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Autism Vaccine Injury Recovery: Mum Interviews #1

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter I’m carrying out a series of Vaccine Injury Recovery interviews with parents of patients of mine who regressed into autism very soon or immediately after vaccination. I want to illustrate the process we go through for homeopathic treatment for recovery after vaccine injury, what the difficulties are and the gains. Click here to start your own

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What’s THAT doing in my Vaccine?

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter First published at steemit.com here. You’ll find this carcinogen in food, cosmetics & baby wipes.  You’ll also find it in vaccines, doing something scary. Polysorbate 80’s irresponsible use in injectables like vaccines is what stuns me.  It causes a breach in the blood-brain barrier that the medical profession cannot deny knowledge of as they use it to

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Homeopathic Metal Detox for GREAT RESULTS in Autism.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Is homeopathic metal detox for Autism safe and easy? Metal toxicity can be a big thing in autism and we see great improvements when we do homeopathic metal detox for autism. Contribute: Autism Study Because metal chelation methods can deplete the function of organs like the liver and adrenal glands & can deplete essential metals along

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