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steroid side effects

Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics

I’m actually considering calling this post “Killing Me Softly”.  It’s principally about steroid side effects, but I’m not drawing attention to just these drugs.

[credit: bestgamewallpapers] [This post first published at steemit.]

Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics.

I visualize our immune system like a series of defensive concentric walls set up around a citadel:

The Citadel:
Our immune system will prioritize the protection of our mind and brain [‘the citadel’] above all else.  Throughout human history we’d die rapidly without our sanity to assist us in recognizing danger, keeping safe and finding the resources we need to survive.

The City Walls:
Next, our immune system prioritizes the protection of the singular organs.  We don’t have a spare heart or liver etc.

After this, we are down to the areas of the body or double organs that can be compromised to some extent and for some time without instant death. We can limp along with a part of these systems working, or one of these duplicated organs.

Penultimately, we are down to the joints & muscles.  Death will come slower [nowadays not really at all] with a joint or muscular problem.  It has to get pretty severe.

Finally, A skin problem like eczema or mucous membrane problem isn’t really going to impede your survival much at all [survival, not comfort is your body’s priority!]  You may succumb to infection but it is likely your immune system is pretty strong if you can keep your ill health at the skin level and protect the deeper organs and inner citadel.  You’ll burn a fever and fight an infection.


Your body is always using its UTMOST resources to push the imbalance out to the furthest point from the inner citadel.  As it is weakened, the defenses fall and the immune system is forced to allow more disorder to enter the higher organs and the mental and emotional spheres.


Steroid Side Effects:
Many Medicines Help You Lose the Fight.

Read the side effects of steroid meds [indeed any meds].  You’ll get some idea of the kinds of conditions you can lapse into.
Your predispositions dictate what you’ll get from that list of side effects.
That’s why a drug doesn’t always cause the same problem in everyone.

People have different predispositions to problems in different systems and organs when their symptoms are suppressed with steroids. Your family medical history can give you hints as to what to expect, and if you have a family predisposition to mental health problems we know that your walls tumble fast.

Side effects are signs you are losing the fight.  Sometimes they last and sometimes you are strong enough to detox and throw them off.

Let me tell you a story …


Maybe you got an eczema eruption at 2 months like the boy I talk about in this case [shortly after vaccinations is the most common time]. You use some steroid creams and some more vaccinations are scheduled and ear infections or tonsillitis start.   You continue your hydrocortisone cream, have a few courses of antibiotics and gradually your eczema improves.

Now you see that your colds start to involve some sinus or chest troubles.  Maybe bronchitis troubles you some [more antibiotics] and you’ve got some tenacious catarrh.  You get some ear tubes fitted.  You are also diagnosed with asthma [you’ve likely reached about age 5 by now, depends on how quickly your walls fall].  [Very common pattern in vaccinated children!]

Now you have increasingly unmanageable asthma [but your eczema is ‘cured’ or you have ‘grown out of it’].  It can get impossibly hard for people to manage this level of asthma without steroids [never withdraw them at this stage unless your doctor advises it] … so you get more steroids [inhaled and/or syrup].  You still get infections on your chest and need more antibiotics.
Gradually, with the steroids and antibiotics, your infections stop. You ‘grew out of them’.

If you successfully control asthma with these steroid meds you’ll likely begin to develop behaviour problems like aggression and/or anxiety.  Progressively, with continued steroid treatment, you may descend into ADD, ADHD, ASD and even levels of psychosis [psychosis is one of the side effects noted with steroid meds]. Gradually you’ve been gathering little hints of these mental health problems, and now you are truly at diagnosis point.  The likelihood is you are otherwise pretty ‘well’ nowadays. You no longer get repeat infections and you’ve not had a fever for some time, maybe years since you were 5 or 6.
School is getting pretty tough and you are gonna need your diagnosis to get the support you need.

steroid side effects

Psychiatric side effects of Prednisolone.


When a homeopath listens to your history and hears these events in order, they can track the stages at which your immune system lost stages of the battle and the crucial events that breached your defenses.    This is my first job when I meet you, to track these events and stages and give you an assessment of your level of health and a prognosis for recovery.

When we treat these mental health problems with homeopathy asthma resurfaces. That’s proof that it was never ‘cured’ or ‘grown out of’.  It was just SUPERSEDED by a deeper illness.  Allopathic medicine generally works this way, by replacing one disease with a deeper disease.

The modern child’s development and life outcomes are frequently severely compromised by these medical interventions.

Homeopathy can offer a fairly rapid cure for eczema in the first place.
Curing the results of suppression is a long-term undertaking.

Homeopathy needs to be integrated into general medical practice if we are not going to see the battle lost in most people’s lives.  Each generation is being born with more predispositions and weaker immunity.
I think we are looking at the health equivalent of ‘Peak Oil’ or global warming.

It’s unlikely homeopathy will be integrated, in part because none of us understand how it works [that doesn’t stop the medical folk!] and it is a big threat to Big Pharma’s shareholders.
Your personal option is to opt out of the conventional health system as far as you can.  Keep your family healthy and improve their health with homeopathic treatment.  Make it a priority.

alternative to antibiotics

One of the most important advances in modern medicine …

One of the most important advances in modern medicine …
Would you seriously consider messing with antibiotics if you knew this?

“10 Things You Need To Know About Your Microbiome”

in this article, Dr. Raphael Kellman spells it out:

“Humans evolved in a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome, which is why our bodies depend on our bacteria for so many basic biological processes. Friendly bacteria digest our food, govern our appetite, control our metabolism, orchestrate our immune system, influence our mood, promote mental sharpness, determine heart health, support bone development, produce crucial vitamins and other nutrients, manufacture natural antibiotics, and even help to determine our genetic expression!”  link [10 Things You need to Know about your Microbiome]

Antibiotics are a wide-ranging & unpredictable assault on your health:

“What choice do I have?”

It’s quite simple.  Homeopathy has been effectively treating infections for 200 years, without side effects, without creating imbalances that have wide ranging ramifications.

Homeopathy matched the effectiveness of  conventional treatment for ear infection in this study from 8 countries, without producing side effects.

If you have a child prone to ear infections, tonsillitis, etc, contact me for rapid, safe treatment.

 What’s more, it is inevitable that antibiotics will run out: 


“With every attempt to kill them, some bacteria inevitably escape, unscathed, either because they managed to develop the ability to neutralize or incapacitate the antibiotic before it could take effect, or by mutating their genetic material. This resistance is then passed on to successive generations, sometimes even between different species of bacteria. In the worst case scenario this can lead to multi-resistant strains such as the dreaded and often untreatable methicillin–resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which, previously seen only in hospital settings, has now spread into the wider community.” link

Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO, warns that bacteria are starting to become so resistant to common antibiotics that it could bring about “the end of modern medicine as we know it.”  Every antibiotic ever developed is at risk of becoming useless, making once-routine operations impossible.  This would include many of the breakthrough drugs developed to treat tuberculosis, malaria, bacterial infections and HIV/AIDS, as well as simple treatments for cuts. link


How homeopathy works:

recovery after surgery

Recovery After Surgery

Scheduled surgery can be unavoidable, even for people with additional health problems and risk factors, like my 3 year old patient Ida, now in recovery after surgery for a double hernia.
Advancements in surgery mean that more can be done with key hole techniques and the strain on small children and frail adults is reduced in a wonderful way. However, Ida has a shunt that empties close to where keyhole surgery would have to be done, so she didn’t have this option.

As a homeopath I’m asked by patients and their families to help with recovery after surgery.    If you’d like support with recovery after surgery, contact me on 07544812470 in the UK.  Support can be offered worldwide via skype.   Meanwhile, read Ida’s story below:

Yesterday, I was on call for Ida, after she came out of surgery and over night.
She has additional challenges:

  • She was born with an encephalocele (part of her brain formed outside of her skull.)
  • She has hydrocephalus (water accumulates in her brain).
  • She has a shunt to drain fluid from her brain, which has to be carefully monitored for blockage and/or infection.
  • She suffers with epilepsy, which can sometimes be severe.
  • She has a tendency to seizures when her temperature rises.

She is joyous each time we skype consult and I’ve witnessed her learning to walk and talk, and even learning to pronounce my name “Sally!” (Not a small fete!) … whilst treating her for whooping cough and fevers, worms and her general health problems.
She is a mini miracle & is hitting mile stones her parents were warned she'd likely never hit. She is continuing to defy all the odds. Click To Tweet
Read on to find out how we helped her recovery after surgery.


Homeopathy for Ida’s recovery after surgery

The Recovery After Surgery Kit:

The following are useful points to remember:

  • Before surgery
  1. Arnica shouldn’t be used before surgery.  It clears bruising because it thins the blood.  During surgery it is best to not have thinned blood.
  2. I recommended aconite or rescue remedy for Ida’s family, to help with nerves and fear about the surgery.  (If the patient is fearful both are useful too).
  3. We ensured they had a Recovery After Surgery kit.  (Listed below).
  • After surgery
  1. Arnica can be used to clear bruising faster after surgery … but don’t overdo it.  Use 30c to 200c over the next few days 3 times max during the day.
  2. Mag phos is a good pain killer after surgery.  Ida had repeat doses in water in a 200c potency once her epidural wore off.  Be sure you have your homeopath available for close communication and on call for night time queries if you are using homeopathy for pain after surgery.
  3. In their kit her parents also had hypericum: good for pain, particularly in damage to nerve rich areas … and very important for speeding up healing.
  4. Staphysagria: is for pain after surgery and can be useful for immediate pain relief, but should particularly be kept in mind if the incision scars continue to hurt after healing and if the patient feels invaded by the procedure.
  5. Calendula: is great insurance against infection and indispensable in healing hot, red inflammation after surgery.  I saw it work miracles in a patient’s knee-replacement recently!  Her swollen knee halved in size and the redness and heat were gone over night.
  6. Opium: this is a remedy we have in the kit to deal with the after effects of anaesthesia if there are any.  We’ve not had to use it for Ida so far but will have it in reserve.

Today she is home.  She has had a dose of calpol this morning, but otherwise her pain relief has been managed with mag phos.  She’s just had a dose of both hypericum and calendula 200c today (spaced 1 hour apart) as insurance against infection and to speed healing.

I saw a picture of her grinning out of a kiddy car in her garden today.  Pretty impressive recovery!

recovery after surgery

Name and image changed to maintain anonymity

treating children's anxiety naturally

About Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, treating the whole person.


Its aim is to rebalance the whole individual, treating all symptoms, rather than to rid the individual of single symptoms by suppression of those symptoms.

Your defences:

Symptoms are produced by the body’s defence mechanism in reaction to attacks or to imbalances:

  • that are inherited
  • which may surface under stress,
  • which may surface as you age or
  • as a result of suppressive medicines.


Assisting your defence mechanism:

Under stress and over time, your defence mechanism doesn’t always have the energy and orderliness to deal with the effects of attacks or inherited predispositions.
It will try to externalise them, prioritising the higher, essential organs and the higher processes (such as mental health) and pushing disease toward less essential systems and organs … the skin, for example.
Suppressive therapies that rid the body of skin symptoms, for example, do so by overpowering the body and forcing it to drop back its defences to a more internal level.
Often these suppressive effects are seen as ‘side effects’ of medicines.  Actually they are the triggering of deeper predispositions when the body’s defences have been overpowered.

Homeopathy works by boosting the efforts of the defence mechanism, thus you will probably see a slight increase in your symptoms when you start treatment with a correct remedy, followed by amelioration.  The time this process takes will depending upon your level of health & your body’s energy.  If you suffer from deep, chronic problems you may need a number of remedies before your body is able to show a noticeable response and amelioration of symptoms.  Persevere!

During effective homeopathic treatment we look for temporary return of old, suppressed conditions on the way toward rebalancing of the whole person (“cure”).
We look for mental and emotional problems to resolve first, whilst physical symptoms may temporarily worsen during the process.
This is the body effectively pushing the imbalance to the periphery.

During recovery you should begin to feel your energy improving, and to feel ‘better’ in yourself.

More about Homeopathy & the campaign to make it more available on the NHS in the UK:

homeopathy geraghty

GP Homeopaths Speak Out: Part 1


homeopathy geraghty




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About Homeopathy

NEWS! How Homeopathy Works.

Intensive Care: Using Homeopathy*




Best Health System in the World …

The World Health Organisation rated France the rank of 1st for its health system.
The USA came 37th.

In the USA the third greatest cause of death is death by medical care, totalling 1/4 million deaths per year.

All about “Big Pharma”:



Big Pharma appears less interested in the health of the American public than it is in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders. And because Big Pharma’s influence is so extensive, and self-interest is the motive of its giant network, the well-being of society may be in serious jeopardy. source 

The USA also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world.

NEWS! How Homeopathy Works.


how homeopathy works

 How Homeopathy Works …



Death by Medicine

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.07.20

doctors are often operating in the dark …

“well below half” of the procedures doctors perform and the decisions they make about surgeries, drugs, and tests have been adequately investigated and shown to be effective. The rest are based on a combination of guesswork, theory, and tradition, with a strong dose of marketing by drug and device companies. link

 Make the change to …

Safe, Cheap Medicine.

  • Homeopathy seeks to replace drugs that have severe side effects.
  • It aims to cure, not suppress symptoms.
  • It works toward decreasing a patient’s dependency on drugs.
  • Homeopathic medications are a cheap solution for health systems struggling with crippling drug expenses.
  • Homeopathy doesn’t seek to replace health systems.
  • It cannot replace surgery for injuries and cannot offer life support.
  • Homeopaths recognise conventional medications can be life saving, ie Salbuterol inhalers for acute attacks of asthma (though not without their own concerns).

Deaths and Injuries by Conventional Medicine

Iatrogenic deaths run at 1/4 million deaths per year in the USA, making them the 3rd most common cause of death: 

Iatrogenic disease = 3 largest cause of death in the USA

Iatrogenic disease = #3 cause of death in the USA.  Click to read article.

I suspect we can all name people in our families and extended families who have suffered iatrogenic injury, illness or death.

The surprising thing is the number of deaths and injuries we are prepared to tolerate in order to continue supporting ‘conventional medicine’ as the main medical paradigm, in its current form.

How Homeopathy works:

  • A substance that in large doses will cause the symptoms of a disease, can be used in minute doses to relieve the same symptoms,
  • that a substance that will produce very similar symptoms will cure that disease.
  • This is familiar in conventional medicine:
    • the use of cowpox inoculation to treat smallpox.
    • modern medications like Ritalin (which is capable of producing side effects that look a lot like the ADHD it is used to treat).

Homeopathy is:

an approach that utilizes medicines that stimulate the body’s own immune and defense system to initiate the healing process [& it recognises] symptoms are actually efforts of the organism to deal with stress or infection.   link

ie, we raise a fever in response to an infection.  We know this.

Homeopathy is a fact, not a theory.

KEY points:

  1. Homeopathy is a discovery, not a hypothesis, a theory or an invention.
  2. It is a system of medicine developed through observation of what cures, observation of natural laws.
  3. It operates within a set of natural laws, and, as such, is ‘scientific’

Homeopathy is not a new discovery:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.33.57

The idea of a schism of two distinctly opposed and separate medical methods is not an accurate one:

  • Homeopathy is integrated into many state health systems worldwide link.
  • It is Europe’s #1 Alternative for Doctors.
  • ie,”60 percent of [Scottish] doctors’ surgeries prescribe homeopathic or herbal remedies” link.
  • About 20 per cent of doctors in Scotland have basic homeopathic training compared with one per cent 15 years ago. link
  • Doctors such as Constantine Hering were converted to homeopathy whilst trying to debunk it.
  • George Vithoulkas trains many medical doctors in homeopathy every year:

Every year, during the summer months, groups of doctors from various countries gather to be trained at the Academy. They come from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, Austria, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Greece etc.
12.000 medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners from 33 countries have been trained in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


Doctors are not necessarily averse to or sceptical of homeopathy:

“according to an article in the British Medical Journal, 42% of British physicians surveyed refer patients to homeopathic physicians. [1]. Another survey of British physicians discovered that 80% of recent graduates wanted training in either homeopathy, acupuncture, or hypnosis. [2]” 


History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was developed initially by (Dr and chemist) Samuel Hahnemann, who recognised that cinchona bark, successfully used to treat malarial fevers, had the ability to produce symptoms very like malarial fever.    He was familiar with the ideas of Hippocrates and others.  He recognised that some medicines used in high doses, cured the original disease, but created dangerous side effects. He began to experiment with how low a dose he could use to achieve cure (ie, in the use of mercury, etc).  He also began to test (in himself and volunteers) many substances to see which symptoms they could produce (temporarily) in healthy people and if they would then cure the same symptoms in the sick.


Conventional medicine’s reliance on drugs that are often unproven and have to be taken continually to suppress symptoms or bear no relationship to the symptoms of the illness at all, has hardly proven successful in curing.  Ill health abounds, Effectiveness gaps are plentiful and, as we saw above, there is usually an undesirable payback to conventional drugs.
Homeopathy was developed to overcome these problems.  It has the capacity to do so.  One of its obvious places is within the medical system as an integrated service. This would give patients the choice of treatment without side effects and would give doctors the opportunity to effectively treat patients with disorders that cannot currently be treated or cured.

I help people treat all conditions, but specialise in ANXIETY, ASD, ADHD & ADRENAL FATIGUE.
Find out how homeopathy may help your health problem. 

*1. Richard Wharton and George Lewith, “Complementary Medicine and the General Practitioner,” British Medicine Journal, 292, June 7, 1986, 1498-1500.
*2. David Taylor Reilly, “Young Doctors’ Views on Alternative Medicine,” British Medical Journal, 287, July 30, 1983, 337-339.

Randomised controlled trial of homoeopathy versus placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis with overview of four trial series

Homeopathy Works! Homeopathic Cure 10 x Greater than Placebo.

“Homeopathy really does work and doctors should recognise its healing effects”


Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS.

Dr Reilly said this was the fourth trial carried out by his hospital, all with similar results. In addition, there were positive findings in 70 per cent of a further 180 clinical trials.

About 20 per cent of doctors in Scotland have basic homeopathic training compared with one per cent 15 years ago.
Report quoted above.

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Congratulations to Chinese chemist Tu Youyou who won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine this week for her trailblazing research on malaria!  see more

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Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 00.26.53

In this video, Andrew Ward tells how his clinic within a doctor’s practice (15 years) paid for itself & saved patients from operations or from suffering from complaints not effectively treated by conventional medicine.

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