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Alternative to Steroid Injections & Their Side-Effects

This is a quick, late night email I penned as promised to a patient about alternatives to steroid injections.    I thought I’d post this info here for you too.  I talk to a LOT of people who’ve been offered steroid injections, tablets, creams and inhalers for problems that can be simply resolved with homeopathy.   They are almost universally unaware of the potential side-effects or the longterm effects on their immune system.

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My patient had a stroke straight after surgery for cancer and is suffering from stiffness and contracture of her left arm and shoulder.  She’s doing a great job of recovery as it is early days.  Her doctor has just offered her a steroid injection for her shoulder.

My father had steroid injections in a hand when he had cramping and contracture problems that made his hand unusable and it worked well temporarily.
He was disappointed it needed repeating so came to me to see what I could do with homeopathy.
Cuprum metallicum resolved the cramping/contracture and it hasn’t returned even after some 8 months.
On his 80th birthday sailing party last week he told me again that he is so impressed and pleased that his hand is like new.  🙂

some info on the potential side-effects of steroid joint injections.

It mentions that the side-effects are similar to those of steroid tablets as detailed below:

Clipping them here for quick reference:

alternatives to steroid injections

Homeopathy after Stroke

Hopefully, causticum taken daily in low potency will cause a longterm repair and recovery of my patient’s arm and shoulder.

Causticum is used frequently by homeopaths in this context and I’ve seen some very good results with it with patients of mine, including a 3-year-old girl who had lost the use of her right arm & hand after a stroke during an epileptic seizure.  [We’ve also somewhat resolved the seizures with homeopathy].

Why do steroids suppress the immune system?

The steroid injection may relieve symptoms temporarily [a few months] with the potential for side effects and a tendency to work by suppressing your immune system:

Why you should particularly avoid steroids after cancer, if at all possible.

As you may be aware, cancer is an immune system disease.
We mop up cancer cells all the time if we have a strong immune system and cancer can only establish if we are weakened.

Using a therapy [steroid injection] that will have a temporary benefit with the risk of compromising your immune system may be inadvisable at the best of times, and especially when in remission from cancer.

Clipping a little research evidence on this from this useful [but complex] article:

I hope this has proven to be a useful article and that it pops up in google searches for people looking for alternatives.

Please, share it and help people find out that there are alternatives and they should be looking closely at the side effects of any medication they are offered.

If you need help after a stroke or with pain in a joint, eczema, asthma or any other condition for which you’ve been offered steroids, have a free 15 min consultation with me first.

book sally lloyd homeopathy

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