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December Study Leave: 7th Dec 2019 to 5th Jan 2020*

Between 7th Dec 2019 and 5th Jan 2020, I’ll be on call for emergencies only.  If you need to follow up with me, book in for November [grab a spot soon!] or January and be aware January will be busy with people who’ve waited too.  

Find out what I’m Studying!

Many of my patients are already busy planning for the holidays in late November & December, and I’ve been planning to make it the ideal time for study leave!   It’s 18 months since I’ve taken a dedicated study leave and fitting it in to a busy practice is challenging. 

More “A & P”

I’ve got plenty of scope for learning more about anatomy, physiology & pathology.  Although as a homeopath I don’t give medical diagnoses, it is really important for me to be able to spot serious medical conditions among my patients & to know when to direct them to hospital.

Genetic Mutations & Functional Interventions. 

I’m focussing on learning more about functional problems related to the kinds of gene mutations I frequently encounter among my patients with autism and autoimmune conditions.  These problems can be maintaining causes of symptoms and create obstacles for homeopathic healing.  {MTHFR & other methylation disruption mutations, DAO, SOD, PEMT, COMT, etc}.  

Complex Allergies

I’ve been seeing some AMAZING improvements with complex allergies among my patients and some of the methods I’ve applied have been branching out from constitutional homeopathy & homeopathic detox to some functional supplements, specific histamine metabolising probiotic strains & homeopathic bowel nosodes [remedies made with bowel microbes].   

Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes [a bit like Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) … but without the yucky!]

Also with bowel nosodes, I’ve been having success with treating Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and I’m planning on studying these amazing remedies in more detail to make more use of them. There is plenty to explore!

Gallbladder & Fatty Liver Protocol

I’m looking forward to writing more at my website on gallbladder & liver cleaning, especially for patients with PEMT mutations.  ‘Dirty’ PEMT genes can predispose you to fat build up in the liver, gallbladder and pancreas resulting in gallbladder colic and/or stones, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  Many of these conditions come together and can be nicely addressed/prevented with dietary interventions alongside homeopathy.  This is a mutation close to my heart as I’ve been busy cleaning mine up!  Much of this protocol will be self-led by patients alongside the homeopathy we do and I need time to write it all up!


Also, I’m learning podcasting and planning a new podcast to start during my study leave.  I’ll be talking about what I’m learning as I go along … and it’ll be a good way of keeping in touch with you all.  


I’m planning lots of writing in December, showcasing the work of The Finlay Institute in Cuba and homeopathic doctors in India as well as looking back at the amazing historical epidemic work.  

So,book insoon.  

Very best wishes

Sally Lloyd

I’m Sally Lloyd. I’m a homeopath working internationally, with special interests in autism, anxiety, autoimmunity & children’s behavioural problems. You can book in with me at

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