Homeopathy for Mastitis

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter There are thousands of great posts on what mastitis is … stacked up there at the top of any google search.  This article is to give you a very effective alternative to antibiotics or living with the pain of mastitis.  Both you and your baby will be keen to avoid the after effects of antibiotic treatment

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Highlights from Practice: Week beginning 27th March 2017

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Highlights.  Over the weekend I had one small girl with impetigo and an ear infection who couldn’t get her remedies locally [definitely going to get a Helios 36 remedy first aid kit] and had to start antibiotics by Sunday … Remedy [Mercury] received Tuesday and after taking it she fell into a long, healing sleep. I’m

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Highlights from Practice: March 18th 2017

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter It was nice to have my dh home again and fit in lots of dog walks and garden work over the weekend 🙂  This week I’ve also taken to running a mile before work [literally, not figuratively!] We had a great, long discussion about adrenal fatigue [causes and solutions] in my private facebook patient support group

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Highlights from Practice this Week: March 9th 2017

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Highlights of the week: 1. An anxious 10 year old girl who could swallow nothing but small quantities of smooth soup for fear of choking (after seeing her sister choke a while back) is able to eat after 1 dose of Phos 10m, and has been able to go to the corner shop & a short

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“Can I Treat It Myself?” Acute & Chronic Diseases

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Level 1: Acute Illnesses/Minor Injuries self limiting and self-treatable. Minor injuries, viral illnesses & bacterial infections. Caused by an external force, forcing a reaction from your body. Treating these with homeopathy is supportive to the body, and relatively simple. You can often do this yourself with a bit of research. Buy a good homeopathic first aid kit. Check

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About Homeopathy

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Holistically: Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, treating the whole person. Rebalancing: Its aim is to rebalance the whole individual, treating all symptoms, rather than to rid the individual of single symptoms by suppression of those symptoms. Your defences: Symptoms are produced by the body’s defence mechanism in reaction to attacks or to imbalances: that are inherited

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Best Health System in the World …

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter The World Health Organisation rated France the rank of 1st for its health system. The USA came 37th. In the USA the third greatest cause of death is death by medical care, totalling 1/4 million deaths per year. All about “Big Pharma”:   Big Pharma appears less interested in the health of the American public than it is

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Homeopathy Works! Homeopathic Cure 10 x Greater than Placebo.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter “Homeopathy really does work and doctors should recognise its healing effects” Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS. Dr Reilly said this was the fourth trial carried out by his hospital, all with similar results. In addition, there were positive findings in 70 per

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Homeopathy Thrives Worldwide

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Homeopathy is thriving in different parts of the world:  http://guidingsymptoms.com/homeopathy-use-world-wide/ Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter

Homeopathy Helped Me … Mexican Wave :-)

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Inspired by Mary English’s facebook post I have created my own. Here is Mary’s:   And mine: Quite simply the ‘why’ behind why I became a homeopath.  🙂 Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter