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drug withdrawal symptoms

Natural Relief for Drug Withdrawal Symptoms.

This post is a response to a question about drug withdrawal symptoms sent during a live Q&A session in our support group “Treating Children’s Anxiety Naturally”.

How can homeopathy help people cope with withdrawal from psychotropic medications?

Drug withdrawal symptoms can often look just like the symptoms you started the drug for.  It’s worth researching the withdrawal symptoms carefully if you are coming off a med and then you know what you need to look for.  They are temporary but can be difficult to live through, meaning that people often return to the drugs they are trying to withdraw.

Our first action is to deal with the problem the drug was prescribed for, helping the person with that problem and then helping them withdraw psychotropic drugs with the cooperation of their conventional prescriber.

Safety first.  It’s a great idea to have supervision from the conventional prescriber, who has a set up to catch you if you fall.  We want to get you through the process safely.

Testimonial: Coming off Meds for Long-Term Depression

What I do as a homeopath:

1.  I consult with the patient to find the symptoms that occurred originally that necessitated the prescription of a psychotropic drug.  Most people have little trouble remembering them as they were usually strong and memorable and people usually forget to take meds at some point and have a relapse.  Also, sometimes some or all of the symptoms remained despite the psychotropic drug.
I need to distinguish and exclude the symptoms that are side effects of the med.
Then I give the needed homeopathic remedy to the patient and monitor the changes.  Usually, we see that the patient comes to gradually need a lower dose of the med and their conventional prescriber will recognise this and begin to lower the dose.   Sometimes this is not obvious and the patient might propose to their prescriber a lowering of the dose as a trial.

2.  When the dose is lowered enough that the patient decides they want to stop the psychotropic med [or decides with the collaboration of their prescriber that they will trial coming off] we review the withdrawal symptoms of the drug and keep a note of what to look out for.  At this point, we might repeat the remedy we used originally if needed to help with any withdrawal symptoms.  We might need a different remedy for the symptoms.

3. The next stage after the withdrawal symptoms settle and the patient feels stable is to homeopathically detox the remaining side-effects of the psychotropic medication.  This can be done with the medication itself in homeopathic form.  This can often bring good improvements not just with obvious side-effects but with overall feeling of being more ‘well’.    If there were medications that are thought to have contributed to the mental health problem in the first place [medications such as steroids can have side effects such as psychosis for example] these medications can also be detoxed and would usually be detoxed first and foremost.

4.  The 4th stage is to work with the patient to further raise their level of health.  Often, old symptoms or problems return.  They were not resolved but more overtaken by a deeper illness.  When we see old symptoms coming back we know that the patient is at an earlier, higher stage of health.  The intention is to work with these symptoms with remedies until we raise the level of health to a point high enough that they can weather traumas without relapsing.

I have also used this method to help people overcome withdrawal for recreational drugs.  One case was a baby born addicted due to exposure in utero.  Another was the side effects of cannabis use.

I hope this has been a useful explanation.
If you need help with drug withdrawal symptoms or a mental health problem my 15 min free call is the best way to discuss this with me.

steroid side effects

Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics

I’m actually considering calling this post “Killing Me Softly”.  It’s principally about steroid side effects, but I’m not drawing attention to just these drugs.

[credit: bestgamewallpapers] [This post first published at steemit.]

Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics.

I visualize our immune system like a series of defensive concentric walls set up around a citadel:

The Citadel:
Our immune system will prioritize the protection of our mind and brain [‘the citadel’] above all else.  Throughout human history we’d die rapidly without our sanity to assist us in recognizing danger, keeping safe and finding the resources we need to survive.

The City Walls:
Next, our immune system prioritizes the protection of the singular organs.  We don’t have a spare heart or liver etc.

After this, we are down to the areas of the body or double organs that can be compromised to some extent and for some time without instant death. We can limp along with a part of these systems working, or one of these duplicated organs.

Penultimately, we are down to the joints & muscles.  Death will come slower [nowadays not really at all] with a joint or muscular problem.  It has to get pretty severe.

Finally, A skin problem like eczema or mucous membrane problem isn’t really going to impede your survival much at all [survival, not comfort is your body’s priority!]  You may succumb to infection but it is likely your immune system is pretty strong if you can keep your ill health at the skin level and protect the deeper organs and inner citadel.  You’ll burn a fever and fight an infection.


Your body is always using its UTMOST resources to push the imbalance out to the furthest point from the inner citadel.  As it is weakened, the defenses fall and the immune system is forced to allow more disorder to enter the higher organs and the mental and emotional spheres.


Steroid Side Effects:
Many Medicines Help You Lose the Fight.

Read the side effects of steroid meds [indeed any meds].  You’ll get some idea of the kinds of conditions you can lapse into.
Your predispositions dictate what you’ll get from that list of side effects.
That’s why a drug doesn’t always cause the same problem in everyone.

People have different predispositions to problems in different systems and organs when their symptoms are suppressed with steroids. Your family medical history can give you hints as to what to expect, and if you have a family predisposition to mental health problems we know that your walls tumble fast.

Side effects are signs you are losing the fight.  Sometimes they last and sometimes you are strong enough to detox and throw them off.

Let me tell you a story …


Maybe you got an eczema eruption at 2 months like the boy I talk about in this case [shortly after vaccinations is the most common time]. You use some steroid creams and some more vaccinations are scheduled and ear infections or tonsillitis start.   You continue your hydrocortisone cream, have a few courses of antibiotics and gradually your eczema improves.

Now you see that your colds start to involve some sinus or chest troubles.  Maybe bronchitis troubles you some [more antibiotics] and you’ve got some tenacious catarrh.  You get some ear tubes fitted.  You are also diagnosed with asthma [you’ve likely reached about age 5 by now, depends on how quickly your walls fall].  [Very common pattern in vaccinated children!]

Now you have increasingly unmanageable asthma [but your eczema is ‘cured’ or you have ‘grown out of it’].  It can get impossibly hard for people to manage this level of asthma without steroids [never withdraw them at this stage unless your doctor advises it] … so you get more steroids [inhaled and/or syrup].  You still get infections on your chest and need more antibiotics.
Gradually, with the steroids and antibiotics, your infections stop. You ‘grew out of them’.

If you successfully control asthma with these steroid meds you’ll likely begin to develop behaviour problems like aggression and/or anxiety.  Progressively, with continued steroid treatment, you may descend into ADD, ADHD, ASD and even levels of psychosis [psychosis is one of the side effects noted with steroid meds]. Gradually you’ve been gathering little hints of these mental health problems, and now you are truly at diagnosis point.  The likelihood is you are otherwise pretty ‘well’ nowadays. You no longer get repeat infections and you’ve not had a fever for some time, maybe years since you were 5 or 6.
School is getting pretty tough and you are gonna need your diagnosis to get the support you need.

steroid side effects

Psychiatric side effects of Prednisolone.


When a homeopath listens to your history and hears these events in order, they can track the stages at which your immune system lost stages of the battle and the crucial events that breached your defenses.    This is my first job when I meet you, to track these events and stages and give you an assessment of your level of health and a prognosis for recovery.

When we treat these mental health problems with homeopathy asthma resurfaces. That’s proof that it was never ‘cured’ or ‘grown out of’.  It was just SUPERSEDED by a deeper illness.  Allopathic medicine generally works this way, by replacing one disease with a deeper disease.

The modern child’s development and life outcomes are frequently severely compromised by these medical interventions.

Homeopathy can offer a fairly rapid cure for eczema in the first place.
Curing the results of suppression is a long-term undertaking.

Homeopathy needs to be integrated into general medical practice if we are not going to see the battle lost in most people’s lives.  Each generation is being born with more predispositions and weaker immunity.
I think we are looking at the health equivalent of ‘Peak Oil’ or global warming.

It’s unlikely homeopathy will be integrated, in part because none of us understand how it works [that doesn’t stop the medical folk!] and it is a big threat to Big Pharma’s shareholders.
Your personal option is to opt out of the conventional health system as far as you can.  Keep your family healthy and improve their health with homeopathic treatment.  Make it a priority.

ear infections treatment

Treating Ear Infections Safely.

Homeopathic treatment for ear infections, otitis media & ear pain.

Hi, this is another first aid page for my website.
Ear pain and inflammation caused by viral or bacterial infections can be treated with homeopathy very effectively.  Also, although antibiotics might treat the symptoms often the infection returns … sometimes straight after.  Antibiotics will not treat the underlying susceptibility to ear pain and infections.

Some children begin to have ear problems soon after their first vaccinations.
Often it is combined with sensitivities to dairy products.
Often it is linked to a family predisposition that can also be remedied.

Homeopathic care can stop the necessity for surgical fitting of ear drainage tubes, and can usually alleviate hearing problems associated with ear catarrh.

Here is a chart of homeopathic remedies most commonly used for ear pain and inflammation.  If you are not sure which remedy fits and if you are under constitutional treatment with me … message me via the usual channels.
During healing of deeper illnesses, ear problems may return.  They were not previously cured but suppressed with antibiotics and will need proper homeopathic treatment to resolve them.   Sometimes they will resolve without a remedy, but if the pain is severe definitely get in touch for help treating this.

ear infection treatment

I hope this helps you avoid the use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are disruptive to gut health in particular and can have their own range side effects.  Also, we are fast running out of effective antibiotics so it makes sense to use homeopathic remedies instead and save antibiotics for sudden, life threatening conditions.

knee replacement pain

Chronic Pain after Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Pain?  Nerve Damage after Surgery?

Where do you turn when you can’t take pain meds?

I had rapid onset arthritis and within 6 months had to have my knee replaced.

Kathleen told me via video call. She called some weeks after surgery. Her knee was swollen to twice its usual size. It was burning and red. Medicines hadn’t helped.

She had intense, cutting pain and her surgeon diagnosed surgical nerve damage, which she’d have to live with.  He gave her a SHORT course of Naproxen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) & was reluctant to prescribe this because of her history of stomach ulcers. He gave her Omeprazole to protect her stomach from the NSAID. She was in great pain and running out of conventional alternatives.

I prescribed 3 doses of calendula 200c, each an hour apart and the swelling, burning heat and redness were gone by the morning. [I’ve found this to work rapidly in a number of similar cases].

The surgeon’s diagnosis made me doubt we’d be able to cure the cutting pain.  Mag phos will often resolve post-surgical pain but it didn’t help this time.  Nor did Hypericum, which would be my next suggestion. (A good remedy for pain remaining in surgical incision sites is Staphysagria).

We had a full consultation & I learned something remarkable about Kathleen. She had been extremely cold for more than 60 years, since having TB as a child.

I only have to move a tiny bit and my body goes so cold and tingly. Showering is awful. I have to have the room really hot & I still feel freezing when I undress.

It was something that was very difficult to live with.  Kathleen had a very deep sense of duty, held her feelings in and was unable to say no to other people’s wishes.   She had a lot of symptoms that pointed very clearly to a homeopathic remedy called Carbo animalis.

I gave her Carbo animalis 200c am & pm for one day. The cutting pain in the knee went! Great joy! I was expecting to hear how happy she was, but a while later she told me, very disappointed …

The pain is gone, but for one day I was warm, and now I’m cold again!

When you suddenly see what is possible, the goalposts move!

We repeated the Carbo animalis 200c daily in water doses for a few months before she became consistently warm.

It would have been great if she’d discovered homeopathy earlier. With people who need this remedy, I see a medical history of heart stents fitted (as Kathleen has), stomach ulcers and Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (Watermelon Stomach), and knee disorders.  This remedy is also associated with lymphatic & stomach cancers, so treating people as early as possible can have great benefits. Those benefits don’t just total the problems solved, but also the problems potentially avoided.

***** See this article for explanation of how we progress into deeper and deeper disease states and how to avoid doing so *****

I treat patients for pain when they can no longer use conventional drugs or suffer the ill effects of them.  Come for homeopathy first. 
can have terrible side effects.
Read Michael’s case of stomach ulcer caused by Naproxen.
John’s case is the most dramatic. He was left incapacitated, with no solution, after Aspirin destroyed his stomach lining, yet he had to continue to take Aspirin to prevent blood sticking to his heart stents (he also recovered with Carbo animalis).

Can’t take pain meds?  Where do you turn?  Here.
book sally lloyd homeopathy

Methylphenidate Alternative for ADHD

Methylphenidate Alternative for ADHD


You’d like an alternative to Methylphenidate & to avoid the side effects of ADHD drugs like methylphenidate & Guanfacine.  You’d like to treat ADHD naturally? Read about William (age 10) and how we enabled him to come off methylphenidate, recover from ADHD & see improvements in his autism too.

Some of the side effects William developed when he began to take methylphenidate were anxiety and severe depressive episodes leading to suicidal thoughts. His behaviour was easier but he was desperately unhappy. He was suffering with painful, extreme ticks, strong impulsivity and self loathing. His mum was afraid for him and sought out homeopathy as an answer.

ADHD: Recovery After Methylphenidate Side Effects

William hated seeing doctors & consultants. When he first came to me (Nov 2015) he was strongly reluctant. He is also high functioning and I think he thought me a bear of little brains! I was able to observe him, but mostly I listened to his mum recount his story and answer my questions. Otherwise I didn’t demand anything from him. I work with many children with anxiety, trauma & behavioural problems and my usual approach is to work with a parent until the child comes forward in their own time & way. The parent and/or child have the alternative to skype consult, and I don’t make a requirement for the child to be present.
I selected a homeopathic remedy for William, which had profound results. The painful ticks, anxiety and suicidal feelings decreased rapidly. Gradually William’s ADHD symptoms improved and it was possible to begin to reduce the methylphenidate. Then the improvements enabled a trial coming off medication. During this stage his symptoms appeared to increase as the suppressive medication was stopped & his body adjusted. I’d told him to expect this and he would see this improve soon.  When he came to me in June 2016, he walked in with a bag of presents and was chatty and happy. His ADHD consultant had signed him off altogether!

William’s treatment took 1 homeopathic remedy (tare hisp), in 2 different potencies (30c and 200c) and was completed in 7 months.
What’s more, William’s mum has written to me on a number of occasions about other improvements she is still seeing. He is beginning to be able to do things he was unable to do before, due to improvements in empathy & self control. The most pleasing improvement she mentioned is in his ability to relate to his father and his brother. Family life and life for William is greatly improving in so many ways.   He has a really bright future ahead of him.

Can I Treat It Myself

“Can I Treat It Myself?” Acute & Chronic Diseases

Level 1: Acute Illnesses/Minor Injuries

  1. self limiting and self-treatable.
  2. Minor injuries, viral illnesses & bacterial infections.
  3. Caused by an external force, forcing a reaction from your body.

Treating these with homeopathy is supportive to the body, and relatively simple.

  • You can often do this yourself with a bit of research.
  • Buy a good homeopathic first aid kit.
  • Check out the First Aid tab on this website 🙂
  • You can also ask me for help by making a free 15 minute appointment here:
  • If you are under the treatment of a homeopath, ask them before taking anything homeopathic as some remedies can disturb the action of others you took in the recent past.

Level 2: Sub-Acute Illnesses

On the next level are recurrent infections. You can treat these acutely and resolve them each time, but if they keep coming back you need to look for a remedy with deeper action (which covers all the symptoms more fully) because this is clearly a constitutional weakness in defences.

This is getting into a homeopath’s area of expertise.

Level 3: Chronic Illnesses

The symptoms come from the body’s own attempts to deal with an imbalance it doesn’t have the strength to entirely overcome.
We see by the order in which the body heals with homeopathy (and sometimes spontaneously) that it heals:

  • internally then ever outward toward the least important organs & systems.
  • The body prioritises healing & protection of the deeper, more essential functions (brain, emotional/mental health etc) as without these, death is rapid and certain, if you have to fend for yourself to survive.
  • If the body can’t achieve complete healing it will park the remaining imbalance as far from its essential core as it can achieve, leaving you with an annoying and/or painful symptom. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

How Homeopathy Works

If you treat a single symptom (skin rash) acutely at this stage you might palliate or suppress the symptom because you are not giving the body the strength to get over the hump.  If the substance you use is strong enough to force the body to stop producing the symptom, the body (still suffering the imbalance) will have to retrench to a deeper level of imbalance – parking the imbalance at the level ie, of joints, lungs, etc.
Rheumatism, asthma & anxiety are commonly seen after suppressive treatment for skin eruptions. More rarely we see more serious outcomes such as seizures developing.

The difference between suppression and palliation is level of force.
Palliation is short lived & weak enough to not immediately result in a deeper level of disease.
Suppression by steroids clearly pushes the disease deeper and can only do so by overwhelming the body’s defences. With steroids we frequently see the following types of progression:

Eczema --> asthma --> mental health/behavioural/endocrine disorders. Click To Tweet

Much of my work as a homeopath involves gently bringing people back to health after steroids, NSAIDs and repeated antibiotics. Their old complaints (asthma, repeat infections, eczema) resurface because they were suppressed (not healed or grown out of!) & we come back to the simple problems they started with & work to heal those. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

Thanks for reading this article.  I hope it will enable you to make decisions more easily about what you can treat yourself and what to seek assistance with.
Please comment below with any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them for you.

Appointments can be booked at for local and international patients. I’ll be happy to help you with your recovery.

skype sally lloyd homeopathy stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcer symptoms: natural treatment

Michael recovered from a stomach ulcer and sciatica.

Stomach ulcer symptoms brought Michael to me, via Skype, from his sick bed a few days before Christmas.  He was in extreme pain, and as this was caused by the anti-inflammatory pain killers he had taken for sciatica he had no way to relieve the pain.   A homeopathic remedy (kali carb 1m in his case) rapidly relieved his stomach ulcer symptoms and saved Christmas for the family.

treating stomach ulcer symptoms with homeopathy

“I started having sciatic pain in September 2015,  I went to the doctor who prescribed some extra strength painkillers.  Unfortunately these led to me having severe stomach cramps and stomach ulcers.  The pain would come and go but would strike approximately 2 times a week and when it did it would last for up to 12hrs and was very painful.  I tried various prescription and over the counter remedies both pharmaceutical and more natural but the pain kept getting worse, lasting longer and more frequent, especially after dairy or fatty/greasy food.  I lost over 1 1/2 stone in just under a month.  I contacted Sally for an acute appointment and was given a recommendation for a remedy, which certainly reduced the pain.   This was then followed up by a full appointment over Skype which confirmed the suggested remedy as the best one for me,  and when I felt the symptoms start to build again I took the remedy and it was remarkable how well it staved off the pain.  It has now been at least a couple of weeks since the last episode and I feel much better and have even managed to start eating limited dairy again.  Now all I need to do is keep the weight off that I lost!  Thank you Sally!”

Michael, Peterborough

Stomach Pain & Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach pain symptoms have a wide variety of causes:

Symptoms directly from stomach disorders:
acute gastritis, alcoholic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, hiatus hernia & reflux.

Medications, food sensitivity & cancers that can cause stomach symptoms:
Stomach symptoms can be caused by anti-inflammatory medications as in Michael’s case, or food allergies & sensitivities such as gluten and dairy intolerance.
Stomach pain can, on rare occasions, be a symptom of some cancers.

Many disorders not within the stomach can present with ‘stomach’ symptoms:
gallbladder disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis, angina and endometriosis.  Thus it is important to have the source of the pain investigated not so much for choosing homeopathic remedies but for making management decisions.

Stomach ulcer symptoms

Some of the symptoms you may experience are …

  • dull pain in the stomach.
  • weight loss.
  • not wanting to eat because of pain.
  • nausea or vomiting.
  • bloating.
  • burping or acid reflux.
  • heartburn (burning sensation in the chest)

Useful links

What’s Causing Children’s Obesity?

Antibiotics Linked to Obesity in Children

Brian S. Schwartz of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was lead author in a study of 164,000 children in Pennsylvania USA.   link

children obesity antibiotics










Schwartz adds that there is growing evidence antibiotics lead to weight gain in humans because of the effect they have on the microorganisms that reside in our bodies (gut bacteria).  “Antibiotics at any age contribute to weight gain,”

Penicillin is used in industrial farming to fatten animals and is another source of antibiotic exposure for humans.
Antibiotic use is limited to emergencies in organic farming and many organic farmers successfully use homeopathy instead.

Homeopathy and Obesity

Homeopathy for obesity is part of holistic treatment.  
Challenging obesity through diet is notoriously problematic as diet is often not the underlying cause of the obesity. Homeopathy can address underlying causes, which can be related to hormonal or microbiological imbalances.  

Obesity is a chronic problem, needing the attention of a professional homeopath.  

Ask for a free 15 minute consultation to see if homeopathy can help with obesity or to avoid repeat antibiotics for your child.




Best Health System in the World …

The World Health Organisation rated France the rank of 1st for its health system.
The USA came 37th.

In the USA the third greatest cause of death is death by medical care, totalling 1/4 million deaths per year.

All about “Big Pharma”:



Big Pharma appears less interested in the health of the American public than it is in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders. And because Big Pharma’s influence is so extensive, and self-interest is the motive of its giant network, the well-being of society may be in serious jeopardy. source 

The USA also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world.


84% Increase in Melanoma with Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon.


  • 1 in 10 men worldwide.
  • More than 1 packet of cigarettes/day –> 50% higher compared to non smoker.
  • Age 75+ –> 77.5%.
  • Age 20 to 29 –> 6.5%.
  • About 33% seek help.
  • 70% down to underlying health issues such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • 1/2 of men with diabetes.
  • 10-20% psychological causes such as stress and anxiety.
  • 80% causes are down to physical reasons.   (source)


Whether there is a related physical or psychological problem (or a combination) this is one of the effectiveness gaps for conventional medicine … and some of what they do offer, ie Viagra, may have the rate of payback Satan would be gleeful about!


Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction. 

There is hope with homeopathy for most sexual problems experienced by men and women.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, regardless of  which of your complaints you mention to your homeopath.    In many cases it can treat the underlying physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

This is great news for your overall health, but also for those who are shy to speak out about sexual problems.   Appointments are longer than conventional doctor’s appointments, giving people time to become comfortable enough with the homeopath to broach difficult issues.  Homeopaths often have great ‘bedside manner’, being calm, engaged but nonjudgmental.
It is VERY useful for your homeopath to know this is a problem as it can help them ‘solve the case’, but don’t decide not to go because you wouldn’t want to mention it.

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