Does Your Autistic Child have Toxic Metals & Leaky Gut?

Does Your Autistic Child have Toxic Metals & Leaky Gut?


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15yo boy with Asperger’s is doing well on baryta-carb & beginning to wean off his Depression meds. Hallelujah!  6yo boy with ASD- 27 point ATEC Point drop in first month!  12yo girl with PANS now responding to pollen season with mild hay fever rather than psych symptoms! [*PANS: Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome].  2yo boy with ASD has dropped 16 ATEC points in 1st Month plus 70-80% more eye contact.   Mom reports 5yo son dropped 15 ATEC points within 1 month of treatment with Sally!   6yo boy with Autism is asking questions and speaking for fun!  16yo boy “dropped 21 ATEC points in 4 months of treatment with Sally & no longer tests ‘autistic'”, says mom.  

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Advice Tailored to Your Child

  • Metal toxicity & medication side effects [including metals accumulated from environment and vaccines, allergy syndrome and autoimmunity].
  • Leaky gut & gastro issues, mitochondria, & neurological symptoms [seizures, tics, etc].
  • Vulnerability to viruses, bacteria, yeasts, & parasites.

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Types of improvement seen

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