Vaccination Alternative: The Case for Homeoprophylaxis*

21st August 2018 0 By Sally Lloyd
Vaccination Alternative: The Case for Homeoprophylaxis*

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  • Vaccination Alternative: History of Homeopathy in Epidemics.
  • Research into Homeoprophylaxis.
  • Is it Ideal to Avoid Diseases?
  • How To Go About Homeoprophylaxis.

History Of Homeopathy In Epidemics


There’s a long history of the use of vaccination alternatives prior to the availability of vaccines and for diseases that didn’t have them.

From the late 1700’s, Samual Hahnemann [the ‘father’ of homeopathy] records that he used potentized & diluted belladonna to prevent children getting Scarlet Fever [Scarlatina] during epidemics.
He wasn’t yet convinced it was prophylactic [preventative] but thought that it caught the disease in the very early stages before the symptoms were apparent.
He was pretty convinced that before a state existed within the body a remedy couldn’t act upon that state … and that makes absolute sense to me with standard homeopathic remedies.

Measles, scarlet fever and chicken pox

 Scarlet fever (centre) was once widely feared by parents, but its virulence has diminished significantly. Photograph: Alamy

Although he proposed the idea of microbes long before they were discovered, maybe he didn’t know enough about them and a body’s antibody responses to microbial materials to understand how homeoprophylaxis might work when using homeopathic remedies made from disease substances [‘nosodes’] as opposed to standard homeopathic remedies?

Dr. Isaac Golden has been doing work on vaccine alternative homeoprophylaxis for some years and records great results.  He says there is a possibility that the use of homeopathic nosodes can bring about an increased level of immunity to an infectious disease by engendering a stronger antibody response.

Indeed, there is research indicating that this can be the case where there is considerable immunosuppression and even in experimental animals who have had immune structures removed.


Bill Gray’s book Homeopathy: Science or Myth, p 114.

I recently read this paragraph that also convinced me somewhat that homeopathic dilutions of disease substances can bring about enhanced immunity to diseases:


Bill Gray’s book Homeopathy: Science or Myth, p 114.

Here is the definition of an ‘antigen’ to explain what was being injected:
Avogadro’s Number, as mentioned above, refers to the level of dilution beyond which there are no particles of the original substance left.   Homeopathic remedies from 12c upward are diluted beyond this point and yet are still effective … indicating that homeopathy can only work at this level of dilution on an energetic level as no molecular substance remains.

There is a whole page of homeoprophylaxis usage data here:



Evidence has amassed beyond dispute for homeopathy, though much of it is dismissed out of hand.  It looks from the evidence above to be the same for homeoprophylaxis and a quick note should be made that homeopathic preparations of toxic metals like arsenic and mercury have been shown to cause the elimination of these toxic metals from the body!

Is It Ideal To Seek to Avoid all Diseases?

You may not want to entirely avoid all diseases, even by gaining immunity through homeoprophylaxis.
Childhood diseases are important for developing and maturing the immune system as children that don’t have them are found to have more chronic health problems. See here for some research that suggests so.  
I often wonder if they didn’t get those diseases because they were already chronically sick.
In the lower levels of health, your immune system cannot raise a strong symptomatic response of fever and rashes to childhood diseases.
Homeopaths like George Vithoulkas believe that vaccination works in good part by lowering the level of health to this degree.

Fairly regular events like a bout of flu can be miserable but very detoxing.

I’m gonna leave Midi at Detox International to explain. She does it nicely and has great ideas for what to do instead of heading to the pharmacy counter.

virus detox international

Catching flu or a cold is an attempt by your body to bring balance and harmony back to its entire system and it uses viruses or bacteria to help it stimulate enough energy and movement to clear out unwanted rubbish. This is why we often feel hot when we are ill as heat is generated to enable the movement and elimination of toxins. link

If your symptoms get too tough to handle and you struggle to breathe during flu, it lingers, you don’t fully recover or you develop symptoms of a secondary infection, it is definitely time to take the right homeopathic remedy.
During last year’s flu epidemic I attended a LOT of cases [some 70 directly] and all but one needed Eupatorium perfoliatum.  The single other case was Gelsemium.  The third main remedy for flu is Bryonia.  In one Eupat case, Hepar Sulph was needed to clear it up in the later stage.
You can find more on treating flu here … but keep an eye on my Facebook practice page during flu season as I will announce the ‘epidemic’ remedy I’m finding most usual in the cases I’m seeing.  I’ll also be able to tell you whereabouts in the world I’m seeing most cases at any point.  Last year it hit the UK in early December and petered out Pacific side USA by April, spreading east to west [the ‘Australian’ flu of 2017-2018].

How To Go About Homeoprophylaxis

If you decided not to vaccinate it would make absolute sense to work on keeping your immune system as strong as possible through good diet, hygiene, and lifestyle.  It is a great idea to keep on top of your health with regular homeopathic treatment.  Every 3 to 4 months minimum is ideal … with established problems needing assessment and treatment every 5 weeks or so.

You can also find out more about homeoprophylaxis here via Dr. Isaac Golden. 

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