Teeth Healing

31st August 2018 0 By Sally Lloyd
Teeth Healing

Healing Teeth is, in fact, possible!

teeth healing


Because we are not used to the idea of teeth healing and are used to drilling and filling it seems implausible.
However, teeth are designed to remineralize and heal.

Of course, they are! 

You only have one set of adult teeth and they need to last a lifetime.  They experience continual wear and tear and continual teeth healing.
Why would a system as complex and well adapted as the human body not have an answer for this?

You can find Teeth Healing Protocols Here.


 Healing Pictures Here. 

And find out how to deal with tooth pain, abscesses, and infections here. 


When You Need An Appointment.

If you or your child have substantial tooth decay, gum disease or repeated abscessing you’ll do best to have an appointment with me We can transform your tooth health!
Your teeth are worth an investment before the investment becomes very expensive, painful and disfiguring.  <3

teeth healing



Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash