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natural treatment to cure conjunctivitis pink eye

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye: Natural Treatment

Easy, Natural Treatment for Conjunctivitis. No Side Effects.

Free remedy chart below to help you choose homeopathic remedies for natural treatment of conjunctivitis.
Use safely from birth, without side effects.
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About Conjunctivitis

  • Inflammation of the margins of the eye lids.
  • Can be bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Most bacterial conjunctivitis will clear without antibiotics in 1-2 weeks. [NHS source]
  • Bacterial type is contagious: Use hygiene precautions to prevent spread to second eye & other people.
  • Both bacterial conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis respond well to natural, homeopathic treatment.
  • Can be cleared in 24 hours with the right homeopathic remedy [dosing with 30c 3 times over the day].
  • Homeopathic alternatives to antibiotics offer rapid cure with NO SIDE EFFECTS.
  • They clear the infection and help to prevent repeat infections.

Side Effects from Antibiotic Medication for Conjunctivitis

Chloramphenicol is the main antibiotic for bacterial conjunctivitis in the UK and “has caused severe and sometimes fatal blood problems” [Source].  It is also routinely offered after accidents to the eyes.
Fusidic acid is also used, and has the rare side effect of angioedema … swelling of mucus membranes such as the tongue and throat.


Ordering Homeopathic Remedies

Remedies can be ordered individually or in kits from Helios Homeopathy.

The Helios 36 ReHelios Kit contains remedies as natural treatment for conjunctivitismedy First Aid kit has all remedies in the chart below except euphrasia, which you can order at the same time.
Order by phone.  

contact Helios for natural treatment for conjunctivitis


Naturopathic Remedies

Breast milk is good for cleaning eyes during this condition & whilst waiting for remedies to arrive.  Cooled, boiled water or breastmilk on disposable pads can be used to bath the eyes.


Homeopathic Remedy Chart for Conjunctivitis

[Click for printable image or take a screen shot, you can also pin it to your Pinterest board.]

natural treatment to cure conjunctivitis pink eye sally lloyd homeopathy

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Other First Aid Posts With Free Remedy Charts

Fevers Are Good! Natural treatment for Small People 🙂

FLU SEASON TOP 5: 5 Top Symptoms, 5 Top Actions (+ free printable remedy chart)







Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connection

Coming up in this article,
 homeopathy for:
separation anxietygeneralised anxiety; post traumatic stress; school phobia & OCD. 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.



Homeopathic treatment is useful in resolving anxiety in children.   Anxiety in children has the potential to significantly limit life & development.  Childhood is the time to treat such anxiety so normal development & freedom can be gained as early as possible.


Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress. Click To Tweet

Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress.  This can help with school refusal / school phobia, or enabling a child to take part in activities and opportunities they might not have been able to access.  The education system is not a perfect environment for some children, but gaining more resilience can enable them to fare as well as others.

Anxiety may be ‘obvious’ or may present with signs ranging from obsessive compulsive behaviours, sleep problems (insomnia, nightmares, etc), irritability, inattention, physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, etc and erratic or excessive reactions.

Separation anxiety

is characterised by clinging to parents and reluctance to separate. This is normal in young children, but may cause a difficulty for older children who wish (*legal notes) or need to be in school.  It can be one of the reasons for school refusal / school phobia. The child may be able to talk about the reasons for feeling anxious, depending on age and language skills, and individual levels of awareness and trust.  Homeopathy may help with feelings of loss, a tendency to separation anxiety and with healing after difficult events.  It cannot remove a bully but it may enable the child to be more resilient and more able to talk about it.

Generalised anxiety

is characterised by excessive worry and anxiety across a variety of situations that does not seem to be the result of identified causes. Homeopathic treatment is intended to give children freedom from this condition and enable them to develop and explore in comfort.

Post-Traumatic Stress

can occur after traumatic experiences or frights, but may come about as a build up of smaller events in which the child feels in peril or feels others are in peril.  Symptoms may include anxiety or panic attacks, outbursts of rage and feelings of reliving the experience.  These are often the simplest types of anxiety to treat homeopathically as the nature of the event and the response can give important clues to a homeopathic remedy.  🙂

Social phobia

is excessive fear and anxiety about being in social situations, such as in groups and crowds.  Fears and phobias frequently respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment. (*legal notes)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

includes repetitive thoughts that are difficult to control (obsessions) or the uncontrollable need to repeat specific acts, such as hand washing or placing objects in the same arrangement (compulsions).    Again, there are specific remedies that are very effective in treatment of OCD.


 Homeopathic Study Into Anxiety In Children. Click To Tweet

If your child wishes to be involved please follow the link.
Homeopathic study into anxiety in children leading to school refusal.  
Places on the study are currently on a waiting list.  Visit the auto booking app to ask for your child to go on the waiting list or contact me.
(*a place on the waiting list is not a guarantee of participation at a later date.)

waiting list homeopathic study children anxiety sally lloyd homeopathy

Standard appointments are available.  Treatment is faster via standard appointments than via the study due to study supervision arrangements, and cases on the waiting list for the study are not guaranteed to start treatment.

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* Elective Home Education is legal in many countries and in the UK there is no requirement to ask permission to home educate or to have your provision monitored.  There are many support groups in the UK, found easily through a google search.  Though not the solution for everyone, it can be a good solution for some and a great interim measure for others.

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What’s Causing Children’s Obesity?

Antibiotics Linked to Obesity in Children

Brian S. Schwartz of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was lead author in a study of 164,000 children in Pennsylvania USA.   link

children obesity antibiotics










Schwartz adds that there is growing evidence antibiotics lead to weight gain in humans because of the effect they have on the microorganisms that reside in our bodies (gut bacteria).  “Antibiotics at any age contribute to weight gain,”

Penicillin is used in industrial farming to fatten animals and is another source of antibiotic exposure for humans.
Antibiotic use is limited to emergencies in organic farming and many organic farmers successfully use homeopathy instead.

Homeopathy and Obesity

Homeopathy for obesity is part of holistic treatment.  
Challenging obesity through diet is notoriously problematic as diet is often not the underlying cause of the obesity. Homeopathy can address underlying causes, which can be related to hormonal or microbiological imbalances.  

Obesity is a chronic problem, needing the attention of a professional homeopath.  

Ask for a free 15 minute consultation to see if homeopathy can help with obesity or to avoid repeat antibiotics for your child.




FLU SEASON TOP 5: 5 Top Symptoms, 5 Top Actions (+ free printable remedy chart)


Continue to read:  5 main symptoms, 5 actions, homeopathic remedies for flu.  Get your free, printable remedy chart for colds and flu. 


Flu is most common over the winter months.


Flu symptoms tend to start more suddenly, be more severe and last longer than symptoms of the common cold.

Some of the main symptoms include:

  1. a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or above
  2. tiredness and weakness
  3. a headache
  4. general aches and pains
  5. a dry, chesty cough



“If you’re otherwise fit and healthy, there’s usually no need to see a doctor if you have flu-like symptoms.”  NHS UK

Listen to your body!

  1. Let the fever do its work to kill the virus.  If you can’t tolerate your symptoms use one of the homeopathic remedies for flu (see chart below).  Homeopathic remedies are safe, without side effects.
  2. If tired or weak, rest.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. If you are chilly, stay warm.
  5. Avoiding spreading it: stay home.  For most people, it will take about a week.


cold and flu remedies

You are welcome to print out and share. Please retain the web address in the image if sharing.


It is not easy to find reliable data on vaccination injuries and deaths.  Flu vaccines, like other vaccines are classified as public health interventions rather than pharmaceutical products.  They are not subject to long-term, rigorous testing standards associated with pharmaceutical products.
Vaccine producers have legal immunity from suits for injury or deaths resulting from vaccinations. Compensation is paid from Government funds raised from taxes. Decisions about whether to compensate for death or injury are made on the basis of likelihood and don’t ‘prove’ conclusively that the injury was caused by the vaccination.

It is notoriously difficult to say if a death or injury was caused by any one factor.
Additionally, only immediately occurring injuries and deaths are likely to be considered.

Ingredients are worth researching.  For example, vaccinations usually contain Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative.   It is possible to get thimerosal free vaccinations.

The dangers of flu may be over estimated:
Are US flu death figures more PR than science

The dangers may or may not be minimal:
Side Effects found to be only mild in this study. 

The benefits may be over estimated:
Flu jab given to millions is ‘almost useless’

Unrecognised complications of vaccination may exist:
Significance of CONTAMINANTS in vaccines cultured on human foetal cells.


anxiety, adhd, adrenal fatigue treatment

Fevers Are Good! Natural treatment for Small People :-)


Homeopathy: safe and gentle health solutions for your small people. Click To Tweet

Homeopathy: safe and gentle health solutions for your small people.


Is Calpol causing asthma?
There is research that indicates use of Calpol (paracetamol) is significantly related to much higher rates of asthma in children*1.

The Dangers of Fevers?
Fever has its uses. The body creates a higher set point to raise the temperature until it reaches a temperature that can kill invading microbes. The NHS advise “If your child isn’t distressed by the fever or underlying illness, there’s no need to use antipyretics to reduce a fever.” and “Sponging your child with cool water isn’t recommended to reduce a fever.”…/feverchildren/Pages/Introduction.aspx

I’ve always used homeopathic remedies for fever.  Fevers are a sign of an activated immune system. You can find homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios online.  They will advise on the right remedy and send it the next day. It’s a great idea to have a first aid kit if you are going to use homeopathic first aid alternatives. Again, the pharmacies can advise on that.  (* be sure to use NHS or other services to check for conditions that require immediate emergency supervision at A&E or ER). 

If you need information in the middle of the night you can refer to my fever chart for remedy suggestions (unless you are a current patient of mine … then you can make night calls in urgent cases).  Find the remedy that fits as closely as possible and give in 200c potency if you can get it, a couple of times 20 mins apart.  If you see improvement stop immediately.  If you only have 30c, repeat the dose more times, with 20 minute intervals.  


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 21.28.19

  • if nothing seems to fit or work, try ferrum phos.

****Free Fever Remedy Chart**** Click To Tweet


*1.  If you google ‘calpol & asthma’ you’ll get that there is some research out there which shows a correlation and they are not sure yet whether calpol causes higher rates of asthma or whether there is another kind of non-causal relationship between calpol and asthma.







Health Concerns for School Children.

The education system in many cultures is putting enormous pressure on children, and that pressure is impacting significantly on their mental health.

In Japan, suicide rates among school children at the end of long holidays indicate a similar trend to that seen by Peter Gray in the USA.

Peter Gray, a psychologist specialising in children in education and play, describes the pressures perfectly,

Imagine a job in which your work every day is micromanaged by your boss. You are told exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You are required to stay in your seat until your boss says you can move.  Each piece of your work is evaluated and compared, every day, with the work done by your fellow employees.  You are rarely trusted to make your own decisions.  Research on employment shows that this is not only the most tedious employment situation, but also the most stressful.  Micromanagement drives people crazy. link

He recently gathered and published data on numbers of serious admissions for mental health crises among Connecticut children.  He found 1/2 the number of admissions to children’s mental health centres in school holiday months in the summer, compared to the rest of the year.  May was the worst month for rates of admissions.

The Guardian ran this article on the impact of the education system on the mental health of children and young people.  Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 15.28.28
The author writes:

If you’re a young person who can empathise with this article, I want to tell you that there are a great many of us, and it will get better. To the politicians, my message is simply this: if you want the nation’s future generations to be free of the crippling anxieties and fear of failure entrenched by the current system, you have the power to change it.

The Children’s Society (UK) report on the relative unhappiness of children in England.  Matthew Reed, chief executive, described the findings as “deeply worrying”.  He said:

School should be a safe haven, not a battleground.  Despite a long period of austerity, we are one of the richest nations in the world yet the happiness of our children is at rock bottom.  They are unhappy at school and are struggling with issues around their appearance and self-confidence.  We know that this is related to their mental health and can prevent them flourishing. We need to urgently find a way to make young people feel happier about their lives to avoid storing up problems for the future.

We have options:

  • we can change the system via pressure on Government and schools.
  • we can strengthen our children for the environment,
  • we can bring them out of school.

Here is a recent article I wrote on how to strengthen your mental/emotional health. There are some great methods here that people of all ages can learn quickly and simply.  Anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional and mental health issues may respond to homeopathic treatment (see my testimonials).

I’ll also link to organisations that support people who decide to home educate in the UK.  There are organisations worldwide also.



Coming up in this article …..  Homeopathy for tooth decay; Remedies for Caries in Children; dietary adjustments and additions for prevention and repair of teeth.

I’ve added many valuable resource links throughout this article, to make it a practical ‘go to’ for healing and preventing tooth decay, so you may wish to bookmark this page for future reference. 

Individual Differences & Biological Processes.
Some people are more immune to tooth decay than others, despite similar diets & environmental factors.  Homeopaths use remedies aimed at preventing & halting dental decay through holistic treatment for susceptibility.

Some ways in which treatment may reduce tendency to tooth decay by restoring the balance of the body’s systems include:

  • improvements to acid/alkali (ph) balance of the mouth and body:
    • reducing erosion of teeth, plaque formation, bacterial growth, etc,
    • lesser need to draw minerals from the skeleton (including teeth) to balance blood ph (through restored ability to balance blood chemistry with an efficient endocrine system.  Abnormally high blood sugar levels create a ph imbalance that must be rebalanced by introducing minerals to the blood stream and these minerals are then excreted through urination).
  • restored efficiency of the endocrine system (as mentioned above).
    • improved blood sugar balance.
    • greater ability to deal effectively with dietary sugars. (see also note below about diet and prevention).
  • restored immunity leading to fewer bacterial infections of the mouth.
    • also reducing plaque formation. Plaques form from bacterial films. They combine with and tie up minerals in the saliva, inflaming the gums, forming pockets where more plaques can form (gum disease).
  • more efficient ability to assimilate crucial minerals from diet (digestive system),
  • better mouth chemistry and availability of minerals leads to greater ability to remineralise eroded tooth enamel using dietary minerals secreted into saliva
    • (NB: use of standard toothpastes can coat teeth and decrease opportunity for remineralisation.  Tooth soap is a good alternative).
    • An interesting article on the problems with drilling and filling, and the alternatives.

Suggested Homeopathic Remedies:
Being holistic, remedies should always be prescribed according to how well they match the whole patient, and only taken if a good match is found.   As suggested above, homeopathy aims to impact on the many systems of the body that are interrelated and which impact on tooth & mouth conditions.
For advice on potency & dosing a free 15 minute call is available.  If you need help to find a remedy or there are other health problems, please contact me (below) for a consultation.

Remedies Most Typically Seen In Tooth Decay
Click the remedies below to read about them.  I have used links to Vithoulkas’ materia medica, which is most reliable.  Do not expect to see every ailment present, but if you see a good similarity in the remedy it is possibly of use.

Children: (premature caries, crumbling teeth)
kreos; staphysagriacalc; calc-f; fl-ac; mez; plan.  (Lesser remedies to check: bac, carc, cocc, hecla, merc, phos, sil, tub.)

antimonium crud; belladonna, borax; fl-ac; mercury; mezereum; natrum carb; plumbum; sepia & staphysagria;  ( lesser remedies to check: am-c; ambr; bar-c; bov; calc-p; calc-s; chin; glon; hecla; hep; hyos; kali-bi; kali-c; kali-i; kreos; lach; lyc; mag-c; nit-ac; nux-b; ph-ac; phos; puls; rhod; rhus-t; sulph; tarax).

Dietary Additions and Adjustments

There is temporary benefit in cure if it is not maintained by good, healthy PREVENTION!

There is a good list of both dietary additions and adjustments here.
(I am not recommending this website, just the content of this particular post.  I have seen teeth remineralise, but not to the extent that is shown in the related photo.  However, the information within the article is useful).

For a more in depth study of a diet for healing tooth decay, the best author I know on the subject is Ramiel Nagel, who published “Cure Tooth Decay” and recommends a programme similar to that described in the link above.
His dietary recommendations rely heavily on natural, traditional foods and preparation processes that are quite fashionable recently (the ‘nourishing traditions‘ movement), so there is plenty of information and resources available.  (I’ve linked you 3 of the best in this article :-))

There are great benefits to such dietary adjustments.  Some of them can be read about in a book by Gary Taubes.  

Happy and successful teeth healing!

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