Services I offer:

On call for urgencies 365 days per year between 9am and 9pm GMT.
I’m on call overnight for births by prearrangement.
When I’m away or sick I arrange locum cover, so you are covered at all times.

I offer expert consultations in homeopathic healing so that you will have all the information you need to treat yourself or family member, homeopathically. All consultations are done via ZOOM video calls or face-to-face in Ipstones, Staffordshire UK.

You should budget for about 4 sessions, & then we can assess your progress.

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Appointment details and booking.

First Consultation: Complete Health Evaluation

  • an evaluation of medical history & overall level of health,
  • a review of symptoms & current complaints,
  • research into past treatments,
  • development of a tailored treatment plan.
  • In some cases, additional research time by the practitioner will be needed – there is no additional charge for this.

Booking: online
: Zoom video call
Duration: up to 1 hour 15 mins.
Fee: £180/$250

Follow-Up Consultations

Changes can happen fast!  Consistent, 5-weekly follow-up video calls keep you on track toward recovery.  Homeopathic treatment is evaluated during these calls and your personal treatment plan can be adjusted where necessary.
You’ll be given a new remedy if the new remedy is clear and movement has stopped with your healing.  We look at large and small changes, any lack of progress, blockages and other important guiding signs, to see how to move your healing forward.
Booking: online
: Zoom video call.
Duration: Up to 40 minutes.
Fee: £95/$150

Urgent Care [Acute] Consultations.

Consult my first aid section [In tabs top right].
How we manage sickness, accidents, and injuries can make a big difference to long-term health outcomes.  Homeopathy can help resolve injuries and infections without side effects and can shorten healing time and get you back to action faster. It can be used for pain relief and after surgery too.
*If it is a serious accident or illness get urgent care and diagnosis via a medical doctor.  Homeopathy can be used at the same time. 
Booking: Online
Method: Zoom video call
Duration: 20 minutes
Fee: £46/$60 including up to 3 follow-up contacts at no charge.

Prescriptions via Text/Email/Messenger.

For patients I’ve seen recently:
If you request acute advice, send a clear [short] list of symptoms & I can tell you immediately what you need I’ll charge £10/$15 per prescription.   If I can’t I’ll ask you to book an acute appointment.
Fee: £10/$15 per prescription.


Except for exceptional circumstances, your prescription will include links for you to purchase remedies from your most local pharmacy.  In the UK that is usually Helios.  In the USA, usually Source Homeopathy.

Cancellation Policy | Missed Appointment Fee

Cancellation or reschedule for an appointment must be notified at least 2 business days before the scheduled appointment.  Message me or use your Calendly confirmation email cancellation/rescheduling link to cancel or reschedule.
All missed appointments will be charged at full price at our discretion.

Appointments are made in your time zone [be sure your computer is set to your timezone when booking], and business days are Monday through Friday [except for urgent appointments].

Fees can be paid at booking or just before each consultation.
Fees for first consultations should be paid 2 weeks prior to the appointment date.
Fees are due at each consultation unless an installment plan has been discussed.

Payments are taken via bank transfer in the UK … 
pay sally lloyd homeopathy bacs

International transfers via
[No fees for first transfer with this link]

Transferwise offers good rates.  $3 to send amounts up to$350.
Please, be sure to set the receiving currency as GBP, not EUR.

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I am not a medical doctor and cannot make diagnoses.  It’s always wise to see your doctor too for any serious problem.  Once you know what you are dealing with you can choose your treatment mode. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional care when needed.


The fee schedule was last updated March 2018. Prices subject to change without notice. Fees accepted in GBP £ and USD $.