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Taking & Storing Remedies

Taking Your Remedies

What Your Remedies Are: 
The remedies are sold as little sucrose balls that have been coated with the homeopathic remedy.

You should, if possible, avoid eating, drinking or brushing your teeth for about 10-20 minutes either side of taking a dose of your remedy.   *Hence, please don’t be tempted to add the dose to a flavoured drink*. 

If I have more than one remedy to take.  
If a time of day isn’t specified, take at any time of day but be sure not to take at the same time as another homeopathic remedy.  Spread them. 
You can start all remedies on the same day unless your prescription says otherwise [ie, “take constitutional then wait two weeks and start detox”].   Detoxes are usually taken Monday & Thursday.  If you were starting a constitutional remedy on a Monday or Thursday you would space different doses at different times that day.  The same goes with bowel nosodes, organ support remedies etc.  Leave at least a 30 minute gap. 


Taking a Single dose: 
If you are asked to take ‘a single dose’
that means one dose for one day only.  If you are meant to take it more than one day it will say ‘a single dose for X days’.  
Homeopathic remedies stimulate the immune system to trigger healing.  They often need to be taken only once and the default prescription is a single dose once only. 

It is MUCH more effective to take a single dose in water rather than as a dry pill:  Drop the dose into a small glass of spring water, stir thoroughly and take 1/2 tsp of the solution.
Very good filter water can be used for this and homeopathic solutions.

Repeat Doses & Homeopathic Solutions [Including all Detox Courses!]
If you have been asked to repeat the dose [or it’s a remedy you may need in future], make a homeopathic solution so that it can be preserved long term.   Before each dose you need to bash the bottle firmly on a soft surface 3 times. This process is called ‘plussing’ and slightly raises the potency of the remedy.  It’s important when repeating a remedy to bash before you dose.
3 bashes is the default. If you need to bash it more or less times I’ll have let you know.

If you cannot use alcohol to preserve your homeopathic solution:
make up the solution without alcohol and keep it in the fridge.  It will last 4 days and you’ll need to remake it after that.   Keep count of the number of times you bash [‘plus’] the remedy.

When you remake the solution, sterilise the bottle and use the same method as before. Bash [‘plus’] the remedy the number of times you noted the old solution had been bashed.  Then bash 3 times before each dose.

Homeopathic Detox Solutions: Raising The Potency. 
If you need to raise the potency, add a dose [1 x #6 pill from Helios or 5 small pills from Source] of the next potency [once only] to the same bottle you have been using.  There is no need to renew the solution.  

7 pills of 30c do not make a 200c!
The potencies have major quality [processing] differences.  You can’t make a 200c by putting together lots of 30c pills.  Just saying 🙂  

What To Avoid If You Are Having Homeopathic Treatment.

Firstly, you came for treatment because you were suffering … so it is worth committing to avoid the the list of antidotes below wherever possible.  If your problem relapses, look for which antidote you may have accidentally been exposed to and eliminate it.  Then contact me for instructions.  

Homeopathic remedies can be quickly antidoted by

  • COFFEE,  
  • caffeinated drinks like cola,
  • strong chemical odours,
  • high stress (unavoidable sometimes),
  • heavy alcohol consumption [more than 5 units in one 24 hour period],
  • prescribed & recreational drugs, ie, steroids  (you will be given more doses if you are on medications, in an attempt to overcome this problem).  
  • Some remedies (Nat mur in particular) can be antidoted by menthol.
  • Most remedies are antidoted by camphor & should not be stored near camphor products [vapour rubs, chest rubs, etc.]

Storing Your Remedies

Homeopathic remedies need to be protected from bright light, heat and moisture.  Keep all remedies away from camphor products. 

If kept in this way they have an endless shelf life.  
If you make them up into a homeopathic solution you can add 40% alcohol (vodka or brandy) as a preservative and they can be stored in a cool, dark place indefinitely. 
They should not be touched & be especially careful to avoid touching other people’s remedies.