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Adam, Age 11, UK: ADHD Treatment plus serious asthma, anxiety & chronic diarrhea.

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Adhd Treatment

Adam recovered from ADHD with homeopathic ADHD treatment.
Homeopathy is a holistic approach, so he also recovered from:
  • severe asthma,
  • allergies,
  • anxiety,
  • insomnia,
  • eczema and
  • chronic diarrhea!

    He stopped steroid medication & asthma inhalers, & had his first high fevers in his life.

    He came off the special needs register at his school and caught up with his peers. You can read the sequence of events below.  Treatment took place over 1 year. This was classical homeopathic treatment.  😀

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adhd treatment

1st consultation: 

Anxiety [dirt, strangers, people looking through windows. Am I fat? Animals/spiders].
ADHD.  Anxiety. Anger. Hitting. Quarrels. Hyperactivity. Poor focus/executive functioning/organisation. Impulsive. Hypersensitive & misinterprets friend’s actions. Insomnia. Dyspraxia. Literal thinker. Refers to inappropriate sexual stuff a lot.
Asthma [steroid inhaler recently discontinued + salbutamol inhaler + antihistamines].
Allergies/hay fever 
Diarrhea a lot.
Immune system: No fevers when sick. Frequent colds that turn to asthma. 

How he got so sick …

Adam started with eczema straight after vaccination as a baby.
Eczema was treated with steroid creams and he developed asthma [usual if you manage to suppress eczema with steroids.]
The Asthma was treated with steroid inhalers.
Adam developed ADHD and stomach problems.  Both of these problems are common predispositions in his family [the stomach problems usually develop later into ulcerative colitis].  As his level of health dropped due to suppression, his predispositions were triggered.  Steroid use is associated with mental health disorders also.
Adam’s was a descent into mental-emotional disorders. This is common among children nowadays. 
Prescription:    tarentula hispanica 30c am/pm 3 days med sol. (observe: No need for daily repeat due to discontinuation of steroids past 5 days).
Histaminum 200c, single dose in homeopathic solution daily to use in place of antihistamine.  
adhd treatment

Follow up [1 month] 

> Using words more than fists and crying rather than hitting. Still provoking siblings. Exam stress.
> Swearing has stopped.
> slightly less impulsive >
> Asthma gone during day.
> much calmer during asthma. Inhaler 7pm only.  Night time ok and daytime at school is ok.   
> No steroids since August [longest without since age 5/6 years].  
Eyes discharging.  
Outstanding: More clumsy recently.  
Old symptoms returning: fear of the dark, alone upstairs.  [Return of old symptoms during treatment usually indicates we have removed a layer of illness and are returning to an earlier, higher level of health.]
Prescription: Tare hisp 200c am/ pm for one day.    ipecac 30c instead of inhaler for 7pm cough [if possible].    Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily. Observe weekend cough in the sitting room [Seems to be an allergen in the sitting room].    

Follow up [1 month later] 

Was bad-tempered after this repeat of tare hisp [aggravation] …
then everything changed.
> Now he is too docile & gentle and a bit silly.  
Wheezy in the house.
Irritability is worse.  
Old symptoms returning: responsibility for others. Shouts at sister to get ready. Anxious. Restless at night.  

Prescription:   tare 200c am/pm for 1 day. Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily.


Acute Asthma with a cold later that month:   

acute asthma.  
> Now quite docile.  
> Asthma worse. [Disorder is moving from the mental/emotional plane to the physical plane.  In homeopathy this is recognised as in the direction of healing and would be expected.  It makes cases with a history of asthma sometimes difficult.]
Loves raw onions.  Pain in Adam’s apple.  Cough —> wheezing, evening and night. Refusing blue inhaler & prefers a homeopathic remedy.  
Prescription:    allium cepa 200c am/pm dry.  Continuing with Histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution daily.
adhd treatment

Follow up.  [5 weeks later] 

Really good outcome with allium cepa.   
Little need for inhaler.  Weathered another cold well without trouble with asthma! 
>> anger has turned to smiley/joking and happy.  
>> loving toward sister.   
>> Eye discharge/allergy is very much better.  
>> more sensible.
Prescription:   wait.   Try allium cep 200c with 3 bashes instead of salbutamol inhaler when inhaler needed [cautioned to use inhaler if necessary].   

1 Month later: acute 

Acute chest virus:  fever 38.9C and recovered fast.   
>> No need for inhaler during this!  Allium cepa was enough.
>> 1st high fever EVER.  [This indicates a great improvement in the strength of his immune system.  He was able to see off the virus with a fever.  His level of health has raised].

Follow up [5 weeks later] 

Another fever 39C
>> Mood relaxed and calm [nb!  This is a child diagnosed with ADHD]. Emotionally fantastic. >> No itchy, discharging eyes.
>> Cough better.
>> No more fear at night.
>> Far better mood on waking.
Diarrhea every other day over Xmas. [Now mum is more focused on his digestive issues].
Peer pressure and self-confidence issues [may be age-related & has gone to new school].
Prescription:  allium cepa 1m single dose

Acute Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Acute Diarrhea with a  high fever 39c [stomach bug].
>> Coughing but no asthma.
>> Great improvement in self-confidence.
>> Calm. Still massively improved on the emotional side.
>> No areas of concern!
>> Brave at the dentists with no anxiety.  
Prescription:  Arsenicum 30c, 3 doses 1 hour apart, dry [remedy helped with the acute stomach bug.] 
adhd treatment

Follow-up [4 weeks] 

>> Stomach is good.
>> Eczema is all gone now.
>> Asthma resolved. Chesty only with a virus now.
Fighting with sister [she’s pushing buttons.  I gave her tuberculinum and she did incredibly well!]
Lacks confidence with friends.  
Prescription: wait

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Dark moods. Grumpy in the morning. Picking fights. Dislikes school. Increased sensitivity to what others think of him [old problem]. Embarrassed easily. Less open than usual.
>> Great improvement in school work.
>> Taken off learning difficulties register.
>> Writing has improved. No probs.  
>> Virus with cough/asthma but recovered fast again.
>> Stools better. No smell. Flatulence improved. Not loose. Bowel health is good [good news as family history of ulcerative colitis and he was showing early signs.] 
Prescription: lycopodium 30c am/pm for 2 days 
adhd treatment

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Some allergy symptoms.  Sore ankle.
>> Appetite improved.  
>> Self-aware.
Anxiety around friends. Hard to fit in. Submissive.  
Sensitive to sounds.
Sister will press buttons and he cries [he used to hit!]. SATS exam worries.
Change in food desires.  
Prescription: kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days

adhd treatment

Treating Tweens & The Problems of Antidotes.

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Had done really well on Kali bich.  But now …
Wheezing, coughing, blocked nose all back with force. Eyes itching, gritty, bright red. Hayfever. Fear people looking in windows sharply increased over this month.
Buying coke and lots of sweets.
Was run over by a car.  [all possible remedy antidotes].  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.  

Follow up [4 weeks later]

Self-consciousness. Wheezing all day but no difficulty breathing. Meltdowns. Allium-cepa hasn’t helped. Eyes watery/white discharge at night.  
>> Ran race without asthma and came first!  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.   [Darn that boy with his sneaky coke!]

Final Follow up [4 weeks later]

Coughing after a cold. Using inhaler. Eye problems. 
Final Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.
adhd treatment
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Methylphenidate Alternative for ADHD

Methylphenidate Alternative for ADHD


You’d like an alternative to Methylphenidate & to avoid the side effects of ADHD drugs like methylphenidate & Guanfacine.  You’d like to treat ADHD naturally? Read about William (age 10) and how we enabled him to come off methylphenidate, recover from ADHD & see improvements in his autism too.

Some of the side effects William developed when he began to take methylphenidate were anxiety and severe depressive episodes leading to suicidal thoughts. His behaviour was easier but he was desperately unhappy. He was suffering with painful, extreme ticks, strong impulsivity and self loathing. His mum was afraid for him and sought out homeopathy as an answer.

ADHD: Recovery After Methylphenidate Side Effects

William hated seeing doctors & consultants. When he first came to me (Nov 2015) he was strongly reluctant. He is also high functioning and I think he thought me a bear of little brains! I was able to observe him, but mostly I listened to his mum recount his story and answer my questions. Otherwise I didn’t demand anything from him. I work with many children with anxiety, trauma & behavioural problems and my usual approach is to work with a parent until the child comes forward in their own time & way. The parent and/or child have the alternative to skype consult, and I don’t make a requirement for the child to be present.
I selected a homeopathic remedy for William, which had profound results. The painful ticks, anxiety and suicidal feelings decreased rapidly. Gradually William’s ADHD symptoms improved and it was possible to begin to reduce the methylphenidate. Then the improvements enabled a trial coming off medication. During this stage his symptoms appeared to increase as the suppressive medication was stopped & his body adjusted. I’d told him to expect this and he would see this improve soon.  When he came to me in June 2016, he walked in with a bag of presents and was chatty and happy. His ADHD consultant had signed him off altogether!

William’s treatment took 1 homeopathic remedy (tare hisp), in 2 different potencies (30c and 200c) and was completed in 7 months.
What’s more, William’s mum has written to me on a number of occasions about other improvements she is still seeing. He is beginning to be able to do things he was unable to do before, due to improvements in empathy & self control. The most pleasing improvement she mentioned is in his ability to relate to his father and his brother. Family life and life for William is greatly improving in so many ways.   He has a really bright future ahead of him.

When ADD is not Attention Deficit Disorder.


When is an Attention Deficit Disorder, not an Attention Deficit Disorder …

Attention Deficit Disorder diagnosis is forever growing in schools.
And we are medicating children to fit them to a system that is inadequate.
The United Kingdom performs 22nd out of 24 western countries on literacy.
Home educated children outperform their schooled peers by an average 36% points2
even when their education entails no formal lessons!

When is an Attention Deficit Disorder, not an Attention Deficit Disorder ...

This joke comes to mind when I think on this subject:

“When’s a door not a door?  When it’s ajar” 

For many children (and adults), sitting still to learn from paperwork is neither interesting nor meaningful.
It is as related to learning as the door appears to be to the jar!
The link between the door and the jar is semantic and abstract.
We see its logic but the child see its logic about as much as he might see the logic in the paperwork education.

The learning context in which ADD is a problem may, in a vast number of cases, be the problem itself, being an anathema to learning for many children.

LAURA GRACE WELDON spells it out poignantly in telling the story of her son.

attention deficit disorder or school?


Children never need to be medicated for Attention Deficit Disorder. Find out why ... Click To Tweet


How to be sure your child has Attention Deficit Disorder

A definite factor that differentiates a clinical disorder from a misalignment of learning style and learning context is whether a child can apply attention to subjects and activities that interest them. If your child is able to focus on their favourite computer game, they are able to direct their attention.

However, it is a spectrum.  They may not be able to direct their attention well enough to focus on chores and tasks like getting dressed when asked or without getting distracted.  At this point it is a matter of degree and of judgment.

Even in severe cases, AND ESPECIALLY IN SEVERE CASES, medication can only compound the problem and is attended by worrisome side effects that no parent will willingly chose for their child. Suppression is frequently seen to lead to deeper problems with mental and physical health.


Treat Attention Deficit Disorder, permanently, without side effects …

Homeopathy, on the other hand, is WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS.

When specifically tailored to the individual, it is rapidly successful in enabling the body to restore balance in mental processes.
These imbalanced mental processes are governed predominantly by hormonal imbalance, and environmental and food sensitivities.

These imbalances are eliminated in the process of holistic homeopathic treatment.

If your child has a level of Attention Deficit that makes it difficult for them to direct their attention, and the problem is not merely a mismatched learning style and learning context, homeopathy can help resolve the situation and enable them to continue with their development.


Unhampered development is key.  Don’t wait.

There is a way forward with Attention Deficit Disorder.

It is one that doesn’t involve suppression, drowsiness or constipation.

It doesn’t involve sacrificing your child’s sparkle for better grades.

It is one that doesn’t wear off after time, needing ever increasing doses.

And it is one that can remove the ADD label and restore the child to health.

If it is a learning context problem, consider home educating!

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