Homeoprophylaxis Program

Homeoprophylaxis Program

Homeoprophylaxis [homeopathic vaccination] provides a safe alternative to vaccination if you have chosen not to use conventional vaccination. There’s plenty of research confirming it works well. See here for example. It uses viral material in homeopathic remedies that are taken by mouth. There are no viral materials left in the remedies after production and no toxic metals or chemicals are used in their production. No injections are needed, there is no possibility of viral shedding and no possibility of side effects or vaccine injury. This kind of ‘vaccination’ has been used for hundreds of years. In fact, it was the original and first form of vaccination, from which modern vaccination grew.


It will take 18-31 months to cover the main diseases in routine vaccination schedules, depending on the number of diseases covered. After that time, you can use “booster” doses every 5-10 years.


If I’ve not worked with the patient before:
For a young, healthy child, book an HP Planning Session.
If you have significant health issues you need to see me for a First Consultation and then book an HP Planning Session.

Current patients:
If I’ve seen you within the last 6-8 months, you can book an HP Planning Session. Book a follow up first, if not.

What to expect:
Come to your HP Planning appointment with a list of diseases you’d like to protect yourself or your child against, listed in priority order.
During the HP planning appointment, we’ll plan together for the first 20 mins and the remaining time I’ll use toward constructing your plan.
With your plan you’ll receive instructions on where to buy your remedies.


Any reactions to the HP remedies are NOT toxic reactions, and represent a clearing effect.  They are typically very mild and short lasting (such as a cough, a mild rash, or restlessness).  It shouldn’t last long and feel free to email me if you are concerned.
If you see a reaction to the first single dose, please contact me before continuing with the triple dose one month later. 

Homeopathy is always safe. It has no side effects.
The only risk of HP is contracting one of the diseases you are trying to prevent. However, studies show 90.4% effectiveness of HP overall in those who have been in contact with diseases [Dr Isaac Golden, 1985 onward] and No deaths or injuries have ever occurred with HP. 


According to Dr. Golden’s longterm study, children using homeoprophylaxis had fewer chronic illnesses and improved long term health outcomes compared to either vaccinated or non-vaccinated children. Unlike conventional vaccination, HP was not associated with increases in chronic ailments such as allergy or neurological symptoms commonly seen with vaccinated children.


Yes, and you may also decide to go ahead and vaccinate at any time. Best not to use HP for 21 days after a conventional vaccination as the immune system is already busy for about that length of time. If you are concerned about vaccine side effects but you wish to vaccinate or are required to, please book a follow-up style appointment with me to discuss homeopathy to mitigate risks.
HP will not prevent any type of concurrent medical treatment. The HP Program doesn’t satisfy legal requirements for vaccination of schooled children. Check your local laws and undertake an exemption request process if you need to.


Go ahead and follow the instructions under “How It Works”.

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