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vaccine injury recovery

Autism Vaccine Injury Recovery: Mum Interviews #1

I’m carrying out a series of Vaccine Injury Recovery interviews with parents of patients of mine who regressed into autism very soon or immediately after vaccination.
I want to illustrate the process we go through for homeopathic treatment for recovery after vaccine injury, what the difficulties are and the gains.

Click here to start your own tailored homeopathic plan and transform your child’s health with amazing homeopathic results like this.

Lee Ann brought Taylor to me first for a free 15 min chat in February 2017 with the following issues:

12 year old girl,
Severe non-verbal autism.
Normal development until 1 year, regression after MMR.
ADHD, extreme anxiety, pica [eating inedible things –> has to be supervised continually], OCD.
PANS [Pediatric Acute onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome].
Aggressive whatever her mood.
Classical homeopathy from 4-8 y/o with no change.
Current extreme spike in behaviors with meltdowns that come out of nowhere.
Headbangs, self-harms, takes clothes off, grabs groin area [previously handled and ate feces].
Only relief is Risperidone [a medication not tested or recommended for use in children]. Gaining weight as a side effect.
Sleep has always been a problem. Up 2-3 times/night for extended periods.  For this she takes Trazadone.
Intellectual disability with an intellectual age of 3-4 years.
Digestive system is problematic: severe constipation, gas & distension.
Menstrual cycles started March 2017 –> harming self and others has increased.

Our most recent follow-up notes from March 2018 read as follows:



Can handle “no”.
More compliant.
Joyous to teach at school.
Independently asks for what she wants!!! Previously just screamed.

Can repeat what she’s asked to repeat.
More clear speech. Some slurring.

Awesome Bowel movements without magnesium this week!!!

Increased melatonin. No Trazodone.
Weaning off Risperidone [now on 0.25mg]
Sleep is good but some waking between 2-4am.
Toe walking [os] returned.
New symptom – a long shiver [chorea?] started last week. Flickering and rolling eyes and mouth. Gleering entering room still.
No longer using Motrin.
Emotional premenstrually.


vaccine injury recovery

Taylor still has a long way to go.  She’s been under treatment for just less than 1 year.  Her mental age is still about age 3-4 years and we are hoping that will now improve as she is freed from pain and is able to start communicating and focussing better.

Homeopathic treatment for severe autism such as Taylor shows, in a child of her age, will take a good 2 years of treatment and we are working to regain as much of her future as we can.


Can I Treat It Myself

“Can I Treat It Myself?” Acute & Chronic Diseases

Level 1: Acute Illnesses/Minor Injuries

  1. self limiting and self-treatable.
  2. Minor injuries, viral illnesses & bacterial infections.
  3. Caused by an external force, forcing a reaction from your body.

Treating these with homeopathy is supportive to the body, and relatively simple.

  • You can often do this yourself with a bit of research.
  • Buy a good homeopathic first aid kit.
  • Check out the First Aid tab on this website 🙂
  • You can also ask me for help by making a free 15 minute appointment here:
  • If you are under the treatment of a homeopath, ask them before taking anything homeopathic as some remedies can disturb the action of others you took in the recent past.

Level 2: Sub-Acute Illnesses

On the next level are recurrent infections. You can treat these acutely and resolve them each time, but if they keep coming back you need to look for a remedy with deeper action (which covers all the symptoms more fully) because this is clearly a constitutional weakness in defences.

This is getting into a homeopath’s area of expertise.

Level 3: Chronic Illnesses

The symptoms come from the body’s own attempts to deal with an imbalance it doesn’t have the strength to entirely overcome.
We see by the order in which the body heals with homeopathy (and sometimes spontaneously) that it heals:

  • internally then ever outward toward the least important organs & systems.
  • The body prioritises healing & protection of the deeper, more essential functions (brain, emotional/mental health etc) as without these, death is rapid and certain, if you have to fend for yourself to survive.
  • If the body can’t achieve complete healing it will park the remaining imbalance as far from its essential core as it can achieve, leaving you with an annoying and/or painful symptom. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

How Homeopathy Works

If you treat a single symptom (skin rash) acutely at this stage you might palliate or suppress the symptom because you are not giving the body the strength to get over the hump.  If the substance you use is strong enough to force the body to stop producing the symptom, the body (still suffering the imbalance) will have to retrench to a deeper level of imbalance – parking the imbalance at the level ie, of joints, lungs, etc.
Rheumatism, asthma & anxiety are commonly seen after suppressive treatment for skin eruptions. More rarely we see more serious outcomes such as seizures developing.

The difference between suppression and palliation is level of force.
Palliation is short lived & weak enough to not immediately result in a deeper level of disease.
Suppression by steroids clearly pushes the disease deeper and can only do so by overwhelming the body’s defences. With steroids we frequently see the following types of progression:

Eczema --> asthma --> mental health/behavioural/endocrine disorders. Click To Tweet

Much of my work as a homeopath involves gently bringing people back to health after steroids, NSAIDs and repeated antibiotics. Their old complaints (asthma, repeat infections, eczema) resurface because they were suppressed (not healed or grown out of!) & we come back to the simple problems they started with & work to heal those. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

Thanks for reading this article.  I hope it will enable you to make decisions more easily about what you can treat yourself and what to seek assistance with.
Please comment below with any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them for you.

Appointments can be booked at for local and international patients. I’ll be happy to help you with your recovery.

get well soon

You Got Sick & Now To Get Well

Essential information:
A New Way To Look At Your ‘Disease’ & Recovery. 

ALL ill health is connected.
You don’t have multiple illnesses.  You have one illness with multiple symptoms across multiple systems.

Your body isn’t disconnected bits & it needs to be healed as a whole.

From a homeopathic perspective, conditions given different names are not distinct illnesses, so much as weaknesses in defences or predispositions, that are triggered.

To bring your health back you have to raise your level of health to the stage before your predispositions were triggered. With different weaknesses and predispositions, you’d develop different symptoms, given different disease names.

Health can be driven down by

  • natural ageing,
  • undue stress,
  • environmental toxins,
  • poor diet,
  • unhealthy habitats,
  • traumas,
  • negative relationships,
  • recreational and prescribed drugs,
  • other, chronic stress factors.

To return to earlier, better stages of health you must assess and attend to all your chronic stress factors, but you may not have the ability to spontaneously recover once they are removed.
You can have homeopathic treatment to raise your level of health at this point.
However, without attending to your chronic stress factors you retain a ‘maintaining cause’ that will bring you back down however hard we work to raise you with homeopathy.

We see that, as our physical health descends, we develop symptoms first at the skin level (maybe as children), moving to the mucous membrane level (throat, tonsils, ears) then within the muscular-skeletal system (rheumatism, back pain, arthritis). As health descends further we might experience lung problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc), then problems in organs like the kidneys, liver, heart, etc. Next, we might see the endocrine system involved (as in adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism) and finally the brain and nervous system may become involved (as in multiple sclerosis, for example).

However, human health doesn’t exist alone on the physical level. Nor do all people have predisposed weakness within each body system. Under particularly heavy stresses, we may descend fast and bypass some of our simpler predispositions, arriving at the deeper mental and emotional levels.   We are three-dimensional beings, not just existing on the physical level (see fig).

levels of health

If a person is particularly predisposed to emotional health problems, when their level of health descends rapidly they may move straight to anxiety, phobias, apathy, depression or suicidal depression. When you are beginning to see the development of such ailments under drug treatment for physical conditions you should see this as an acute warning sign that this treatment is helping your symptoms at great expense to your health. Sometimes it is unavoidable in the short term, but seek homeopathy so that you can eventually, safely come off drugs that are having side effects.

At any one time we may have physical, emotional and mental health symptoms of disease, but with suppressive medications and chronic stress we will always move gradually toward more emotional and mental health problems and/or deeper physical problems, and the lesser physical symptoms will usually be ‘grown out of’.

A Typical Descending Case:

A good example is the following case of a boy I am currently treating:

  • At 2 months of age, he was immunised and ‘immediately’ developed eczema. (A family predisposition).
  • His eczema was treated with steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines.
  • As the steroid treatment began to ‘cure’ eczema he developed asthma (A family predisposition. This is a common development in eczema cases).
  • His asthma was treated with more steroids. This time they were not steroid creams but steroid inhalers and steroid liquid medication.
  • As his asthma came under control he began to develop very disruptive behavioural traits, he lost empathy and self-control.
  • By the time he came to me, aged 10, he was clearly ‘mentally’ ill. He was demonstrating distinct autistic traits and attending a special school. He isn’t safe unattended in his own home for any length of time and he swears and attacks people continually. He is very anxious and he has disrupted sleep.

All his ‘diseases’ are seen by conventional doctors as unconnected.
Under homeopathic treatment, we have seen him moving back through his symptoms as he heals. Gradually his mental-emotional symptoms have improved, his asthma has begun to improve and his eczema has returned. This is a great sign for a homeopath to see. We know his case is moving in the right direction. His body is winning the battle to push its imbalance outward to the skin. When eczema returned his mother used steroid cream and his asthma worsened and his behavioural improvements relapsed. We repeated his remedy & he began to improve again. Currently, she is using non-suppressive, soothing applications for his eczema (emollient cream and Stellaria/Chickweed cream) and the eczema is gradually moving lower down the body and out to the fingers and toes … finally, to disappear, we hope.  If he had started homeopathic treatment for his eczema, he would not have had to go through the stages of ill health he’s been through. Thankfully, I frequently treat children with eczema that hasn’t been complicated in this way.

A Typical Ascending Case:

If you read ‘Helen’s Case’ … a case of autoimmune hypothyroidism returning to health via asthma – treated with homeopathy, you will be able to spot Helen returning through the old symptoms she acquired as a child as she begins to heal from her hypothyroidism.   You’ll be able to see her problems moving toward less essential systems as her body begins to win the battle.

Helen’s is a similar case of steroid suppression, with very different outcomes because she has a family predisposition to autoimmune hypothyroidism rather than mental health problems, but she was beginning to show signs of mental symptoms such as brain fog and memory loss and emotional symptoms such as apathy.
Now she uses no medication for hypothyroidism and has regained her energy, vital heat, mental function, menstrual cycle, ovulation & night vision (this was the first thing she reported had come back and she’d not even mentioned it to me!)

To find out more about this kind of recovery book a free 15-minute discussion about your health.
You can also join the Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism Study. if you have adrenal or thyroid dysfunction.


Sally Lloyd is an international classical homeopath specialising in children’s anxiety & behavioural disorders, adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism.
She is part of an international team (with Ingefleur Spreij and others) studying the interrelationship between adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and fertility problems in homeopathic patients, worldwide.  She also carried out a study into treating children’s anxiety and behaviour disorders.


natural treatment to cure conjunctivitis pink eye

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye: Natural Treatment

Easy, Natural Treatment for Conjunctivitis. No Side Effects.

Free remedy chart below to help you choose homeopathic remedies for natural treatment of conjunctivitis.
Use safely from birth, without side effects.
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About Conjunctivitis

  • Inflammation of the margins of the eye lids.
  • Can be bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Most bacterial conjunctivitis will clear without antibiotics in 1-2 weeks. [NHS source]
  • Bacterial type is contagious: Use hygiene precautions to prevent spread to second eye & other people.
  • Both bacterial conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis respond well to natural, homeopathic treatment.
  • Can be cleared in 24 hours with the right homeopathic remedy [dosing with 30c 3 times over the day].
  • Homeopathic alternatives to antibiotics offer rapid cure with NO SIDE EFFECTS.
  • They clear the infection and help to prevent repeat infections.

Side Effects from Antibiotic Medication for Conjunctivitis

Chloramphenicol is the main antibiotic for bacterial conjunctivitis in the UK and “has caused severe and sometimes fatal blood problems” [Source].  It is also routinely offered after accidents to the eyes.
Fusidic acid is also used, and has the rare side effect of angioedema … swelling of mucus membranes such as the tongue and throat.


Ordering Homeopathic Remedies

Remedies can be ordered individually or in kits from Helios Homeopathy.

The Helios 36 ReHelios Kit contains remedies as natural treatment for conjunctivitismedy First Aid kit has all remedies in the chart below except euphrasia, which you can order at the same time.
Order by phone.  

contact Helios for natural treatment for conjunctivitis


Naturopathic Remedies

Breast milk is good for cleaning eyes during this condition & whilst waiting for remedies to arrive.  Cooled, boiled water or breastmilk on disposable pads can be used to bath the eyes.


Homeopathic Remedy Chart for Conjunctivitis

[Click for printable image or take a screen shot, you can also pin it to your Pinterest board.]

natural treatment to cure conjunctivitis pink eye sally lloyd homeopathy

Need help choosing a remedy?   You can book a free 15 minute appointment with me below.  

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Other First Aid Posts With Free Remedy Charts

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Depression & Anxiety: 4 Fixes That Work.

You have depression & anxiety?

  • You want to kick depression & anxiety…
  • To cope better with stress, emergencies, disappointments & criticism…
  • To heal traumas & grief…
  • & to cure physical illnesses triggered by stress & mental pain.

Keep reading, as I have important news about DEPRESSION & ANXIETY TREATMENTS …….

4 Great ways to rapidly improve depression & anxiety Click To Tweet

1)  Homeopathy For Depression & Anxiety:  

  1. Homeopathy can give you fast relief from depression & anxiety (see my testimonials).
  2. With no side-effects!   Let me repeat:  NO SIDE-EFFECTS!
  3. It is cost effective treatment, without years of paying for prescriptions.
  4. It is EFFECTIVE.  Depression & anxiety are effectiveness gaps for GPs.   They are usually the first problems to be cured during a homeopathic treatment, so don’t delay.  
  5. Homeopathic treatment for depression, anxiety & OCD pays for itself in fewer sick days & better productivity.

Depression, Anxiety & OCD: 4 Rapid fixes

Depression & Anxiety Treatments that can be useful alongside homeopathic treatment: 

2) “The Work” by Byron Katie

is a rapid & simple form of ‘cognitive-behaviour’ type therapy. You can access it free hereThere are lots of videos showing people overcoming feeling and thoughts that cause depression & anxiety.  


3)  “The Feeling Good Book

depression anxiety ocd 4 rapid fixes

a cognitive-behaviour therapy course by David Burns.  

Cognitive behaviour therapy can help with:

  • perfectionism,
  • procrastination,
  • self-hatred, 
  • other self-defeating behaviours, which cause depression & anxiety.

Afterwards it’s really difficult to go back to where you were.  You can no-longer quite take the negative thoughts seriously because you can see through them.  It short circuits what I call “Shame spirals” that lead to depression & anxiety; those self-beating sessions that deteriorate into some of the symptoms of depression & anxiety: misery, self harm & angry outbursts.

4)  Meditation.  

The benefits for depression & anxiety of taking at least short moments to be quiet and peaceful are obvious. Tiny moments, practiced until they can join up into longer moments.  Even when things feel pretty terrible, it seems to be spookily peaceful in there.
There is a worldwide organization/community called Balanced View that teaches you to take ‘short moments’ to discover that you can ‘rest’ with the negative thoughts.  For those who want community for healing … this may be for you. 

Homeopathy [and the above books] helped me beat depression & anxiety.  It’s one of the main reasons I became a homeopath and focus on depression & anxiety in my practice.

Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of holistic medicine that treats you as a whole person; your physical, emotional and mental elements.  It is used by 6 million people in the UK, for many types of health problem, not just depression & anxiety.

It’s not necessary to take suppressive drugs with sometimes awful, long term side effects, like loss of emotion, drowsiness, etc, which themselves impact on your life.

Don’t wait.  There’s nothing to lose in trying homeopathy for depression & anxiety.  

 book appointment sally lloyd homeopathy

or request a
Find out how homeopathy may help your health problem.

bringing you happy healing

sal and uki veg garden

anxiety children facebook group

Other Posts On This Subject: 

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Expressing Your Emotions is OK (The Male Suicide Rate in the UK is not).

Extrinsic Rewards & Children’s Mental Health.

Health Concerns for School Children.

If You Get It Wrong … A Peaceful Parenting Post.

this post is for informational purposes and doesn’t constitute treatment in itself. 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connection

Coming up in this article,
 homeopathy for:
separation anxietygeneralised anxiety; post traumatic stress; school phobia & OCD. 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.



Homeopathic treatment is useful in resolving anxiety in children.   Anxiety in children has the potential to significantly limit life & development.  Childhood is the time to treat such anxiety so normal development & freedom can be gained as early as possible.


Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress. Click To Tweet

Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress.  This can help with school refusal / school phobia, or enabling a child to take part in activities and opportunities they might not have been able to access.  The education system is not a perfect environment for some children, but gaining more resilience can enable them to fare as well as others.

Anxiety may be ‘obvious’ or may present with signs ranging from obsessive compulsive behaviours, sleep problems (insomnia, nightmares, etc), irritability, inattention, physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, etc and erratic or excessive reactions.

Separation anxiety

is characterised by clinging to parents and reluctance to separate. This is normal in young children, but may cause a difficulty for older children who wish (*legal notes) or need to be in school.  It can be one of the reasons for school refusal / school phobia. The child may be able to talk about the reasons for feeling anxious, depending on age and language skills, and individual levels of awareness and trust.  Homeopathy may help with feelings of loss, a tendency to separation anxiety and with healing after difficult events.  It cannot remove a bully but it may enable the child to be more resilient and more able to talk about it.

Generalised anxiety

is characterised by excessive worry and anxiety across a variety of situations that does not seem to be the result of identified causes. Homeopathic treatment is intended to give children freedom from this condition and enable them to develop and explore in comfort.

Post-Traumatic Stress

can occur after traumatic experiences or frights, but may come about as a build up of smaller events in which the child feels in peril or feels others are in peril.  Symptoms may include anxiety or panic attacks, outbursts of rage and feelings of reliving the experience.  These are often the simplest types of anxiety to treat homeopathically as the nature of the event and the response can give important clues to a homeopathic remedy.  🙂

Social phobia

is excessive fear and anxiety about being in social situations, such as in groups and crowds.  Fears and phobias frequently respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment. (*legal notes)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

includes repetitive thoughts that are difficult to control (obsessions) or the uncontrollable need to repeat specific acts, such as hand washing or placing objects in the same arrangement (compulsions).    Again, there are specific remedies that are very effective in treatment of OCD.


 Homeopathic Study Into Anxiety In Children. Click To Tweet

If your child wishes to be involved please follow the link.
Homeopathic study into anxiety in children leading to school refusal.  
Places on the study are currently on a waiting list.  Visit the auto booking app to ask for your child to go on the waiting list or contact me.
(*a place on the waiting list is not a guarantee of participation at a later date.)

waiting list homeopathic study children anxiety sally lloyd homeopathy

Standard appointments are available.  Treatment is faster via standard appointments than via the study due to study supervision arrangements, and cases on the waiting list for the study are not guaranteed to start treatment.

book now sally lloyd homeopathy


* Elective Home Education is legal in many countries and in the UK there is no requirement to ask permission to home educate or to have your provision monitored.  There are many support groups in the UK, found easily through a google search.  Though not the solution for everyone, it can be a good solution for some and a great interim measure for others.

Click here to Book a
Find out how homeopathy may help your health problem. 


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What’s Causing Children’s Obesity?

Antibiotics Linked to Obesity in Children

Brian S. Schwartz of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was lead author in a study of 164,000 children in Pennsylvania USA.   link

children obesity antibiotics










Schwartz adds that there is growing evidence antibiotics lead to weight gain in humans because of the effect they have on the microorganisms that reside in our bodies (gut bacteria).  “Antibiotics at any age contribute to weight gain,”

Penicillin is used in industrial farming to fatten animals and is another source of antibiotic exposure for humans.
Antibiotic use is limited to emergencies in organic farming and many organic farmers successfully use homeopathy instead.

Homeopathy and Obesity

Homeopathy for obesity is part of holistic treatment.  
Challenging obesity through diet is notoriously problematic as diet is often not the underlying cause of the obesity. Homeopathy can address underlying causes, which can be related to hormonal or microbiological imbalances.  

Obesity is a chronic problem, needing the attention of a professional homeopath.  

Ask for a free 15 minute consultation to see if homeopathy can help with obesity or to avoid repeat antibiotics for your child.





84% Increase in Melanoma with Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon.


  • 1 in 10 men worldwide.
  • More than 1 packet of cigarettes/day –> 50% higher compared to non smoker.
  • Age 75+ –> 77.5%.
  • Age 20 to 29 –> 6.5%.
  • About 33% seek help.
  • 70% down to underlying health issues such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • 1/2 of men with diabetes.
  • 10-20% psychological causes such as stress and anxiety.
  • 80% causes are down to physical reasons.   (source)


Whether there is a related physical or psychological problem (or a combination) this is one of the effectiveness gaps for conventional medicine … and some of what they do offer, ie Viagra, may have the rate of payback Satan would be gleeful about!


Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction. 

There is hope with homeopathy for most sexual problems experienced by men and women.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, regardless of  which of your complaints you mention to your homeopath.    In many cases it can treat the underlying physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

This is great news for your overall health, but also for those who are shy to speak out about sexual problems.   Appointments are longer than conventional doctor’s appointments, giving people time to become comfortable enough with the homeopath to broach difficult issues.  Homeopaths often have great ‘bedside manner’, being calm, engaged but nonjudgmental.
It is VERY useful for your homeopath to know this is a problem as it can help them ‘solve the case’, but don’t decide not to go because you wouldn’t want to mention it.

NEWS! How Homeopathy Works.


how homeopathy works

 How Homeopathy Works …



Death by Medicine

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.07.20

doctors are often operating in the dark …

“well below half” of the procedures doctors perform and the decisions they make about surgeries, drugs, and tests have been adequately investigated and shown to be effective. The rest are based on a combination of guesswork, theory, and tradition, with a strong dose of marketing by drug and device companies. link

 Make the change to …

Safe, Cheap Medicine.

  • Homeopathy seeks to replace drugs that have severe side effects.
  • It aims to cure, not suppress symptoms.
  • It works toward decreasing a patient’s dependency on drugs.
  • Homeopathic medications are a cheap solution for health systems struggling with crippling drug expenses.
  • Homeopathy doesn’t seek to replace health systems.
  • It cannot replace surgery for injuries and cannot offer life support.
  • Homeopaths recognise conventional medications can be life saving, ie Salbuterol inhalers for acute attacks of asthma (though not without their own concerns).

Deaths and Injuries by Conventional Medicine

Iatrogenic deaths run at 1/4 million deaths per year in the USA, making them the 3rd most common cause of death: 

Iatrogenic disease = 3 largest cause of death in the USA

Iatrogenic disease = #3 cause of death in the USA.  Click to read article.

I suspect we can all name people in our families and extended families who have suffered iatrogenic injury, illness or death.

The surprising thing is the number of deaths and injuries we are prepared to tolerate in order to continue supporting ‘conventional medicine’ as the main medical paradigm, in its current form.

How Homeopathy works:

  • A substance that in large doses will cause the symptoms of a disease, can be used in minute doses to relieve the same symptoms,
  • that a substance that will produce very similar symptoms will cure that disease.
  • This is familiar in conventional medicine:
    • the use of cowpox inoculation to treat smallpox.
    • modern medications like Ritalin (which is capable of producing side effects that look a lot like the ADHD it is used to treat).

Homeopathy is:

an approach that utilizes medicines that stimulate the body’s own immune and defense system to initiate the healing process [& it recognises] symptoms are actually efforts of the organism to deal with stress or infection.   link

ie, we raise a fever in response to an infection.  We know this.

Homeopathy is a fact, not a theory.

KEY points:

  1. Homeopathy is a discovery, not a hypothesis, a theory or an invention.
  2. It is a system of medicine developed through observation of what cures, observation of natural laws.
  3. It operates within a set of natural laws, and, as such, is ‘scientific’

Homeopathy is not a new discovery:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.33.57

The idea of a schism of two distinctly opposed and separate medical methods is not an accurate one:

  • Homeopathy is integrated into many state health systems worldwide link.
  • It is Europe’s #1 Alternative for Doctors.
  • ie,”60 percent of [Scottish] doctors’ surgeries prescribe homeopathic or herbal remedies” link.
  • About 20 per cent of doctors in Scotland have basic homeopathic training compared with one per cent 15 years ago. link
  • Doctors such as Constantine Hering were converted to homeopathy whilst trying to debunk it.
  • George Vithoulkas trains many medical doctors in homeopathy every year:

Every year, during the summer months, groups of doctors from various countries gather to be trained at the Academy. They come from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, Austria, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Greece etc.
12.000 medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners from 33 countries have been trained in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


Doctors are not necessarily averse to or sceptical of homeopathy:

“according to an article in the British Medical Journal, 42% of British physicians surveyed refer patients to homeopathic physicians. [1]. Another survey of British physicians discovered that 80% of recent graduates wanted training in either homeopathy, acupuncture, or hypnosis. [2]” 


History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was developed initially by (Dr and chemist) Samuel Hahnemann, who recognised that cinchona bark, successfully used to treat malarial fevers, had the ability to produce symptoms very like malarial fever.    He was familiar with the ideas of Hippocrates and others.  He recognised that some medicines used in high doses, cured the original disease, but created dangerous side effects. He began to experiment with how low a dose he could use to achieve cure (ie, in the use of mercury, etc).  He also began to test (in himself and volunteers) many substances to see which symptoms they could produce (temporarily) in healthy people and if they would then cure the same symptoms in the sick.


Conventional medicine’s reliance on drugs that are often unproven and have to be taken continually to suppress symptoms or bear no relationship to the symptoms of the illness at all, has hardly proven successful in curing.  Ill health abounds, Effectiveness gaps are plentiful and, as we saw above, there is usually an undesirable payback to conventional drugs.
Homeopathy was developed to overcome these problems.  It has the capacity to do so.  One of its obvious places is within the medical system as an integrated service. This would give patients the choice of treatment without side effects and would give doctors the opportunity to effectively treat patients with disorders that cannot currently be treated or cured.

I help people treat all conditions, but specialise in ANXIETY, ASD, ADHD & ADRENAL FATIGUE.
Find out how homeopathy may help your health problem. 

*1. Richard Wharton and George Lewith, “Complementary Medicine and the General Practitioner,” British Medicine Journal, 292, June 7, 1986, 1498-1500.
*2. David Taylor Reilly, “Young Doctors’ Views on Alternative Medicine,” British Medical Journal, 287, July 30, 1983, 337-339.

Randomised controlled trial of homoeopathy versus placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis with overview of four trial series

Homeopathy Helped Me … Mexican Wave :-)

Inspired by Mary English’s facebook post I have created my own.
Here is Mary’s:  11535732_10153461960091804_2603407970921502240_n

And mine:

Homeopathy Helped Me

Quite simply the ‘why’ behind why I became a homeopath.  🙂

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