Panic Attacks & Family Trauma

17th July 2016 0 By Sally Lloyd
Panic Attacks & Family Trauma

Panic Attacks Run In Families?

Panic attacks (frequently leading to anxiety & depression) run in families. Some well-known explanations for this are: thinking patterns (nurture), common experiences (environment) & inherited factors (nature).  However, some reasons you’d not have guessed!

panic attacks homeopathy

Science is now finding that family trauma can be silently passed down to children.

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Homeopaths treat panic very successfully

Homeopaths treat panic attacks very successfully.  Patients see panic attacks disappear rapidly & are often given a remedy they can take to immediately stop attacks if they ever return.
Also, homeopaths see unexplained anxieties, phobias, and panic that turn out to be associated with traumas experienced by distant family members, just as described in the article below.

Finally, science and psychiatry are catching on, as the article below beautifully describes.

Epigenetics can give you an explanation if you can’t find the cause of your panic attacks in an event in your own lifetime.
Therefore, you can put your mind a little at rest.  You are not ‘going mad’.
There is a mechanism, recognised by science, that accounts for your experiences.

Read the article here:

Breaking the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma


Facebook Support Group

I run a facebook support group for people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Many members have children who suffer from anxiety.  It is packed full of good ideas collected by the community and offers support in a very gentle and affirming atmosphere.

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panic attacks homeopathy

panic attacks homeopathy