relationship to iron (in anemia or iron accumulation disorders), or arsenicum to cause the body to balance arsenic by eliminating it [as with a ‘homeopathic metal detox’].
Some of these methods have been used for a long time, others are more modern and have only anecdotal data to support them.

If a conventional med has a supplementary mechanism it might translate into homeopathic form and have a similar application …

and I think this is where the oversimplification has started.  People expect all substances to translate straight to homeopathic forms and have the same medicinal action as they have in chemical form but without the side effects.  It’s not the case generally.


So, I’m wondering where Suramin stands. I suspect its action is plain allopathic & suppressive so we could use it in potency to clear the poisoning and side effects of Suramin.
Its HOMEOPATHIC action is unproven.
Will it be useful in autism?  Who knows?
That side effects list above most likely tells you what it can treat.

I’m going to hand over to Rowyn Bakwin@ ‘Baby’ Buhner, Cowden, Klinghardt and more Facebook Group to deal with looking at the action of Suramin in its chemical form.  [I received permission to copy.]

Suramin, retroviruses, and the cell danger response (CDR)!

“APT in the screenshot refers to anti-purigenic signaling, which is how Suramin works.”

Quoting Rowyn:

“Okay, I promised to teach you all about why we need to be cautious with Suramin, even though it’s showing such promise for chronically activated inflammation (CDR) in autism.
This very old drug is potent for retroviruses like AIDS, yes, and was used back in the 80s in trials. Unfortunately, many of the men in those studies developed significantly worse immunosuppression and the drug was stopped. It is now being investigated again for use with viral infection, at various doses and lengths of time for use.

Let’s explain NOT what it does directly for retroviruses, but what it does to quiet what has been termed the Cell Danger Response (CDR). [my emphasis]

Once we all understand what the CDR is, and why it occurs, everyone will also have a better grasp on how turning this ancient defense mechanism off can have grave consequences over time despite short-term gains.

***Basically, The CDR is a cellular metabolic response, initiated primarily by the mitochondria inside cells, when the cell encounters a chemical, physical, or microbial threat that could injure or kill the cell. So, heavy metals, flame retardants, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, fungus and even psychological trauma can initiate the Cell Danger Response. The TOTAL LOAD of these dangers, and added into this are the genetic weaknesses to things like methylation and detox, determine the strength and form of the danger response.

****When the CDR is activated, MANY metabolic changes occur to try to protect the cell: Cell membranes become stiff and restrict flow of things in and out, production of reactive oxidative species is initiated to try to kill invaders, DNA methylation is altered to try to protect against viral stealth and more. These are all clearly extremely important pathways for normal health and growth. The CDR is maintained over time by something called purigenic signaling, and THIS is where suramin is active. It is an anti-purigenic, amongst other things, and it can and does shut off the message that the CDR needs to be maintained.

***Lets talk about what happens when the CDR is left chronically ON. The mitochondria decrease oxygen consumption (and we know how important these are to energy to the body and brain) and reactive oxidative species are increased, creating more oxidative stress. ATP acts as a main purigenic signaler, and it will stimulate cortisol production independent of the usual ACTH stimulation, causing chronic adrenal stress. Sulfur metabolism becomes disrupted, decreasing the master anti oxidant glutathione. vitamin D metabolism is altered, increasing inflammation and autoimmunity. Folate and B12 metabolism is interrupted, leaving an abnormal SAM/SAH ratio and little SAMe for methyl donation in DNA synthesis reactions and methylation, think about growth and the need for normal DNA and RNA assembly. Histidine is directed into histamine. Arginine will be shunted to produce urea and biologically dangerous amines. Phospholipids, important for cell membranes, are altered. Tryptophan metabolism is skewed and neurotoxic metabolites like QUIN increase. Lysine, cholesterol, vitamin B6, are imbalanced, minerals become wasted, even the gut microbiome is altered by the cell danger response, CDR. When this is chronically turned ON, as it is in many people these days due to their overwhelmed burden of environmental and mental stressors, these important cellular pathways that are now abnormally restricted and dysfunctional, can have profound effect on neurocognitive development and growth. In older people, chronic diseases and autoimmunity occur. Suramin interrupts the puringenic signaling of ATP between cells that keeps this CDR maintained and turned ON.

***Dr Naviaux’s study on 5 autistic kids and Suramin created quite a stir, as turning off that CDR for just that little bit of time brought many of these metabolic abnormalities into better balance. 16 of the 16 metabolites he measured improved. This gives a child’s body the ability to try to heal itself and normalize. So why could this be bad? Because if pathogens and pesticides and metals are still present, and the CDR is turned off so that the cells start to take in the pesticides, allow pathogens to take over DNA replication and to infect cells, the NET total end result may be harm. I finally found the quote he gave in a paper not about Suramin, but about the CDR. The scientific study to read that I used for the above information will be in the first comment.

***As you can imagine, the immediate improvement that chronically ill people are seeing doing retroviral protocols are likely not from the seroconversion of a retrovirus, which can take months to a year or so, but from disabling the CDR. Also, interestingly, these stressors are stored like memories in altered mitochondria, which is why a person can become so very reactive. PS, you should be triggered to think about the fact that CDR is the same thing as MCAS and that CIRS should be included in the whole idea of an abnormally, chronically activated inflammatory response.
#suramin #CDR #retrovirus

Many thanks to Rowyn for this information and her hard work to educate us.  You can join her group here.

Please, respond below if you have any personal experience with Suramin that you wish to share.

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1. Evidence for metal elimination through homeopathic potencies:;;

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14 thoughts on “Homeopathic Suramin For Autism: What Can It do?*

  1. Thank you for all the useful information above. I have not yet started the homeopathic chord or remedy created from Suramin. I am curious as to other experiences.

  2. I just have taken suramin > I had a very strong good improvement with it. I do suffer from the retrovirus simian virus > It will be interesting to see if the improvements continue to hold .

    It helped me with the sense of not being able to be responsible enough. Shame of not being able to keep up. After the remedy I have been able to get my feet below me. , a sense of being out of balance leading to fear something bad would happen to me .. It . strengthened my core muscles in my colon> My colon was very tense , I had severe fatigue to where I wished someone would just carry me around.. . If I went to worry my mind was right into pain in my kidneys and muscle spasms and some seizures… This set the mindset of worrying if my body could keep up to my plans . This made me feel inept like it was my fault..

    From research the simian virus can land in the locomotor area of the brain. This diffucult scares imbalance of movement has been one of my main complaints in my chronic health .

  3. I’m taking it for a while, homeopathic. I suffered from many chronic problems, specially infections, food allergies. I healed from lyme following dr Klinghardt’s method and then trained myself with the same method.
    I’m getting much better with diet too (lots of fruits and vegetables).
    I think Suramin homeopathic from C6 to C30 is helping my muscles relax.
    I feel a sense of being grounded (don’t know if it’s from diet or from Suramin), my lymph is moving much better, my neck feels so soft, as though I went for a massage.
    I even think my problem of Raynauds is improving (more circulation in my hands). Only time will tell. My last big problem are awful chilblains on hands and feet during winter. Let’s see next winter.
    Thanks for the interesting article!

    1. I’m interested in Suramin homeopathy but don’t know where to find it. could you give some advice where you bought this from or how you were able to obtain it?

      1. I’m sorry. I don’t have access to this. Also, I don’t think it will work in the way you want it to, as I’ve said in my article. There is hope though Sirinya. Homeopathy tailored to your child can be very effective.

  4. Thank you for this very interesting article. I have Lyme and am currently treating mold. I’m also infested with heavy metals but must deal with the mold first. This sounds very interesting to me because I have a problem with atp production. Thus I’m always fatigued. I’m interested in trying this to decrease CDR but wonder how long do you do it for and at what point does it become detrimental if at all.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Rose, It can often be done alongside other clears [like mold], indeed, high metals will often maintain imbalances like candida and parasites and maybe molds also? Our bodies use other organisms to bind metals within the body. It’s a compromise. I find candida infection with recur, for example, until metals are eliminated.
      Why do you say “but must deal with mold first”? I’m interested to hear.
      It’s important to have support with a homeopathic metals detox as you need to interpret what’s happening and tailor it to your own responses but it is really efficient. 🙂

  5. Hi Sally
    My 5 Year old son born premature. After 5 months of pregnancy babys growth started declining and so he was taken out after 6 months 14 days. He was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus after birth. He was treated with gancyclovir and recovered with cmv.
    Now he autism like symptoms, no speech, no chewing, poor muscle tonig.
    My question is what could be the reason of this ? As i am still wondering what went wrong. Because i have almost all kind of blood test and screening but all parameters appears to be normal. Please suggest what should i do.

    1. Hi Hedayat,
      In your son’s case his symptoms could be caused by any or a combination of:
      1. oxygen starvation due to prematurity (im guessing you excluded this),
      2. disruption of his gut microbiome (caused by any of the following: viral overgrowth of cytomegalovirus; antibiotics; c-section meaning he didn’t receive bacteria thro vaginal birth;and vaccines can cause dysbiosis in some children).
      3. Steroid meds for maturing lungs before premature birth. Any other medication used in his early care including Medications or vaccination during pregnancy.
      4. Mitochondrial damage potentially caused by medications or vaccines, or inherited from yourself. his symptoms would indicate mitochondrial dysfunction but I’m guessing you excluded this with tests?

      The process we use in an attempt to heal and improve these symptoms is a combination of constitutional homeopathy, gut repair work and medication/vaccine/toxic metal detox through homeopathy …. depending on what we see when we take his case.

      Hope that helps.
      You can book here if you’d like me to take his case: online booking:

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