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84% Increase in Melanoma with Viagra

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon. Statistics 1 in 10 men worldwide. More than 1 packet of cigarettes/day –> 50% higher compared to non smoker. Age 75+ –> 77.5%. Age 20 to 29 –> 6.5%. About 33% seek help. 70% down to underlying health issues such as diabetes or heart disease. 1/2 of men with diabetes. 10-20% psychological causes such as

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NEWS! How Homeopathy Works.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter    How Homeopathy Works … Homeopathy Works, WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS. As seen in this study within an intensive care unit. How it can work at great dilution has been demonstrated. DATABASE OF CLINICAL OUTCOME RESEARCH IN HOMEOPATHY.   Death by Medicine doctors are often operating in the dark … “well below half” of the procedures doctors perform

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