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Balancing work and homeschooling: Homeopath in action 6.6.17

It’s usually a bizarre and impromptu kind of day in my unschooling home educating household.
I also run a large, international homeopathy practice from home and recently I had a full work day until 1.30pm and came into the kitchen to find my dd16 [who had an English GCSE exam this morning] building an Elizabethan theatre with dd9.
I was enlisted for acting out A Midsummer Night Dream with dd9, voices and sliding characters and multiple parts.

– Preparing to navigate the twists and turns of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream.


The final curtain call as the actors all assemble to make their bows 🙂

3 minutes to spare after the final curtain call and I was straight into my evening appointments at 5.15pm, as a friend came over to play for the evening.

It’s quite a nice work/life balance so long as I can shut down and leave my keyboard now and again.

Sally Lloyd

I’m Sally Lloyd. I’m a homeopath working internationally, with special interests in autism, anxiety, autoimmunity & children’s behavioural problems. You can book in with me at

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