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Helen recovered from autoimmune hypothyroidism and asthma with homeopathy

Hypothyroidism & Adrenal Fatigue

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In this post: 

  • What causes Adrenal Fatigue?
  • How does adrenal fatigue lead to hypothyroidism and fertility problems?
  • How do I heal my adrenal system [simply, painlessly, effectively]?
  • Case Study: Helen: Hypothyroidism & Asthma.

Adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances can lead to hypothyroidism & lost ovulation & have a lot to do with CHRONIC STRESS.

Chronic stress slowly erodes health.

During chronic stress, the adrenal glands increase production of cortisol – a healing hormone.  Your adrenal glands should also be busy producing other important hormones such as — DHEA, aldosterone, testosterone, oestrogens, and progesterone … but under chronic stress they are not.

All these crucial hormones are made from one ‘grandmother’ hormone PREGNENOLONE.

Constant, high levels of stress cause the adrenal glands to work overtime producing cortisol:

  • In the daytime – you’re antsy yet exhausted,
  • During the night shift –  you’re sleep is poor,
  • At the weekends & during holidays – you can’t switch off and relax.

All the while, grandmother pregnenolone is stolen, busy turning into cortisol at the expense of thyroid hormones and reproductive hormones (among others).  This is known as PREGNENOLONE STEAL.

There’s more than one type of ‘stress’

Lifestyle ‘Stress’ Factors

  • Inadequate diet,
  • inadequate exercise,
  • insufficient sleep,
  • lack of relaxation, &
  • suppressed emotional stress.

Other common sources of chronic stress

  • food sensitivities,
  • pathogen infections,
  • heavy metals,
  • environmental toxins,
  • radiation exposure,
  • and regular use of prescription drugs.

Homeopathic treatment can redress most of these chronic stress causes, leading to balanced hormone production, fewer infections, fewer prescription drugs and greater emotional wellbeing. book appointment sally lloyd homeopathyFree 15 minute consultation 

Homeopathy for Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism and Chronic Stress Factors

Helen’s Case: Autoimmune Hypothyroidism.

Without continuous thyroid hormone supplements Helen was practically paralysed & unable to speak.  With meds she still felt far from good: very chilly, tired & suffered from ‘mind fog’.  She had a poor appetite. She was not ovulating & her cycle was overly long, with scanty bleeding.  At 30 she had the cycles of a woman entering menopause.

Because of the side effects from the thyroid replacement hormones she had been prescribed, Helen was buying expensive natural desiccated thyroxin (NDT) from abroad. Although she has a family history of autoimmune hypothyroidism (Grandmother, mother & sister) & had been diagnosed with it, she suspected that she suffered from hormone disruption due to adrenal fatigue.

Within a month of starting homeopathic treatment Helen was seeing clear improvements. She had to reduce her NDT dose.  She was beginning to experience symptoms of high thyroid with the supplement!  She began to feel greater energy, more clarity & an improvement in her motivation & appetite.  She began to have ‘real’ periods & to ovulate!

In the process of treatment Helen’s childhood asthma returned. I’d told her this would likely happen, looking at her medical history, and that it would be temporary. Her body would begin to work through old, suppressed conditions on its way to recovery.  She had Ventolin to hand.  (*Ventolin is not a suppressive medication but should be used only if really necessary.  There is some evidence that continued use causes small lacerations within the lung tissue and can lead to more attacks as a result.)

Helen experienced asthma for at most 2 months and is now free from it.
She is very well, able to work & her mood is greatly improved.   Her hormonal balance is good and she is less inclined to overwork then crash and burn!

Now we work together periodically to keep her immune system strong and to avoid the stress issues, antibiotics and steroid medicines that likely triggered her predisposition to thyroid disease

hypothyroidism adrenal fatigue
adrenal fatigue hypothyroidism

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Childhood Diseases Protect From Cancer

fever-cancer childhood diseases

Increase in cancer cases as a consequence of eliminating febrile infectious diseases

Use of antibiotics, antipyretics, antihistamines & decongestants increases cancer risk. Click To Tweet


“It seems that the more acute infections with high fever, including those in adulthood, the smaller the risk of cancer.  The use of antibiotics, antipyretics – i.e. paracetamol and aspirin – , antihistamines and even decongestants (nose sprays) increases the risk of cancer.” link


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Fevers Are Good! Natural treatment for Small People 🙂


To Mammogram or Not To Mammogram …..

2A47D6C100000578-0-In_recent_years_there_has_been_mounting_controversy_surrounding_-a-7_1436203261230Women may feel nervous not to mammogram, may dread them, may avoid them, may seek alternatives … but few question the efficacy of mammograms.

A recently published Harvard study of 16 million women in the USA concluded that over-diagnosis was high and death rates from breast cancer were not lower in areas with greater levels of screening, indicating that screening had no significant benefits but might lead to unnecessary interventions & treatment.

The Swiss Medical Board, in 2014, recommended that the country’s mammography screening programme for breast cancer be suspended because it leads to too many unnecessary interventions.

A report in the British Medical Journal said:

the board said that while systematic mammography screening for breast cancer saved 1-2 women’s lives for every 1000 screened, it led to unnecessary investigations and treatment for around 100 women in every 1000.  link

Check out the facts and figures before you elect for routine mammography.  Decide if your family history means that the odds make screening more useful.

There are other methods of breast screening that are less invasive and don’t have associated radiation risks (such as Thermography), but they still have the attendant risks of under and over-diagnosis and unnecessary interventions.

Explore Life style factors (NHS UK)
Check your Contraceptive Pill:  Ensure you use a low estrogen pill.   Most are low estrogen now, as a matter of course.


How Mammograms Improve Survival But Not Mortality

Here is an exploration of research into homeopathy & cancer.   Homeopathic remedies are also used for palliative care with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

anxiety, adhd, adrenal fatigue treatment

Fevers Are Good! Natural treatment for Small People :-)


Homeopathy: safe and gentle health solutions for your small people. Click To Tweet

Homeopathy: safe and gentle health solutions for your small people.


Is Calpol causing asthma?
There is research that indicates use of Calpol (paracetamol) is significantly related to much higher rates of asthma in children*1.

The Dangers of Fevers?
Fever has its uses. The body creates a higher set point to raise the temperature until it reaches a temperature that can kill invading microbes. The NHS advise “If your child isn’t distressed by the fever or underlying illness, there’s no need to use antipyretics to reduce a fever.” and “Sponging your child with cool water isn’t recommended to reduce a fever.”…/feverchildren/Pages/Introduction.aspx

I’ve always used homeopathic remedies for fever.  Fevers are a sign of an activated immune system. You can find homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios online.  They will advise on the right remedy and send it the next day. It’s a great idea to have a first aid kit if you are going to use homeopathic first aid alternatives. Again, the pharmacies can advise on that.  (* be sure to use NHS or other services to check for conditions that require immediate emergency supervision at A&E or ER). 

If you need information in the middle of the night you can refer to my fever chart for remedy suggestions (unless you are a current patient of mine … then you can make night calls in urgent cases).  Find the remedy that fits as closely as possible and give in 200c potency if you can get it, a couple of times 20 mins apart.  If you see improvement stop immediately.  If you only have 30c, repeat the dose more times, with 20 minute intervals.  


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 21.28.19

  • if nothing seems to fit or work, try ferrum phos.

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*1.  If you google ‘calpol & asthma’ you’ll get that there is some research out there which shows a correlation and they are not sure yet whether calpol causes higher rates of asthma or whether there is another kind of non-causal relationship between calpol and asthma.







Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes

Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes

“Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes” link

Homeopaths recognise the effects of ancestors’ traumas and their acute infectious diseases in later generations.

As the above article says:

The idea is controversial, as scientific convention states that genes contained in DNA are the only way to transmit biological information between generations. However, our genes are modified by the environment all the time, through chemical tags that attach themselves to our DNA, switching genes on and off. Recent studies suggest that some of these tags might somehow be passed through generations, meaning our environment could have an impact on our children’s health.

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