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mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

Homeopathy for Mastitis

There are thousands of great posts on what mastitis is … stacked up there at the top of any google search.  This article is to give you a very effective alternative to antibiotics or living with the pain of mastitis.  Both you and your baby will be keen to avoid the after effects of antibiotic treatment … and homeopathic remedies can give even faster relief without side effects.

mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

If you have a fever, try not to suppress it.  A fever is a healing symptom rather than a sickness symptom and it is going to assist you in healing the infection.

Mastitis is an acute [intense] condition and if it is extreme one can safely take the chosen remedy in 200c, 1 pill hourly for up to 3 doses.
If it is milder, it’s better to take 30c 3 times over the day for 1 or 2 days.
With any homeopathic remedy, you stop AS SOON as you begin to feel better.
You may find warmed cabbage leaves a good naturopathic addition to your self-treatment.  Be sure to get medical attention [homeopath or doctor] if you don’t begin to see improvement pretty soon.

Here’s a handy chart to print out and keep with your babyhood remedy kit.

mastitis sally lloyd homeopathy

Weeping, Endometriosis & Bleeding Between Periods – 3 cases.

Case 1: Caroline – PCOS, Endometriosis & Sadness.

Caroline suffered with PCOS & painful endometriosis, with a long history of uterine complaints. She reported that it was now affecting her mental health … that she was very tearful & exhausted & worse at certain times in her cycle. She was also suffering from sleeplessness & memory problems.
After Pulsatilla, she felt immediately more energetic, positive and calm. This has remained. Her endo & PCOS symptoms have improved and she has since had Sepia to follow the Pulsatilla.
This case is still in progress.
Pulsatilla and sepia are key remedies in hormone imbalance and uterine conditions.

Case 2: Geraldine – Weeping & Continuous Menstrual Bleeding

Geraldine was finding herself weeping often. She was very sad that her son was away at school and she felt unsupported in life. She had continuous menstrual bleeding that was leaving her anaemic and exhausted. 1 dose of Pulsatilla 200c improved her mood remarkably. She was far more able to cope, and the bleeding between periods stopped. She then began a course of spatone to treat her anaemia, along with a tissue salt called Ferrum phos.   Geraldine’s was a classic Pulsatilla case.

Case 3: Kath – Anxiety & Tearfulness.

Kath is the mother of one of my child patients. Her child had a great recovery from anxiety with homeopathy. Kate contacted me in urgency in her own regard, late at night. During interviewing her about her child, I’d already spotted that she would probably need pulsatilla and I was able to recommend she take a dose for the acute state she was suffering with. She had a pleasingly striking response to the remedy.

If you are suffering from hormonal or uterine problems, anxiety or depression, get in touch with me.   I work internationally via video call and face-to-face in Staffordshire, UK.

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endometriosis & pcos

Emily’s Life after Endometriosis & PCOS

It is possible to be free from Endometriosis & PCOS.

Emily suffered from endometriosis and PCOS.
Born 9 weeks premature, she had a LOT of steroids and antibiotic treatment to save her life, but her health was poor. From age 4, she cared for her sick, overbearing father whilst her mother worked multiple jobs.

She came to me, aged 34, for help with panic attacks & emotional problems.
She’d been diagnosed 25-years with severe period pain due to endometriosis & PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).
She’d avoided periods for the last 4 years by becoming pregnant again quickly & her panic attacks and anxiety increased as she neared the point where her periods might return. She felt a strong fear that it would be unmanageable & had a hatred of her period from the start.

Endometriosis & PCOS Link with Deep Emotional Feelings

Emily started her period age 9.  She bled so heavily she would flood, which led to shame in school & in front of her father. She had terrible pain and developed endometrial adhesions in ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel and abdominal cavity, and cysts in both ovaries.

In a follow-up consultation, she recounted her 9-year-old feelings:

“My life is ending!”

I’d spent my childhood caring for my father, and now my childhood was properly over. I hated my period from the start.

Emily’s mother & grandmother entered menopause at 39, showing a family predisposition to hormone imbalance. Emily had testosterone levels 3 times higher than average, very high oestrogen & very low progesterone. She carried the grief of 6 painful miscarriages.

We started with Aconite to address panic attacks & they stopped. She lost her terror of the dark and she felt more connected and energetic. She felt less anxious about her children’s safety and about the future.

Strong feelings of anger and abandonment surfaced.  She gradually began to process her feelings and to feel forgiveness toward her father, who had been aggressive & shaming. She even had pleasant dreams about him.
She had the return of pimples from her teenage years & found she could air things without feeling timid.
During this month she had some ovarian pain and the sensation of a large ‘pop’ as one of her cysts burst. Then the pain was gone. She also had vivid dreams, reviewing events from a previous marriage & felt able to release some of the associated pain and fear. She wept heavily & then felt much stronger.

Her old cystitis returned. It cleared up quickly and the next time we spoke I saw she had moved more solidly into a state that pointed to Magnesium carb.

After Magnesium carb her feeling of abandonment improved markedly & she felt more certain of her children’s safety. Her period returned. The pain was manageable without painkillers, barely ¼ of what it had been. She’d previously been bedridden during periods and in considerable pain for a week either side.
This was the point at which she remembered how periods had been associated with ‘her life ending’.
The improved pain levels indicated that her endometriosis & PCOS were improving but Emily had migraine symptoms with sickness and an intense bearing down sensation. These were old symptoms returning and I gave her Lachesis.

The following month, Emily had the first pain-free period of her life. <3

If you’d like to use homeopathy to resolve endometriosis, period pain, PCOS, panic or emotional issues book with me to discuss treatment.  I treat patients internationally via video call.

book sally lloyd homeopathy

Migraine Treatment Progesterone Link

migraine treatment homeopathy

Migraine treatment is very effectively with homeopathy.

I had a migraine treatment eureka moment whilst reading a post by my friend and colleague Ingefleur Spreij, (specialist in homeopathic fertility treatment).
Ingefleur explains how, during pregnancy progesterone is maintained, first by the body and then by the placenta … and that during your period progesterone levels drop.   What we find in Claire’s migraine treatment case (below)  is that she had a complete break from migraines during her pregnancy (blessed relief!  I’m surprised she doesn’t have 10 children!) … and now her migraines come just during menses.  Keep reading …

Migraine treatment with homeopathy: Claire’s Case

Claire began with migraines at puberty, 31 years ago.  It was the same for her mother and grandmother. Gradually her migraines have built, becoming more frequent and intense.  Without homeopathy she will have another decade of migraines before menopause, when her female family members finally stopped suffering.

By the time Claire came for migraine treatment with me, she was suffering with:

  • Migraines at least twice a week,
  • Sometimes lasting more than a day or two,
  • With frequent, burning vomiting that was damaging her throat,
  • A general malaise in terms of energy and mood.
  • She was struggling to parent her small child.
  • She was struggling to lead a productive life.
  • She was struggling to have a social life.
  • She was pretty miserable.

With her first remedy her mood improved a lot and her migraines temporarily stopped altogether … or so it seemed.  What had happened was that they began to be only related to her menstrual cycle, but still present.  They were at least quartered in number, and less severe.
Since then had another homeopathic remedy, which stopped the vomiting during migraines and made them far less severe.  We have to remember in this case that Claire had had this problem a long time and it had become gradually more severe.  What we see during treatment is her migraines returning in stages to their earlier, less severe character.

Yesterday she had a remedy which will, hopefully, stop the last of the migraines and leave her migraine free.  She won’t have  to wait for the blessed relief of menopause.

I’ll keep you posted on outcomes and I’m sure Claire will  write about her experience with homeopathy for migraine.

Ingefleur’s post:

migraine treatment and progesterone

What’s Causing Children’s Obesity?

Antibiotics Linked to Obesity in Children

Brian S. Schwartz of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was lead author in a study of 164,000 children in Pennsylvania USA.   link

children obesity antibiotics










Schwartz adds that there is growing evidence antibiotics lead to weight gain in humans because of the effect they have on the microorganisms that reside in our bodies (gut bacteria).  “Antibiotics at any age contribute to weight gain,”

Penicillin is used in industrial farming to fatten animals and is another source of antibiotic exposure for humans.
Antibiotic use is limited to emergencies in organic farming and many organic farmers successfully use homeopathy instead.

Homeopathy and Obesity

Homeopathy for obesity is part of holistic treatment.  
Challenging obesity through diet is notoriously problematic as diet is often not the underlying cause of the obesity. Homeopathy can address underlying causes, which can be related to hormonal or microbiological imbalances.  

Obesity is a chronic problem, needing the attention of a professional homeopath.  

Ask for a free 15 minute consultation to see if homeopathy can help with obesity or to avoid repeat antibiotics for your child.




To Mammogram or Not To Mammogram …..

2A47D6C100000578-0-In_recent_years_there_has_been_mounting_controversy_surrounding_-a-7_1436203261230Women may feel nervous not to mammogram, may dread them, may avoid them, may seek alternatives … but few question the efficacy of mammograms.

A recently published Harvard study of 16 million women in the USA concluded that over-diagnosis was high and death rates from breast cancer were not lower in areas with greater levels of screening, indicating that screening had no significant benefits but might lead to unnecessary interventions & treatment.

The Swiss Medical Board, in 2014, recommended that the country’s mammography screening programme for breast cancer be suspended because it leads to too many unnecessary interventions.

A report in the British Medical Journal said:

the board said that while systematic mammography screening for breast cancer saved 1-2 women’s lives for every 1000 screened, it led to unnecessary investigations and treatment for around 100 women in every 1000.  link

Check out the facts and figures before you elect for routine mammography.  Decide if your family history means that the odds make screening more useful.

There are other methods of breast screening that are less invasive and don’t have associated radiation risks (such as Thermography), but they still have the attendant risks of under and over-diagnosis and unnecessary interventions.

Explore Life style factors (NHS UK)
Check your Contraceptive Pill:  Ensure you use a low estrogen pill.   Most are low estrogen now, as a matter of course.


How Mammograms Improve Survival But Not Mortality

Here is an exploration of research into homeopathy & cancer.   Homeopathic remedies are also used for palliative care with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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