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first aid emergency

First Aid Emergency Remedies

First posted at here.

First Aid Emergency Remedies whilst awaiting an ambulance.

I’ve been asked by my private Facebook patient support group to provide a list of “On the way to the hospital” first aid emergency remedies.
Here I go:

first aid emergency


What you should expect

In a first aid emergency, you should expect yourself, the patient and often bystanders to suffer from some form of shock.  Aconite 10M can be useful to everyone involved, stop people panicking and prevent the development of physical shock.  Shock can be dangerous for the patient and can have long-term effects for all involved.

How to make a combination First Aid Emergency Remedy: 

First aid emergency remedies can be made into specific combinations in a homeopathic solution [like the one for anaphylaxis or the one for heart attacks].  [How to make a homeopathic solution]
The purpose of this is to cover all bases.  You don’t have time to work out which remedy is most suited in a heart attack or anaphylaxis [the two combinations listed in the chart], so you’d give all the remedies listed in the combination at once when you are faced with a serious first aid emergency.

Ordering First Aid Emergency Remedies:

The homeopathic pharmacies I most often use are here.

A bit more detail.

Here are some of the best articles linked from the web:

Heart attack:


If you need advice

If you are one of my patients I’m on standby for first aid emergency advice between 8am and 11pm 7 days a week.  You can get hold of me [usually within minutes] here:


treat eye injury naturally

Treat An Eye Injury Naturally

If you are looking to treat an eye injury naturally, this is a great little post detailing which homeopathic remedies are useful for which types of eye injuries.

treat eye injury naturally


Featured Image credit

Sarah Gray

first aid coughs

First Aid for Coughs

Let’s Avoid Antibiotics with First Aid for Coughs!

I’ve been meaning to add a first aid page with a coughs chart but have been too busy to do so and now, why reinvent the wheel?  My colleague Paula Webb has written one that it unsurpassable so I’m going to link to it instead so you can find all the info you need when you come to my first aid section.  Search out hers too! It is pretty great.

If you are not sure whether you should attempt to treat this cough yourself check this post:  Can I Treat It Myself?
Happy prescribing!

Get Rid of Recurrent Tonsillitis Naturally

Your first homeopathic remedy to think of for recurrent tonsillitis is belladonna. It will quickly solve most/many cases of tonsillitis where there is redness of the tonsils and fever. [Sometimes a different remedy is needed].
If you have recurrent tonsillitis this may be enough to finish that so that it doesn’t recur. However, some other patients need another remedy to deal with the underlying predisposition.  It’s usually quite quick and simple.

Here are some cases where people with recurrent tonsillitis have resolved it really nicely with some help from homeopathy. Also, homeopathy acts really fast. Faster than antibiotics if you have the right remedy!
Most times these are people who’ve had repeated courses of antibiotics without resolution.

On one occasion I saw a child who was so sick with high fever and tonsillitis start running around the house as right as rain about 10 mins after I gave her a dose of homeopathic belladonna 200c. She was a kind of kid who ran around very fast on all fours like a dog and there she was scampering around the house again! When I arrived she was burning up in a rocking chair, delirious. It is remarkable to see!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 23.11.49.png
[Tonsillitis resolved!]

recurrent tonsillitis cured
[Belladonna used for acute attacks. Tuberculinum to treat the underlying predisposition. Calcarea carbonica to resolve the left over enlargement of tonsils.]

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 18.51.09.png[homeopathic belladonna used and no tonsillitis since.]


[First published on Steemit here.]

flu shot alternative vaccine

Flu Shot Alternative to Vaccination

Want a flu shot alternative?  Don’t want to get that flu vaccine with its vaccine injury risks, tendency to spread flu and its ineffectiveness? Afraid of the flu?

The following tells the story of how simple it is to treat flu with homeopathy and how hard it can be without, with the secondary infections & asthma flares that can come after flu.


flu shot alternative

I’m giving you the opportunity to prepare ahead for flu season.

Here’s another
flu shot alternative

This particular person has a predisposition to pneumonia. She skyped me from a hospital, 30 weeks pregnant, with severe asthma (after a cold). They were struggling to get asthma under control despite hospital treatment. She got thro just beautifully with a homeopathic remedy.

sally lloyd homeopathy

So get your remedies in and take a look at my free remedy chart here:

There’s a full first aid section in the First Aid tab up above.

Check out my other Steemit posts for allergies, altitude sickness and a good number of other issues.

Where shall I go next?

tooth pain treatment


This page will provide you with remedy suggestions for tooth abscesses and a free chart to deal fast with tooth pain, without side effects.  Read on …


The most usual remedy I’ve found is hepar sulph [UK, USA].  A single dose of 200c is often enough. If it returns you can try another dose [don’t overdo it though]. If it keeps coming back … talk to a homeopath who can find you a remedy to deal with the predisposition or try Silica.  If silica fits, the tooth will feel loose. Pain is worse at night, from eating warm food & when a cold draft gets into the mouth.

tooth abscess treatment

Tooth Pain Remedies:

You can find my post on natural treatment for tooth decay here. You can HEAL teeth in many cases and prevent decay.

There are 159 ‘tooth pain‘ remedies in Kent’s repertory, so if you don’t succeed to treat yourself you can be pretty sure to get help with an acute appointment with a homeopath.

Here’s a chart of the most usual ones. 🙂

tooth pain treatment

Here’s the 159 remedies … and below, links to Kent’s repertory, where you can check your symptoms in more detail if you are feeling brave … and then a link to the full remedy names with details of the symptoms common to the remedy!

tooth pain treatmentClick to reach Kent’s repertory. 

Key to remedy abbreviations. 

ear infections treatment

Treating Ear Infections Safely.

Homeopathic treatment for ear infections, otitis media & ear pain.

Hi, this is another first aid page for my website.
Ear pain and inflammation caused by viral or bacterial infections can be treated with homeopathy very effectively.  Also, although antibiotics might treat the symptoms often the infection returns … sometimes straight after.  Antibiotics will not treat the underlying susceptibility to ear pain and infections.

Some children begin to have ear problems soon after their first vaccinations.
Often it is combined with sensitivities to dairy products.
Often it is linked to a family predisposition that can also be remedied.

Homeopathic care can stop the necessity for surgical fitting of ear drainage tubes, and can usually alleviate hearing problems associated with ear catarrh.

Here is a chart of homeopathic remedies most commonly used for ear pain and inflammation.  If you are not sure which remedy fits and if you are under constitutional treatment with me … message me via the usual channels.
During healing of deeper illnesses, ear problems may return.  They were not previously cured but suppressed with antibiotics and will need proper homeopathic treatment to resolve them.   Sometimes they will resolve without a remedy, but if the pain is severe definitely get in touch for help treating this.

ear infection treatment

I hope this helps you avoid the use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are disruptive to gut health in particular and can have their own range side effects.  Also, we are fast running out of effective antibiotics so it makes sense to use homeopathic remedies instead and save antibiotics for sudden, life threatening conditions.

alternative to antibiotics

One of the most important advances in modern medicine …

One of the most important advances in modern medicine …
Would you seriously consider messing with antibiotics if you knew this?

“10 Things You Need To Know About Your Microbiome”

in this article, Dr. Raphael Kellman spells it out:

“Humans evolved in a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome, which is why our bodies depend on our bacteria for so many basic biological processes. Friendly bacteria digest our food, govern our appetite, control our metabolism, orchestrate our immune system, influence our mood, promote mental sharpness, determine heart health, support bone development, produce crucial vitamins and other nutrients, manufacture natural antibiotics, and even help to determine our genetic expression!”  link [10 Things You need to Know about your Microbiome]

Antibiotics are a wide-ranging & unpredictable assault on your health:

“What choice do I have?”

It’s quite simple.  Homeopathy has been effectively treating infections for 200 years, without side effects, without creating imbalances that have wide ranging ramifications.

Homeopathy matched the effectiveness of  conventional treatment for ear infection in this study from 8 countries, without producing side effects.

If you have a child prone to ear infections, tonsillitis, etc, contact me for rapid, safe treatment.

 What’s more, it is inevitable that antibiotics will run out: 


“With every attempt to kill them, some bacteria inevitably escape, unscathed, either because they managed to develop the ability to neutralize or incapacitate the antibiotic before it could take effect, or by mutating their genetic material. This resistance is then passed on to successive generations, sometimes even between different species of bacteria. In the worst case scenario this can lead to multi-resistant strains such as the dreaded and often untreatable methicillin–resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which, previously seen only in hospital settings, has now spread into the wider community.” link

Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO, warns that bacteria are starting to become so resistant to common antibiotics that it could bring about “the end of modern medicine as we know it.”  Every antibiotic ever developed is at risk of becoming useless, making once-routine operations impossible.  This would include many of the breakthrough drugs developed to treat tuberculosis, malaria, bacterial infections and HIV/AIDS, as well as simple treatments for cuts. link


How homeopathy works:

Cuts, Grazes & Puncture Wounds

FirstStop the bleeding:  Ideas here.

Next: clean it.
Oregano oil in water in a spray bottle is painless, antiseptic and great for this job.
Be sure to use nothing than has lint [cotton wool for example] to clean the wound. You don’t want the wound to keep erupting to chuck out lint or gravel.  Be sure it is good and clean.

Image result for oregano oil


Anti-tetanus homeopathy style: If it is a puncture wound that’s gone quite deep, ensure it bleeds a bit [aerate the wound] and give Ledum 30c 3 times over the day.

first aid homeopathy

Ledum palustra for puncture wounds or deep, dirty cuts.

Pain killing & wound cleaning, homeopathy style:  hypericum 30c in a medical solution.  Give a few sips every 5 mins until the pain is better [no more than 5 doses though].  If the pain eases at all, stop giving doses.  If the pain starts up again … start the max 5 doses again.

first aid homeopathy

Hypericum for pain and cleaning

Healing, homeopathy style: give calendula 200c morning and night for one day.  If you see any redness around the wound or it starts to look infected, gets warm etc, repeat the 2 doses of calendula 200c.

first aid homeopathy

Calendula for healing and settling a hot, infected wound.

Keep it dry & clean.  Try not to keep it under a plaster. Let the air get to it.  Get stitches if you need stitches of course.

It’s good to have these first aid remedies made up as medical solutions.  You are gonna need them often enough!  How to make a Medical Solution.

knee replacement pain

Chronic Pain after Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Pain?  Nerve Damage after Surgery?

Where do you turn when you can’t take pain meds?

[Also posted at here]

I had rapid onset arthritis and within 6 months had to have my knee replaced.

Kathleen told me via video call. She called some weeks after surgery. Her knee was swollen to twice its usual size. It was burning and red. Medicines hadn’t helped.

She had intense, cutting pain and her surgeon diagnosed surgical nerve damage, which she’d have to live with.  He gave her a SHORT course of Naproxen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) & was reluctant to prescribe this because of her history of stomach ulcers. He gave her Omeprazole to protect her stomach from the NSAID. She was in great pain and running out of conventional alternatives.

I prescribed 3 doses of calendula 200c, each an hour apart and the swelling, burning heat and redness were gone by the morning. [I’ve found this to work rapidly in a number of similar cases].

The surgeon’s diagnosis made me doubt we’d be able to cure the cutting pain.  Mag phos will often resolve post-surgical pain but it didn’t help this time.  Nor did Hypericum, which would be my next suggestion. (A good remedy for pain remaining in surgical incision sites is Staphysagria).

We had a full consultation & I learned something remarkable about Kathleen. She had been extremely cold for more than 60 years, since having TB as a child.

I only have to move a tiny bit and my body goes so cold and tingly. Showering is awful. I have to have the room really hot & I still feel freezing when I undress.

It was something that was very difficult to live with.  Kathleen had a very deep sense of duty, held her feelings in and was unable to say no to other people’s wishes.   She had a lot of symptoms that pointed very clearly to a homeopathic remedy called Carbo animalis.

I gave her Carbo animalis 200c am & pm for one day. The cutting pain in the knee went! Great joy! I was expecting to hear how happy she was, but a while later she told me, very disappointed …

The pain is gone, but for one day I was warm, and now I’m cold again!

When you suddenly see what is possible, the goalposts move!

We repeated the Carbo animalis 200c daily in water doses for a few months before she became consistently warm.

It would have been great if she’d discovered homeopathy earlier. With people who need this remedy, I see a medical history of heart stents fitted (as Kathleen has), stomach ulcers and Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (Watermelon Stomach), and knee disorders.  This remedy is also associated with lymphatic & stomach cancers, so treating people as early as possible can have great benefits. Those benefits don’t just total the problems solved, but also the problems potentially avoided.

***** See this article for explanation of how we progress into deeper and deeper disease states and how to avoid doing so *****

I treat patients for pain when they can no longer use conventional drugs or suffer the ill effects of them.  Come for homeopathy first. 
can have terrible side effects.
Read Michael’s case of stomach ulcer caused by Naproxen.
John’s case is the most dramatic. He was left incapacitated, with no solution, after Aspirin destroyed his stomach lining, yet he had to continue to take Aspirin to prevent blood sticking to his heart stents (he also recovered with Carbo animalis).

Can’t take pain meds?  Where do you turn?  Here.
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