Autism Consultant

Prescriptions & Ordering Remedies.


After your appointment, you will receive an email including everything you need to know.  Please, keep it in a dedicated email folder so you can refer to it later:

  • The name & potency of the remedies [with links to pharmacy].
  • How and when to take the remedy [with complex prescriptions there will be a ‘timetable’ document attached.]
  • Link for making a homeopathic solution [Link lives in the ‘about’ section above]
  • Instructions for booking your follow-up appointment.
  • Any essential recommendations from the consultation.
  • Information about how to get in touch.

Ordering Remedies: 

UK & International. 

I use Helios Homeopathy in the UK [shipping internationally]:
By email to ‘
By phone: 01892 5363931
Nosodes, detox remedies and the 36 remedy first aid kit are not available via the online ‘finder’. Use email or phone.
Order size #6 pills.  4 grams is usually enough unless you will be taking the remedy for a long time [this is unusual].   A dose is a single pill

USA & International. 

I use
I’ll give you the password to the pharmacy in your prescription email.
Sourcehomeopathy send out tiny remedy pills in packets of about 35.  One dose is equivalent to about 5 of these tiny pills, so your packet will contain 7 doses.  They also supply a 12 gram vial.
Ryan at sourcehomeopathy is very helpful and responds quickly to questions.  You can email him here:

[There are many other pharmacies but these are the ones I most often use.]

Essential First Aid Kit

Helios sell a very useful 36 remedy first aid kit [by phone in the UK].
It is available in the USA via

thrust candida impetigo

I’d recommend having a kit like this for all acute situations.  It can save you using antibiotics, antihistamines, pain killers, etc.
Patients can also book an acute appointment any day of the year with me if you need help. Write an email with ‘acute’ in the subject line.