Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis


Mineral Check Hair Mineral Analysis [International]
Toxic metals plus essential minerals with Nutritionist’s Report.

Cost: £69 payable to Sally Lloyd.
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If you are in the UK we’ll send a testing kit to you, and your results will arrive via email.

Outside the UK? Send hair sample [instructions follow & results arrive via email] to:

Sally Lloyd Homeopathy.  
Rock House Farm,
Ipstones Edge,
ST10 2LR,

hair mineral testing

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  • Wash your hair and rinse well. Leave to dry and do not use styling products before taking the sample.
  • If your hair is treated or coloured, please wait 6 weeks before taking a sample from the new growth. If however your test is urgent, please go ahead as it is rare for dye to affect a sample. We just like to err on the side of caution. 
  • As close to the scalp as possible, cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and back of the head as this reflects the most recent metabolic activity in the body.
  • If your hair is less than 3 cm long (1.5 inches) keep all of it for testing. If it’s longer, keep the 3 cm of hair that was closest to the scalp and discard the rest.
  • When you have the sample ready, simply pop it directly into the envelope provided – no need to wrap or cover with anything. The amount of hair should completely cover the box on the back of the envelope (approximately 1 heaped teaspoon full)

How much hair?

  • The laboratory requires a 100 mg which is approximately a heaped teaspoon full of hair.

What type of hair?

  • Head hair is preferred but if unavailable, you can use facial or pubic hair. If no hair is unavailable then nail clippings can be tested. These alternative tissue samples may not be as reliable as head hair and may not always provide nutrient mineral data, but they will monitor toxic mineral levels.
  • NB: Please do not mix samples – i.e. do not mix head hair with facial hair. 
  • The only shampoo that may affect the result is anti-dandruff shampoo so if this is something you usually use, switch to baby shampoo for a few washes before taking your sample.

Send the following information with your hair sample:

Unlike some medical samples, hair is stable and this means it will not deteriorate. While you should post as soon as you can to get your results back quickly, the sample will be fine if you cannot for any reason get it off immediately. 


REGENERUS HAIR TOXIC ELEMENT ANALYSIS [TEE01] [International]. Aka “Doctor’s Data” + essential minerals. [Without Nutritionist’s Report].

Cost: £75 payable directly to Regenerus Labs on booking and they will send instructions.
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Sample Report Here.
Be sure to use ‘Sally Lloyd’ for practitioner’s name.
Results will arrive via email and I’ll let you know when they are in.

Choose ‘metal toxicity’ from the first drop down menu.
The second drop down menu lists all the metals that will be tested for. You don’t need to choose one or pay per metal.
If you want to apply the Andy Cutler Counting Rules, this is the test for you.

If you have any further questions please email me.