Homeopathy for Mastitis

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter There are thousands of great posts on what mastitis is … stacked up there at the top of any google search.  This article is to give you a very effective alternative to antibiotics or living with the pain of mastitis.  Both you and your baby will be keen to avoid the after effects of antibiotic treatment

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Weeping, Endometriosis & Bleeding Between Periods – 3 cases.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Case 1: Caroline – PCOS, Endometriosis & Sadness. Caroline suffered with PCOS & painful endometriosis, with a long history of uterine complaints. She reported that it was now affecting her mental health … that she was very tearful & exhausted & worse at certain times in her cycle. She was also suffering from sleeplessness & memory

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Emily’s Life after Endometriosis & PCOS

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter It is possible to be free from Endometriosis & PCOS. Emily suffered from endometriosis and PCOS. Born 9 weeks premature, she had a LOT of steroids and antibiotic treatment to save her life, but her health was poor. From age 4, she cared for her sick, overbearing father whilst her mother worked multiple jobs. She came

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Migraine Treatment Progesterone Link

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Migraine treatment is very effectively with homeopathy. I had a migraine treatment eureka moment whilst reading a post by my friend and colleague Ingefleur Spreij, (specialist in homeopathic fertility treatment). Ingefleur explains how, during pregnancy progesterone is maintained, first by the body and then by the placenta … and that during your period progesterone levels drop.  

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What’s Causing Children’s Obesity?

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Antibiotics Linked to Obesity in Children Brian S. Schwartz of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was lead author in a study of 164,000 children in Pennsylvania USA.   link                   Schwartz adds that there is growing evidence antibiotics lead to weight gain in humans because of the effect they

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To Mammogram or Not To Mammogram …..

A recently published Harvard study of 16 million women in the USA concluded that over-diagnosis was high and death rates from breast cancer were not lower in areas with greater levels of screening, indicating that screening had no significant benefits but might lead to unnecessary interventions & treatment.