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tooth pain treatment


This page will provide you with remedy suggestions for tooth abscesses and a free chart to deal fast with tooth pain, without side effects.  Read on …


The most usual remedy I’ve found is hepar sulph [UK, USA].  A single dose of 200c is often enough. If it returns you can try another dose [don’t overdo it though]. If it keeps coming back … talk to a homeopath who can find you a remedy to deal with the predisposition or try Silica.  If silica fits, the tooth will feel loose. Pain is worse at night, from eating warm food & when a cold draft gets into the mouth.

tooth abscess treatment

Tooth Pain Remedies:

You can find my post on natural treatment for tooth decay here. You can HEAL teeth in many cases and prevent decay.

There are 159 ‘tooth pain‘ remedies in Kent’s repertory, so if you don’t succeed to treat yourself you can be pretty sure to get help with an acute appointment with a homeopath.

Here’s a chart of the most usual ones. 🙂

tooth pain treatment

Here’s the 159 remedies … and below, links to Kent’s repertory, where you can check your symptoms in more detail if you are feeling brave … and then a link to the full remedy names with details of the symptoms common to the remedy!

tooth pain treatmentClick to reach Kent’s repertory. 

Key to remedy abbreviations. 

hay fever cures treatment

Seasonal Allergy Cures! Wahoooooo!

Here are a number of ways you can cure or treat seasonal hay fever pollen allergies.
Some temporary relief and some long term cures.
[Originally Steemed at Steemit]

Temporary relief from pollen related allergies:

  1. Local honey! Get some that was harvested within 1 mile of your home [not always easy to do] and eat a spoonful daily during allergy times. It works to control the symptoms! You can try honey from further afield but it might not contain the pollens that are bothering you & you need these in small quantities to ‘immunise’ you. Try it if all you can get is further away. It tastes nice! Whoever said medicine had to be a bitter pill!
  2. Homeopathic antihistamine ‘Histaminum’ [UK] [USA] … can be taken daily as a substitute for pharmaceutical antihistamines [which usually cause drowsiness and other side effects. Some are linked to liver damage and linked to dementia]. Homeopathic remedies are free of side effects, safe and effective 🙂 Histaminum can be used to control allergies caused by other allergens like animals, paint fumes, perfumes, etc. It helps the body to moderate histamine production. Usually, a daily dose of histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution is about right [a few drops is enough]. Start taking it a bit before you expect to be exposed and continue throughout the season.
  3. Homeopathic remedies for individualised experience of pollen allergies: Different people have different symptoms and need different remedies. Eyes, nose, ears, chest/breathing and sinuses are usually the areas affected, with some people having skin involvement too. See the remedy chart at the bottom of this post to select the best remedy for you [or speak to a homeopath/ homeopathic pharmacist]. [UK & USA pharmacies.] You can safely take the best fitting remedy in 30c potency every 20 minutes [in homeopathic solution] for up to 5 doses. As soon as the symptoms improve, stop. Start again when needed. If it’s not working after 5 doses, try the next best fitting remedy in the same way.

Long-term Cure of Hay fever:

If you want to cure your hay fever, see a homeopath and get treatment out of season!  We need to see your underlying total symptoms without the acute hay fever episode obscuring everything else.   In season you will be palliating the symptoms only.   It’s worth it as you will raise your overall level of health at the same time, and deal with other irritating symptoms you might have.


Remedy chart:


Hayfever (Kent p326) :

Ail., All-c.ars-i., ars., arum-t., Arund., bad., brom., carb-v.cycl., dulc., euphr., gels., iod., kali-bi., kali-i., kali-p., lach., naja., Nat-m., nux-v., Psor.puls., ran-b., Sabad.sang., sil., Sin-n.stict., teucr., wye.

burning & itching in ears.  catarrhal states. arundo
Sudden, explosive sneezing. Upper respiratory tract.  Heat to head. Lachrymation ++.  > warm drinks. < open air < cold air. sabad  [d/a all-c > open air]
> outside.  Burning nasal, bland lachrymation

August, morning.  Violent sneezing.

all cep [puls] [≠ euphr]
irritable, sensitive to cold + hayfever

asthmatic breathing.  Focus more on the lower resp system.  < indoors [puls]

nux v
hot hurried, hayfever. iod and ars iod
after emotional experience.  frequent sneezing, loss of taste and smell [nats].  cold sores, dried cracked lips and crack in centre of bottom lip. nat mur
eyes swollen agglutinated.  Sneezing.  Coryza from getting wet.  Tip of nose red, sore, ulcerated.  Gushing tears on opening in the morning. rhus tox
spasmodic sneezing.  < odour of flowers [all c]

Itching in the palate.  Tears flowing during sneezing, yawning and coughing. Asthma just in the summer. sensitive to the smell of garlic.

acrid lachrymation, bland nose.  < open air

Cough & difficult respiration is only in daytime and better at night lying down.

euphrasia [≠ all c]
burning, hot discharges.  swelling. Red under nose

Wheezing at night. Have to sit up.

ars [cf ars-iod]
Like ars.  Burning, thin, discharges. swelling.

Red, angry, swollen, itchy mucous membranes.

Eustachian involvement.

Starts with burning and itching of the palate [wye, ran-b], and of the conjunctiva. arundo [red in Kent]
smarting eyes. lids burning and sore. nose stuffed, especially in the evening. pressure at root of nose [kali-bi].  Tingling and crawling inside nose. Hawking and swallowing in effort to scratch inside of nose! ran-b
itching roof of mouth, palate and throat. Patient must draw the tongue back and forth over the soft palate. wye
itching mouth/throat d/a arund, ran-b, wye
< heat.  Blocked nose indoors and running outdoors. sulph [puls]
blocked at night, running during day.

> outside, worse in warm room. < lying down.  > cool applications (cold flannel).  Itching roof of mouth at night.

big, swollen eyes.  > cold [puls, sabad].  Hives with hayfever.  Swelling of the throat. apis

[Full names of remedies here]

[as I pulled these charts from my own notes]: red are the most intense/most likely remedies, followed by blue, then black.
‘d/a’ means differential analysis … which means you should check out the remedy suggested.
> = better for.
< = worse for.
Good luck! Enjoy the summer!

Balancing work and homeschooling: Homeopath in action 6.6.17

It’s usually a bizarre and impromptu kind of day in my unschooling home educating household.
I also run a large, international homeopathy practice from home and recently I had a full work day until 1.30pm and came into the kitchen to find my dd16 [who had an English GCSE exam this morning] building an Elizabethan theatre with dd9.
I was enlisted for acting out A Midsummer Night Dream with dd9, voices and sliding characters and multiple parts.

– Preparing to navigate the twists and turns of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream.


The final curtain call as the actors all assemble to make their bows 🙂

3 minutes to spare after the final curtain call and I was straight into my evening appointments at 5.15pm, as a friend came over to play for the evening.

It’s quite a nice work/life balance so long as I can shut down and leave my keyboard now and again.

anxiety children

Overcoming inertia [When you are afraid].

Fearlessness doesn’t come naturally to me.  I cracked living creatively despite it.
If I should let in pessimism & fear now; if I nurtured and entertained them, they may still have the ability to take over my life like unwanted, non-paying lodgers!  Like carrying their weight on my back.

Change seeps in around you 

Today I liked this post [from @sauravrungta], particularly this bit:

“To resist change is like resisting the current, which makes your life very hard. Sometimes, resistance can also put you in a situation where you are paddling against the current and trying to go upstream, which is just worse.”

It really got me thinking about how I have the child-like quality of being so un-switched on to change that it seeps in around me and before I know it, it’s happened.  I remembered I wasn’t always this way!
I know a lot of people who resist change.
They are anxious, frightened people who fear the worst & expect the worst.

It seems easier to stay in the known moment than to move into the unknown.

They resist.
But like @sauravrungta says, this takes a WHOLE lot of energy & leaves little room for growth and creativity.

I was rudely awakened to the concept of death by age 3 1/2 when my father died of a brain hemorrhage aged 31.
I was a TREMENDOUSLY fearful child.  I slept with my arms crossed over my chest, my teeth clenched, expecting to be stabbed from above or below and any number of perils my mind could muster.
Fear still had the capability of visiting with me well into my 40s [when my homeopath gave me a remedy 3 years ago that made me far more trusting! I was 50 this year.]

Crack how to live with it

I cracked how to live despite it before I resolved it.

As a teen, I recognized what a prison I was in and I freed myself.
I read Frank Herbert’s Dune!  The books contain a litany which I began to say to myself when I was afraid.  I taught myself to be brave by practicing turning toward the thing I fear [as long as I judge it not foolish to do so!].

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.”

If I was terrified someone/thing was behind me, I stopped in my tracks, literally turned round and stood still where previously I had run.  I ‘turned the inner eye to see its path’ and noticed I was calm.
I was encouraged onward by the calmness it brought and the freedom and strength I felt.

Default a YES!

I turned my default ‘NO!’ into a default ‘YES!’  Unless I had good, sound reason to avoid something, I refused to.
I work with a lot of anxious people [I’m a homeopath] and something I find useful to deal with inertia is building a habit of ‘changing your default’.   You have to build the habit and you have to maintain the habit with ‘habit hygiene’.  Don’t slip back for long to your old default.

Beware which wolf you feed
I remind myself:

If I should let in pessimism & fear now; if I nurtured and entertained them, they may still have the ability to take over my life like unwanted, non-paying lodgers!  Like carrying their weight on my back.

A doable action: It takes about 21 days …

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit and to break an old one [I tested it.  It’s sound :-)].

Replace your default ‘no’ with a default ‘yes’.  

Your decision is ‘yes’ and you have to give yourself good grounds to answer ‘no’.

I will face my fear.

[Hey!  I have a pathological inertia about doing anything I’m told to do … so I have to be sure it’s me making this decision and I’m fully committed to my new ‘yes’ habit.]

A default ‘Yes’ can change a lot more than fear & inertia.

It’s the same principle I used as a parent to become more responsive to my children’s needs & supportive of their liberty & equality:  I changed my default answer from ‘no’ to ‘yes’.  It’s a very positive way forward, and it became a wonderfully liberating habit. [Taking Children Seriously]

Take it easy – Baby Steps

It can be done in baby steps, getting stronger and braver daily.
The key thing is to OWN the problem.
No one else [and nothing] did it to you.
No one else is coming to change it for you.
To crack your ‘no’ habit, you have to want it.
It takes some bravery and commitment & some self-belief.

Piggy-Backing New Habits. 

The way to remember to practice a new habit for those 21 days is to add one new habit at a time and to piggy-back it onto something that is already a fixed habit you have.  Do it at the same time as the habitual thing.

autism recovery

Graduating Elementary against the odds: Autism Recovery

Here’s a great story of autism recovery.

I just watched a video of one of my patients graduating elementary school.  The audience CHEERED loudly when he went onto the stage to collect his graduation certificate.  That cheer was very much deserved.  He has come a LONG way to graduate and he wasn’t dealt an easy hand.   His mum sent me the video as she is thrilled with what homeopathy has been able to help her son to achieve.

“He now wakes on time for school at same time. He’s down by 6.40am. He’s perfectly on time.
Seeing good improvements. Meeting at the school –> Going to middle school this year! They had lots of good things to tell. Earlier he used to be distracted and talk to people asking the same questions over and over though he knew the answers. He is polite but gets on with his own things. Good improvement in speech. Diversified forms of sentence. Using more words spontaneously, very naturally. It is good and remarkable improvement.”

arsenic detox rice

Arsenic detox: Obesity may not be the biggest issue with Rice.

I’m looking to talk to you about arsenic detox and where arsenic toxicity might be coming in from.

I was busy writing a reply to this steemit  post: by @mgibson, but it got a bit too long and involved.  So, rather than dumping it in his replies, I turned it into a blog. [You can find and upvote my version of it here … it is the same as this article.]

Beyond the glycemic index issues around weight gain with rice I want to let people know there are arsenic toxicity issues and how to avoid them and still eat rice.
I read that we sometimes will make fat cells to lock away toxic substances and that it is very difficult to get your body to liberate fat before detoxing those substances as your body will hold on to that fat to keep the toxins locked away.  Maybe the detoxifying action of drinking lots of water is behind the recommendation to drink to encourage fat loss, but I suspect there will be other more complex metabolic processes involved also.

I notice a pattern in my daily practice as a homeopath treating autistic children: very high rates of arsenic in their hair tests when they come from an ethnic group from the Indian subcontinent.  This is the case even when they were born and live in the UK and the USA.
I asked my husband about this. Was it in well water?  Was it transferred down from mother to child because I was seeing high levels of arsenic in children who were born in the USA who hadn’t drunk arsenic contaminated water?
He said it is likely to be from a diet rich in rice grown in arsenic-rich soils and directed me to this article

credit: The Independent.

Recommendations for avoiding arsenic from rice consumption:

Sourcing rice from regions with lower grain inorganic arsenic concentrations – for example, basmati rice is two to three-fold lower in inorganic arsenic than rice from the European Union or from the US. Cooking rice in a large excess of water also helps to remove inorganic arsenic. link.

Need an Arsenic Detox?

There are quite a few ways to detox arsenic.  One of the gentlest and most effective is through homeopathic detox.  [This is something I need to do regularly with patients]. Homeopathic detox is not without its challenges and it is good to be taking lots of vitamin c, and daily recommended doses of zinc, magnesium and selenium to support detox.
There are also other ways involving chelation, but they can be pretty heavy on the adrenal system and organs.  Andy Cutler talks lots about this method. Plenty of info on google.

Making a Homeopathic Solution.

This is a ‘How To’ page.

  • How to prepare and take a homeopathic solution [“med sol”].
  • How to use a dilution glass [for sensitive patients]

Preparing and taking a homeopathic solution:

You’ll need:

  • 300ml/10 oz glass water bottle (sterilized and ideally coloured to exclude light. Clear glass can be used if you store it in the dark. Please don’t use old medicine bottles due to possible residues.)
  • Spring water to fill the bottle to 2/3 full (not tap water due to chlorine, etc).
  • 1 remedy pill from your prescription.
  • 1 tbsp brandy or vodka (as a preservative).
    This is safe for babies/children/pregnant women when diluted in 200ml of water as only a few drops will be taken. If you need to avoid alcohol, the med sol will last 3 days in a fridge and a fresh one will need to be made if taking the remedy for longer than 3 days.

To prepare:

  1. Add water, remedy pill, and alcohol to the bottle.
  2. Clearly label with date, contents and patient’s name.
  3. Store in a cool, dark place [especially if using a clear glass bottle] & out of the reach of children.

Before taking your dose ‘succuss’ as follows:

  1. Cap the bottle.
  2. Bash it bottom first, hard, onto a soft surface the prescribed number of times (or 3 times if no number is specified).  This mixes and activates the remedy and must be done before every dose.Succussing is done to activate the remedy and very slightly raise the potency before each dose.

A few drops on a teaspoon to be taken on the tongue.

How to use a dilution glass:

If you have been asked to “take the remedy through a dilution glass” please follow these instructions:

Diluting a homeopathic solution dose:

  1. Make up your homeopathic solution.
  2. Succuss the required number of times.
  3. Take a few drops of your homeopathic solution and place into a drinking glass of spring water [‘dilution glass’].
  4. Stir and take a dose from this glass.  A few drops on a teaspoon to be taken on the tongue.
  5. To take your next dose, succuss the homeopathic solution as instructed and repeat the process.

If you have been asked to take the dose through 2 dilution glasses”

  1. Take a few drops from your dilution glass and place into a second drinking glass of spring water.
  2. Stir and take your dose from this 2nd glass.  A few drops on a teaspoon to be taken on the tongue.

Diluting a dry pill dose:

  1. Make a homeopathic solution without alcohol.
  2. Stir the homeopathic solution [succuss the prescribed number of times if it is in a glass bottle].
  3. Take a few drops of the homeopathic solution and put into a drinking glass of spring water [the ‘dilution glass’].
  4. Stir & take your dose from this glass.  A few drops on a teaspoon to be taken on the tongue.

If you have any questions message me at

mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

Homeopathy for Mastitis

There are thousands of great posts on what mastitis is … stacked up there at the top of any google search.  This article is to give you a very effective alternative to antibiotics or living with the pain of mastitis.  Both you and your baby will be keen to avoid the after effects of antibiotic treatment … and homeopathic remedies can give even faster relief without side effects.

mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

If you have a fever, try not to suppress it.  A fever is a healing symptom rather than a sickness symptom and it is going to assist you in healing the infection.

Mastitis is an acute [intense] condition and if it is extreme one can safely take the chosen remedy in 200c, 1 pill hourly for up to 3 doses.
If it is milder, it’s better to take 30c 3 times over the day for 1 or 2 days.
With any homeopathic remedy, you stop AS SOON as you begin to feel better.
You may find warmed cabbage leaves a good naturopathic addition to your self-treatment.  Be sure to get medical attention [homeopath or doctor] if you don’t begin to see improvement pretty soon.

Here’s a handy chart to print out and keep with your babyhood remedy kit.

mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

Highlights from Practice: Week beginning 27th March 2017


Over the weekend

  • I had one small girl with impetigo and an ear infection who couldn’t get her remedies locally [definitely going to get a Helios 36 remedy first aid kit] and had to start antibiotics by Sunday … Remedy [Mercury] received Tuesday and after taking it she fell into a long, healing sleep. I’m waiting for an update.
  • A little boy with an ear infection who responded very well to silica, started eating again and playing.
  • And another with high fever managed beautifully with remedies. 🙂
  • Toddler with a cough causing him to vomit needed help too.  I’m guessing he’s well since I’ve not heard back from his mum that he’s still suffering.
  • A man I’ve been treating for back pain [pinched disc] has not got back pain and can walk again but needed a remedy to sort sciatica.  Kali carb did a fast job for this final bit of healing. I often see people further down the line with stomach problems after medications for sciatica.  Nice to get an uncomplicated sciatica to deal with rather than a stomach ulcer on top.

I’m on call for a lady who is now in labour with her second baby as we speak. <3  I’ve had my phone on for a few nights and tonight will hopefully bring good news and pictures of the baby girl she’s expecting 🙂 Such excitement!  I’ve had a picture.  She is BEAUTIFUL!  Remedies were useful for promoting contractions when these didn’t get going well.  She’d also had remedies for fear and anxiety about the birth, which had been very helpful.

Today I followed up with a lady who said her eyesight improved this month after remedies.  Her own mother suffers from macular degeneration.  She went to take out her contact lenses to discover she’d not been wearing them!  🙂 That made me giggle.  She reported that her brain fog had lifted a lot … but I’d already spotted that within a minute of speaking with her.  So much more lucid! She looked ‘bonny’.  Her daughter told me her eyes look less cloudy.

Today I signed off a man I have been treating for anxiety, depression & OCD.  He came off his medication [Sertraline] last autumn after we started with Aconite 10M. Then cannabis indica 30c and 200c finished off the remaining problems he was having with compulsive thoughts & actions.  He is loving living without the emotion-deadening side-effects of the meds.  He’s suffered from anxiety since about age 2.  Wonderful relief. He looks really well.  He’s lost the numbness and tingling in his hands and feet too.

I followed up with the parents of an autistic boy who said he understood his mother’s joke and his expressive language was improving. He was doing division and playing hangman! The next detox remedy will likely be the one that makes the most difference to him as it will contain the MMR and he regressed markedly after the MMR.

I’ve been treating 4 boys within one family and this week I was able to move 2 of the boys to ‘maintenance’.  It means they just come to me if they have a new problem. They are well enough to not need to come regularly. <3

A little while back I saw a lady who’s fingers had become arthritic, cold, blue and swollen since she got a thorn in her hand.  I gave her ledum and she reports that the blueness, coldness and swelling is much improved.

7 year old boy started to speak after a vaccine detox.  I’m about to hear more this Friday 🙂

Constipation resolved in an autistic 7 year old patient, who is gaining words gradually and has discovered his eyebrows can move now and is fascinated by his mum’s too. 🙂

Some Lowlights: 
It is always disappointing when people leave off treatment before they’ve recovered. That is their choice and sometimes I can’t offer them enough change soon enough to keep them trying.  Sometimes we’ve made great headway, but there are some symptoms that don’t seem to want to shift for some reason.
I signed off with a man who has done well with a number of deep problems but I don’t seem yet to be able to resolve the fibromyalgic pain he suffers with.
A child left after not much of a result with the first remedy.
I find it hard to watch them walk away and I hope they find another solution that suits them and doesn’t involve iatrogenic damage from conventional medicines.
It is hard for people to know that in some cases healing will take longer because the problem is very deep.
In other cases I just didn’t find the right remedy yet.  There are so many potential remedies that this is a definite possibility sometimes that I’ll fail to find it.  The deeper the ill health the more difficult it is to find the remedy often.
Many of the people I work with have deep ill health.

Keep trying <3

ear infections treatment

Treating Ear Infections Safely.

Homeopathic treatment for ear infections, otitis media & ear pain.

Hi, this is another first aid page for my website.
Ear pain and inflammation caused by viral or bacterial infections can be treated with homeopathy very effectively.  Also, although antibiotics might treat the symptoms often the infection returns … sometimes straight after.  Antibiotics will not treat the underlying susceptibility to ear pain and infections.

Some children begin to have ear problems soon after their first vaccinations.
Often it is combined with sensitivities to dairy products.
Often it is linked to a family predisposition that can also be remedied.

Homeopathic care can stop the necessity for surgical fitting of ear drainage tubes, and can usually alleviate hearing problems associated with ear catarrh.

Here is a chart of homeopathic remedies most commonly used for ear pain and inflammation.  If you are not sure which remedy fits and if you are under constitutional treatment with me … message me via the usual channels.
During healing of deeper illnesses, ear problems may return.  They were not previously cured but suppressed with antibiotics and will need proper homeopathic treatment to resolve them.   Sometimes they will resolve without a remedy, but if the pain is severe definitely get in touch for help treating this.

ear infection treatment

I hope this helps you avoid the use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are disruptive to gut health in particular and can have their own range side effects.  Also, we are fast running out of effective antibiotics so it makes sense to use homeopathic remedies instead and save antibiotics for sudden, life threatening conditions.

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