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Adam, Age 11, UK: ADHD Treatment plus serious asthma, anxiety & chronic diarrhea.

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Adhd Treatment

Adam recovered from ADHD with homeopathic ADHD treatment.
Homeopathy is a holistic approach:  He also recovered from severe asthma, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, eczema and chronic diarrhea!
He stopped steroid medication & asthma inhalers, & had his first high fevers in his life.
He came off the special needs register at his school and caught up with his peers.
You can read the sequence of events below.  Treatment took place over 1 year. This was classical homeopathic treatment without the use of homeopathic detoxes.  He would have done well with detoxes also.  😀
adhd treatment

1st consultation: 

Anxiety [dirt, strangers, people looking through windows. Am I fat? Animals/spiders].
ADHD.  Anxiety. Anger. Hitting. Quarrels. Hyperactivity. Poor focus/executive functioning/organisation. Impulsive. Hypersensitive & misinterprets friend’s actions. Insomnia. Dyspraxia. Literal thinker. Refers to sexual stuff a lot [inappropriate].
Asthma [steroid inhaler recently discontinued + salbutamol inhaler + antihistamines].
Diarrhea a lot.
Immune system: No fevers when sick. Frequent colds that turn to asthma. 

How he got so sick …

Adam started with eczema after vaccination as a baby.
Eczema was treated with steroid creams and he developed asthma [usual if you manage to suppress eczema with steroids.]
The Asthma was treated with steroid inhalers.
Adam developed ADHD and stomach problems.  Both of these problems are common predispositions in his family.  As his level of health dropped due to suppression, his predispositions were triggered.  Steroid use is associated with mental health disorders.
Adam’s was a descent into mental-emotional disorders which is common among children nowadays. 
Prescription:    tarentula hispanica 30c am/pm 3 days med sol. (observe: No need for daily repeat due to discontinuation of steroids past 5 days).
Histaminum 200c, single dose in homeopathic solution daily to use in place of antihistamine.  
adhd treatment

Follow up [1 month] 

> Using words more than fists and crying rather than hitting. Still provoking siblings. Exam stress.
> Swearing has stopped.
> slightly less impulsive >
> Asthma gone during day.
> much calmer during asthma. Inhaler 7pm only.  Night time ok and daytime at school is ok.   
> No steroids since August [longest without since age 5, 6 years].  
Eyes discharging.  
Outstanding: More clumsy recently.  
Old symptoms returning: fear of dark, alone upstairs.  [Return of old symptoms during treatment usually indicates we have removed a layer of illness and are returning to an earlier, higher level of health.]
Prescription: Tare hisp 200c am/ pm for one day.    ipecac 30c instead of inhaler for 7pm cough [if possible].    Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily. Observe weekend cough in the sitting room [Seems to be an allergen in the sitting room].    

Follow up [1 month later] 

Was bad-tempered after this repeat of tare hisp [aggravation] …
then everything changed.
> Now he is too docile & gentle and a bit silly.  
Wheezy in the house.
Irritability is worse.  
Old symptoms returning: responsibility for others. Shouts at sister to get ready. Anxious. Restless at night.  

Prescription:   tare 200c am/pm for 1 day. Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily.


Acute Asthma with a cold later that month:   

acute asthma.  
> Now quite docile.  
> Asthma worse. [Disorder is moving from the mental/emotional plane to the physical plane.  In homeopathy this is recognised as in the direction of healing and would be expected.  It makes cases with a history of asthma sometimes difficult.]
Loves raw onions.  Pain in Adam’s apple.  Cough —> wheezing, evening and night. Refusing blue inhaler.  
Prescription:    allium cepa 200c am/pm dry.  Continuing with Histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution daily.
adhd treatment

Follow up.  [5 weeks later] 

Really good outcome with allium cepa.   
Little need for inhaler.  Weathered another cold well without trouble with asthma! 
>> anger has turned to smiley/joking and happy.  
>> loving toward sister.   
>> Eye discharge/allergy is very much better.  
>> more sensible.
Prescription:   wait.   Try allium cep 200c with 3 bashes instead of salbutamol inhaler when inhaler needed [cautioned to use inhaler if necessary].   

1 Month later: acute 

Acute chest virus:  fever 38.9C and recovered fast.   
>> No need for inhaler during this!  Allium cepa was enough.
>> 1st high fever EVER.  [This indicates a great improvement in the strength of his immune system.  He was able to see off the virus with a fever.  His level of health has raised].

Follow up [5 weeks later] 

Another fever 39C
>> Mood relaxed and calm [nb!  This is a child with ADHD]. Emotionally fantastic. >> No itchy, discharging eyes.
>> Cough better.
>> No more fear at night.
>> Far better mood on waking.
Diarrhea every other day over Xmas. [Now mum is more focused on his digestive issues].
Peer pressure and self-confidence issues [may be age-related & has gone to new school].
Prescription:  allium cepa 1m single dose

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Acute Diarrhea with a  high fever 39c [stomach bug].
>> Coughing but no asthma.
>> Great improvement in self-confidence.
>> Calm. Still massively improved on emotional side.
>> No areas of concern!
>> Brave at the dentists with no anxiety.  
Prescription:  Arsenicum 30c, 3 doses 1 hour apart, dry [remedy helped.] 
adhd treatment

Follow-up [4 weeks] 

>> Stomach is good.
>> Eczema is all gone now.
>> Asthma resolved. Chesty only with a virus now.
Fighting with sister [she’s pushing buttons.  I gave her tuberculinum and she did incredibly well!]
Lacks confidence with friends.  
Prescription: wait

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Dark moods. Grumpy in the morning. Picking fights. Dislikes school. Increased sensitivity to what others think of him [old problem]. Embarrassed easily. Less open than usual.
>> Great improvement in school work.
>> Taken off learning difficulties register.
>> Writing has improved. No probs.  
>> Virus with cough/asthma but recovered fast again.
>> Stools better. No smell. Flatulence improved. Not loose. Bowel health is good [good news as family history of ulcerative colitis and he was showing early signs.] 
Prescription: lycopodium 30c am/pm for 2 days 
adhd treatment

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Some allergy symptoms.  Sore ankle.
>> Appetite improved.  
>> Self-aware.
Anxiety around friends. Hard to fit in. Submissive.  
Sensitive to sounds.
Sister will press buttons and he cries. SATS exam worries.
Change in food desires.  
Prescription: kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days

adhd treatment

Treating Tweens & The Problems of Antidotes.

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Wheezing, coughing, blocked nose all back with force. Eyes itching, gritty, bright red. Hayfever. Fear people looking in windows sharply increased over this month. Buying coke and lots of sweets.
Was run over by a car.  [all possible remedy antidotes].  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.  

Follow up [4 weeks later]

Self-consciousness. Wheezing all day but no difficulty breathing. Meltdowns. Allium-cepa hasn’t helped. Eyes watery/white discharge at night.  
>> Ran race without asthma and came first!  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.   [Darn that boy with his sneaky coke!]

Final Follow up [4 weeks later]

Coughing after a cold. Using inhaler. Eye problems. 
Final Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.
adhd treatment

3 Rapid, Simple Anxiety Cures.

3 rapid simple anxiety cures

Sarah is age 6 and suffered from germ phobia and severe school anxiety.  Twice this year she was affected by breakdowns during which she said, “I don’t know how I’m still alive when I feel like this.”  Sarah was unable to attend school, had extreme anxiety & insomnia, with very dark days.  When I initially took her case I was reminded strongly of two recent cases of 6-year-old girls with very similar symptoms [here] & [here].  The remedy they both had was Arsenicum and both had made miraculous, rapid recoveries after their first remedy.  When I followed up with Sarah yesterday, the same had happened.  3 rapid, simple anxiety cures.
She’s happy in school and engaging in imaginative play for the first time.  And she is feeling safe at bedtime.

Even cases of severe anxiety in children can respond rapidly to homeopathic treatment.  Each of these 3 cases required a first consultation and one follow-up.

You have little to lose to try homeopathy for anxiety.  The child doesn’t even have to speak to the homeopath, usually a conversation with a parent is plenty fine <3

You know where the booking link is if you want to discuss treatment … [look up top on mobile or look right in the sidebar on laptop]

3 rapid simple anxiety cures

Weeping, Endometriosis & Bleeding Between Periods – 3 cases.

Case 1: Caroline – PCOS, Endometriosis & Sadness.

Caroline suffered with PCOS & painful endometriosis, with a long history of uterine complaints. She reported that it was now affecting her mental health … that she was very tearful & exhausted & worse at certain times in her cycle. She was also suffering from sleeplessness & memory problems.
After Pulsatilla, she felt immediately more energetic, positive and calm. This has remained. Her endo & PCOS symptoms have improved and she has since had Sepia to follow the Pulsatilla.
This case is still in progress.
Pulsatilla and sepia are key remedies in hormone imbalance and uterine conditions.

Case 2: Geraldine – Weeping & Continuous Menstrual Bleeding

Geraldine was finding herself weeping often. She was very sad that her son was away at school and she felt unsupported in life. She had continuous menstrual bleeding that was leaving her anaemic and exhausted. 1 dose of Pulsatilla 200c improved her mood remarkably. She was far more able to cope, and the bleeding between periods stopped. She then began a course of spatone to treat her anaemia, along with a tissue salt called Ferrum phos.   Geraldine’s was a classic Pulsatilla case.

Case 3: Kath – Anxiety & Tearfulness.

Kath is the mother of one of my child patients. Her child had a great recovery from anxiety with homeopathy. Kate contacted me in urgency in her own regard, late at night. During interviewing her about her child, I’d already spotted that she would probably need pulsatilla and I was able to recommend she take a dose for the acute state she was suffering with. She had a pleasingly striking response to the remedy.

If you are suffering from hormonal or uterine problems, anxiety or depression, get in touch with me.   I work internationally via video call and face-to-face in Staffordshire, UK.

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“I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat”

Tessa suffered overwhelming anxiety since as a child

I’d be lying in bed as a little girl, replaying something that didn’t work out, knees trembling.

Since all the stuff over the years, I love to be by myself when it is quiet. This is a change. I think I liked to help others and be around them, to laugh and be silly. I was lonely by myself, but since kids, life changed drastically.

My panic attacks began when I was in the hospital. I had them occasionally before that & I’d been hiding them from my husband. I was asleep when the panic attack came.  I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat, trying to relax to try to breathe, with palpitations and sweating buckets.

When she came to be part of the Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism study, she was burned out and struggling with exhaustion, anxiety & arthritic pain.
Tessa reported at our first meeting:

I forced myself to walk yesterday and I have fluid coming above both knee caps after.  My finger is very swollen and purple. This right hand had problems many times. My tendons atrophy fast. They can’t bend anymore. I can’t bend it because I haven’t bent it for so long. Over the years I’ve had these swollen joints in the same arm, wrist, then thumb, middle, then ring finger, then the first finger. I’ve also had shoulder problems. I couldn’t raise my right arm for 6 months.

Tessa had her first remedy early August 2016.  21st September she wrote to me:

I’ve always tried to hide my tears from my kids that follow being overwhelmed. Well I read something a minute ago that made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face…lol.. scared my daughter, she was concerned I was crying. Nope! Not today 🙂

Sometimes when I’m treating a deep, emotional problem, a physical problem will return or get worse.  This is a good sign of healing.  This did happen to Tessa.  Her joint pains got worse for a while, but now she has the benefit of the improved anxiety and her joints are freeing up and the pain is far better.  I know for sure she was fitting a shelf in her children’s upper bunk bed on Thursday, having climbed the ladder!
Her message today reads …

arthritis homeopathy treatment

The remedy that suited Tessa so well was phosphorus.  It’s a great remedy for a sympathetic and social person who becomes burned out and exhausted.  She’s a lovely person to work with & she has referred so many people to me since she began to see the results!  She wants all her loved ones to benefit, and they are too.

If you suffer anxiety, adrenal fatigue or arthritis I’ll be happy to talk to you about how I can help you too.
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GCSE exam stress treatments

GCSE Exam Stress Fixes.

GCSE Exam Stress?   

GCSE exam stress is common … You are not alone.

GCSE exam stress is common and the ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed that 96% of the 1300 who completed the survey felt anxious about GCSE exams and revision, with 59% feeling pressure to do well and 64% feeling they needed more support in dealing with exams.

The ChildLine website states:

Worryingly in the survey results, some of you said you coped with anxiety by smoking, taking drugs and self-harming. You might feel that this is the only way you can cope with these negative emotions but it doesn’t have to be.

The alarming statistics reveal that almost half of pupils say they have skipped meals, two thirds of those surveyed said they have trouble sleeping and 14% said they drank alcohol as a way of dealing with GCSE exam stress & anxiety.

Time to intervene and help them with GCSE exam stress, performance anxiety, concentration, confidence & ‘overwhelm’ … 

Symptoms of GCSE exam stress can include a triggering of any weak spots the child has (migraines, eating disorders, for example). Common symptoms include:

  • problems with going to sleep
  • or getting up in the morning.
  • Strongly beating heart,
  • sweating.
  • Chest pains,
  • back pains,
  • nausea,
  • trembling,
  • shortness of breath.
  • Stomach upset,
  • constipation
  • or diarrhoea.

Homeopathic Remedies For GCSE Exam Stress / Performance Anxiety.

The following remedies are often used for GCSE exam stress and anxiety related to performance.  The symptoms are a guide.  You may see all of the symptoms or some of them. Consult a homeopath for a thorough treatment or try the most similar remedy you can see below.  Try one remedy at a time.
Use the remedy in strength levels 30c or 200c (you can buy it here).    Make up a medical solution (‘How To’ page is here) and dose every 20 minutes with 30c or hourly with 200c.  As soon as you feel better, stop taking the remedy and wait.

  • Gelsemium:  Timid.  Afraid and performs poorly.  Dull, dizzy and drowsy.  Weak and trembly.  Frequent urination and diarrhoea.
  • Lycopodium: Performance anxiety but they tend to do well when it comes to it.  Dictatorial at home and well behaved with ‘superiors’/at school.  Abdominal bloating.  Inflated ego covering insecurity.
  • Aconite: anxiety with proper ‘terror’ attacks (palpitations, numbness and tingling, trembling, red face, sweating, faint, breathing difficulty).  Well between attacks.  Fearful of many things.
  • Silica – anxiety from indecision and overwhelm. Heavy sweat (+ smelly feet).  Fear to undertake new tasks.  Sensitive to cold drafts. Constipation.
  • Argentum Nitricum – anticipatory anxiety from extreme performance pressure causing diarrhoea.  Desire for sweets (which cause diarrhoea) and salty food.  Impulsive and reckless.
  • Nux Vomica – anxiety related to issues of time, fear of being criticized for wasting time, feeling like they don’t have enough time.  Hard task master with family. Digestive disorders, burning indigestion.
  • Picric Acid – Exhaustion (mental) that is like a wall that comes down prior to exams

I’m currently undertaking a study with children who suffer with anxiety. See here to join.  

Order remedies from

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Depression & Anxiety: 4 Fixes That Work.

You have depression & anxiety?

  • You want to kick depression & anxiety…
  • To cope better with stress, emergencies, disappointments & criticism…
  • To heal traumas & grief…
  • & to cure physical illnesses triggered by stress & mental pain.

Keep reading, as I have important news about DEPRESSION & ANXIETY TREATMENTS …….

4 Great ways to rapidly improve depression & anxiety Click To Tweet

1)  Homeopathy For Depression & Anxiety:  

  1. Homeopathy can give you fast relief from depression & anxiety (see my testimonials).
  2. With no side-effects!   Let me repeat:  NO SIDE-EFFECTS!
  3. It is cost effective treatment, without years of paying for prescriptions.
  4. It is EFFECTIVE.  Depression & anxiety are effectiveness gaps for GPs.   They are usually the first problems to be cured during a homeopathic treatment, so don’t delay.  
  5. Homeopathic treatment for depression, anxiety & OCD pays for itself in fewer sick days & better productivity.

Depression, Anxiety & OCD: 4 Rapid fixes

Depression & Anxiety Treatments that can be useful alongside homeopathic treatment: 

2) “The Work” by Byron Katie

is a rapid & simple form of ‘cognitive-behaviour’ type therapy. You can access it free hereThere are lots of videos showing people overcoming feeling and thoughts that cause depression & anxiety.  


3)  “The Feeling Good Book

depression anxiety ocd 4 rapid fixes

a cognitive-behaviour therapy course by David Burns.  

Cognitive behaviour therapy can help with:

  • perfectionism,
  • procrastination,
  • self-hatred, 
  • other self-defeating behaviours, which cause depression & anxiety.

Afterwards it’s really difficult to go back to where you were.  You can no-longer quite take the negative thoughts seriously because you can see through them.  It short circuits what I call “Shame spirals” that lead to depression & anxiety; those self-beating sessions that deteriorate into some of the symptoms of depression & anxiety: misery, self harm & angry outbursts.

4)  Meditation.  

The benefits for depression & anxiety of taking at least short moments to be quiet and peaceful are obvious. Tiny moments, practiced until they can join up into longer moments.  Even when things feel pretty terrible, it seems to be spookily peaceful in there.
There is a worldwide organization/community called Balanced View that teaches you to take ‘short moments’ to discover that you can ‘rest’ with the negative thoughts.  For those who want community for healing … this may be for you. 

Homeopathy [and the above books] helped me beat depression & anxiety.  It’s one of the main reasons I became a homeopath and focus on depression & anxiety in my practice.

Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of holistic medicine that treats you as a whole person; your physical, emotional and mental elements.  It is used by 6 million people in the UK, for many types of health problem, not just depression & anxiety.

It’s not necessary to take suppressive drugs with sometimes awful, long term side effects, like loss of emotion, drowsiness, etc, which themselves impact on your life.

Don’t wait.  There’s nothing to lose in trying homeopathy for depression & anxiety.  

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Health Concerns for School Children.

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this post is for informational purposes and doesn’t constitute treatment in itself. 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connection

Coming up in this article,
 homeopathy for:
separation anxietygeneralised anxiety; post traumatic stress; school phobia & OCD. 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connections.



Homeopathic treatment is useful in resolving anxiety in children.   Anxiety in children has the potential to significantly limit life & development.  Childhood is the time to treat such anxiety so normal development & freedom can be gained as early as possible.


Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress. Click To Tweet

Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic treatment for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress.  This can help with school refusal / school phobia, or enabling a child to take part in activities and opportunities they might not have been able to access.  The education system is not a perfect environment for some children, but gaining more resilience can enable them to fare as well as others.

Anxiety may be ‘obvious’ or may present with signs ranging from obsessive compulsive behaviours, sleep problems (insomnia, nightmares, etc), irritability, inattention, physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, etc and erratic or excessive reactions.

Separation anxiety

is characterised by clinging to parents and reluctance to separate. This is normal in young children, but may cause a difficulty for older children who wish (*legal notes) or need to be in school.  It can be one of the reasons for school refusal / school phobia. The child may be able to talk about the reasons for feeling anxious, depending on age and language skills, and individual levels of awareness and trust.  Homeopathy may help with feelings of loss, a tendency to separation anxiety and with healing after difficult events.  It cannot remove a bully but it may enable the child to be more resilient and more able to talk about it.

Generalised anxiety

is characterised by excessive worry and anxiety across a variety of situations that does not seem to be the result of identified causes. Homeopathic treatment is intended to give children freedom from this condition and enable them to develop and explore in comfort.

Post-Traumatic Stress

can occur after traumatic experiences or frights, but may come about as a build up of smaller events in which the child feels in peril or feels others are in peril.  Symptoms may include anxiety or panic attacks, outbursts of rage and feelings of reliving the experience.  These are often the simplest types of anxiety to treat homeopathically as the nature of the event and the response can give important clues to a homeopathic remedy.  🙂

Social phobia

is excessive fear and anxiety about being in social situations, such as in groups and crowds.  Fears and phobias frequently respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment. (*legal notes)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

includes repetitive thoughts that are difficult to control (obsessions) or the uncontrollable need to repeat specific acts, such as hand washing or placing objects in the same arrangement (compulsions).    Again, there are specific remedies that are very effective in treatment of OCD.


 Homeopathic Study Into Anxiety In Children. Click To Tweet

If your child wishes to be involved please follow the link.
Homeopathic study into anxiety in children leading to school refusal.  
Places on the study are currently on a waiting list.  Visit the auto booking app to ask for your child to go on the waiting list or contact me.
(*a place on the waiting list is not a guarantee of participation at a later date.)

waiting list homeopathic study children anxiety sally lloyd homeopathy

Standard appointments are available.  Treatment is faster via standard appointments than via the study due to study supervision arrangements, and cases on the waiting list for the study are not guaranteed to start treatment.

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* Elective Home Education is legal in many countries and in the UK there is no requirement to ask permission to home educate or to have your provision monitored.  There are many support groups in the UK, found easily through a google search.  Though not the solution for everyone, it can be a good solution for some and a great interim measure for others.

Click here to Book a
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Extrinsic Rewards & Children’s Mental Health.



Health Concerns for School Children.

The education system in many cultures is putting enormous pressure on children, and that pressure is impacting significantly on their mental health.

In Japan, suicide rates among school children at the end of long holidays indicate a similar trend to that seen by Peter Gray in the USA.

Peter Gray, a psychologist specialising in children in education and play, describes the pressures perfectly,

Imagine a job in which your work every day is micromanaged by your boss. You are told exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You are required to stay in your seat until your boss says you can move.  Each piece of your work is evaluated and compared, every day, with the work done by your fellow employees.  You are rarely trusted to make your own decisions.  Research on employment shows that this is not only the most tedious employment situation, but also the most stressful.  Micromanagement drives people crazy. link

He recently gathered and published data on numbers of serious admissions for mental health crises among Connecticut children.  He found 1/2 the number of admissions to children’s mental health centres in school holiday months in the summer, compared to the rest of the year.  May was the worst month for rates of admissions.

The Guardian ran this article on the impact of the education system on the mental health of children and young people.  Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 15.28.28
The author writes:

If you’re a young person who can empathise with this article, I want to tell you that there are a great many of us, and it will get better. To the politicians, my message is simply this: if you want the nation’s future generations to be free of the crippling anxieties and fear of failure entrenched by the current system, you have the power to change it.

The Children’s Society (UK) report on the relative unhappiness of children in England.  Matthew Reed, chief executive, described the findings as “deeply worrying”.  He said:

School should be a safe haven, not a battleground.  Despite a long period of austerity, we are one of the richest nations in the world yet the happiness of our children is at rock bottom.  They are unhappy at school and are struggling with issues around their appearance and self-confidence.  We know that this is related to their mental health and can prevent them flourishing. We need to urgently find a way to make young people feel happier about their lives to avoid storing up problems for the future.

We have options:

  • we can change the system via pressure on Government and schools.
  • we can strengthen our children for the environment,
  • we can bring them out of school.

Here is a recent article I wrote on how to strengthen your mental/emotional health. There are some great methods here that people of all ages can learn quickly and simply.  Anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional and mental health issues may respond to homeopathic treatment (see my testimonials).

I’ll also link to organisations that support people who decide to home educate in the UK.  There are organisations worldwide also.


insomnia cures


Page down for:  Natural Treatment Checklist.  Factors causing sleeplessness.  The sleep-obesity link;  Benefits of sleep. Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia.

What’s Keeping Us Awake?

Although it seems you are the only person who is NOT asleep, you are not alone, and help is at hand.  Researchers and authors talk of an ever increasing “epidemic of sleeplessness”, with 6 out of every 10 UK adults surveyed being found to be ‘sleep deprived’.  A key link found was increased exposure to blue light from screens:

“Although any type of light stops you feeling sleepy, research has shown that light towards the blue end of the spectrum is especially effective at keeping you awake because it suppresses the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.”  link

They suggest, for those who cannot switch off for the two or so hours before bed, amber tinted glasses that filter out blue light along with dimming the screen display.

Other causes of sleeplessness are hormonal imbalances unrelated to light exposure, and conditions that impact on hormonal balance such as stress, anxiety and fear.   Individualized, holistic homeopathic treatment may rapidly resolve sleep issues caused by underlying imbalances.

When is it insomnia?

The expectation that we will sleep a straight 8 hours is a modern one.  People used to have 2 sleeps and even visit their friends in the night, until late into the 1700’s.  In modern times we may be more inclined to interpret natural, regular waking cycles as evidence of ‘sleeplessness’.  Everyone wakes, but an inability to return to sleep may be the problem.

My current ‘sleeplessness’ problem is a common one!   I sense there are not enough hours in a day. I try to extend them by going to bed later. In reality, I function less well the next day and don’t gain any time in the process.  This is not insomnia, but a common thinking pattern that can lead to sleep deprivation & poor sleep habits:  We tend to agree with the BFG, that we are wasting so much of our lives in sleeping ….

Sleep’s Great Payoff … 

when we sleep our brains shrink back so that the lymph pathways are wider and toxins can be removed from the brain. This is recent research, and it shows why you feel hungover if you don’t get enough sleep. I might also explain why long term sleep deprivation can be deadly..

Lack of sleep is also linked to obesity because light, sleep, hormone production and fat/glucose metabolism are closely interlinked.  We convert fat to glycogen to store in our muscles but we tend to do this in the first part of the night, from sundown to about midnight. Being awake late can cause us to lack glycogen supplies, and subsequently lack energy next day.  We retain more of the fat that our bodies were expecting to use. We then run on blood sugar supplies more completely and need to raise the blood sugar … leading to sugar/carb craving, and a vicious cycle, potentially descending into insulin resistance.

The links between sleep deprivation, length of life and disease have caused the UK Government to seek to do something about it with a campaign aimed at informing people about the dangers of missing sleep.   However, keep in mind that statistics regarding health and sleep are conducted across populations and insomnia is not directly equal to ill health.  [This linked article is well worth a read if you need reassurance, and especially if you sleep little but are refreshed, or keep strange hours].  Some adults thrive, without health problems (even long term) on low levels of sleep.

Treat Sleeplessness Naturally …  Checklist: 

  • Take a look at your stimulant intake.  Coffee is an obvious candidate.  In homeopathy it is used in medicinal form to cure sleeplessness as it can certainly cause it.
  • Check your night time ‘blue spectrum light’ intake.
  • Be sure that you use your sleeping area for sleeping and rarely for working, so that your brain expects to sleep in that space.
  • If you are still struggling with sleeplessness, you probably have a problem that needs treatment.  This problem may be stress & anxiety or hormone related.   They can be one and the same thing as stress and anxiety impact on hormone balance also.

Homeopathy is used for rebalancing the body to enhance sleep.  I’ve directly experienced it after losing sleep rhythms with my baby (who had sleep apnoea and wore an alarm at night).  I was surprised and relieved by how fast it worked!

Remedies that are particularly suited to sleeplessness:

If you would like advice or homeopathic treatment, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to find out if homeopathy can help with your sleep disorder.

Arsenicum Album: Lying awake with restlessness, tossing and turning. Cannot lie still in bed – has to get up and wander around from restlessness. Can only sleep with head raised. Hard to fall asleep after waking. Anxiety, fear, or worry prevents sleep. Frequent starting or jumping which wakens from sleep. Sleeplessness from physical exertion. Worse after midnight. Better for: warmth; warm drinks.

Coffea: sleeplessness from rapid thoughts, active mind, physical restlessness, nervous energy, excitement, bad news.  Very acute senses & wake with every sound, frequent startling.  Palpitation.  It is also a superb remedy for pain, particularly tooth pain.

Gelsemium Sempervirens: sleepless due to anticipatory anxiety or exhaustion.  Dull and drowsy.  Hard to get fully asleep.  Worse for bad news or thinking about problems.   Yawning.

Ignatia Amara: Intense, repeated yawning or frequent sighing. Sleeplessness from a recent disappointment or grief.  Waking easily. Waking from the jerking of a limb. Itching of arms with yawning. Yawning produces tears in the eyes or threatens to dislocate jaw. Worse for: Coffee.

Lycopodium clavatumWaking from hunger – must get up and eat. Restless sleep and anxious dreams with frequent waking. Feeling unrefreshed in morning. Unable to get comfortable in any position. Sleepy all day and sleepless at night from an active mind. Children who sleep all day and cry all night. Child wakes terrified with screaming – seems not to recognise anyone (sleep terrors).

Nux VomicaFrequent yawning. Irritability from loss of sleep. Falling asleep before normal bedtime and then waking at 3–4am with alert and active mind and then falling asleep as daylight approaches, then waking with difficulty, feeling tired, weak, and not wanting to get up. Worse for: stimulants and narcotics.   Sleeplessness from the excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, or drugs (therapeutic or recreational). Sleeplessness from mental strain and stress or excessive study. Weeping and talking in sleep.

Passiflora Incarnata: Restlessness, exhaustion, and sleeplessness, from excessive work. Insomnia of infants and the aged. Convulsions with sleeplessness.

Phosphorus: Short naps with frequent waking. Frequent waking from feeling too hot. Sleeplessness from excitement or anxiety. Worse before midnight.  Sleepy all day and sleepless/restless at night.  Sensation of bubbling in blood.  Worse lying on left side. Tend to be fearful.

Sulphur: Sudden waking, 2 – 5am unable to go back to sleep. Rush of blood to the head awakes. Difficulty in falling asleep from itchiness of skin or perspiration, constant flow of thoughts, headache, etc.  Drowsy by day and sleepless at night. Worse for: becoming hot; atmospheric changes. Better for dry, warm weather.

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