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adhd treatment

Adam, Age 11, UK: ADHD Treatment plus serious asthma, anxiety & chronic diarrhea.

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Adhd Treatment

Adam recovered from ADHD with homeopathic ADHD treatment.
Homeopathy is a holistic approach:  He also recovered from severe asthma, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, eczema and chronic diarrhea!
He stopped steroid medication & asthma inhalers, & had his first high fevers in his life.
He came off the special needs register at his school and caught up with his peers.
You can read the sequence of events below.  Treatment took place over 1 year. This was classical homeopathic treatment without the use of homeopathic detoxes.  He would have done well with detoxes also.  😀
adhd treatment

1st consultation: 

Anxiety [dirt, strangers, people looking through windows. Am I fat? Animals/spiders].
ADHD.  Anxiety. Anger. Hitting. Quarrels. Hyperactivity. Poor focus/executive functioning/organisation. Impulsive. Hypersensitive & misinterprets friend’s actions. Insomnia. Dyspraxia. Literal thinker. Refers to sexual stuff a lot [inappropriate].
Asthma [steroid inhaler recently discontinued + salbutamol inhaler + antihistamines].
Diarrhea a lot.
Immune system: No fevers when sick. Frequent colds that turn to asthma. 

How he got so sick …

Adam started with eczema after vaccination as a baby.
Eczema was treated with steroid creams and he developed asthma [usual if you manage to suppress eczema with steroids.]
The Asthma was treated with steroid inhalers.
Adam developed ADHD and stomach problems.  Both of these problems are common predispositions in his family.  As his level of health dropped due to suppression, his predispositions were triggered.  Steroid use is associated with mental health disorders.
Adam’s was a descent into mental-emotional disorders which is common among children nowadays. 
Prescription:    tarentula hispanica 30c am/pm 3 days med sol. (observe: No need for daily repeat due to discontinuation of steroids past 5 days).
Histaminum 200c, single dose in homeopathic solution daily to use in place of antihistamine.  
adhd treatment

Follow up [1 month] 

> Using words more than fists and crying rather than hitting. Still provoking siblings. Exam stress.
> Swearing has stopped.
> slightly less impulsive >
> Asthma gone during day.
> much calmer during asthma. Inhaler 7pm only.  Night time ok and daytime at school is ok.   
> No steroids since August [longest without since age 5, 6 years].  
Eyes discharging.  
Outstanding: More clumsy recently.  
Old symptoms returning: fear of dark, alone upstairs.  [Return of old symptoms during treatment usually indicates we have removed a layer of illness and are returning to an earlier, higher level of health.]
Prescription: Tare hisp 200c am/ pm for one day.    ipecac 30c instead of inhaler for 7pm cough [if possible].    Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily. Observe weekend cough in the sitting room [Seems to be an allergen in the sitting room].    

Follow up [1 month later] 

Was bad-tempered after this repeat of tare hisp [aggravation] …
then everything changed.
> Now he is too docile & gentle and a bit silly.  
Wheezy in the house.
Irritability is worse.  
Old symptoms returning: responsibility for others. Shouts at sister to get ready. Anxious. Restless at night.  

Prescription:   tare 200c am/pm for 1 day. Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily.


Acute Asthma with a cold later that month:   

acute asthma.  
> Now quite docile.  
> Asthma worse. [Disorder is moving from the mental/emotional plane to the physical plane.  In homeopathy this is recognised as in the direction of healing and would be expected.  It makes cases with a history of asthma sometimes difficult.]
Loves raw onions.  Pain in Adam’s apple.  Cough —> wheezing, evening and night. Refusing blue inhaler.  
Prescription:    allium cepa 200c am/pm dry.  Continuing with Histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution daily.
adhd treatment

Follow up.  [5 weeks later] 

Really good outcome with allium cepa.   
Little need for inhaler.  Weathered another cold well without trouble with asthma! 
>> anger has turned to smiley/joking and happy.  
>> loving toward sister.   
>> Eye discharge/allergy is very much better.  
>> more sensible.
Prescription:   wait.   Try allium cep 200c with 3 bashes instead of salbutamol inhaler when inhaler needed [cautioned to use inhaler if necessary].   

1 Month later: acute 

Acute chest virus:  fever 38.9C and recovered fast.   
>> No need for inhaler during this!  Allium cepa was enough.
>> 1st high fever EVER.  [This indicates a great improvement in the strength of his immune system.  He was able to see off the virus with a fever.  His level of health has raised].

Follow up [5 weeks later] 

Another fever 39C
>> Mood relaxed and calm [nb!  This is a child with ADHD]. Emotionally fantastic. >> No itchy, discharging eyes.
>> Cough better.
>> No more fear at night.
>> Far better mood on waking.
Diarrhea every other day over Xmas. [Now mum is more focused on his digestive issues].
Peer pressure and self-confidence issues [may be age-related & has gone to new school].
Prescription:  allium cepa 1m single dose

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Acute Diarrhea with a  high fever 39c [stomach bug].
>> Coughing but no asthma.
>> Great improvement in self-confidence.
>> Calm. Still massively improved on emotional side.
>> No areas of concern!
>> Brave at the dentists with no anxiety.  
Prescription:  Arsenicum 30c, 3 doses 1 hour apart, dry [remedy helped.] 
adhd treatment

Follow-up [4 weeks] 

>> Stomach is good.
>> Eczema is all gone now.
>> Asthma resolved. Chesty only with a virus now.
Fighting with sister [she’s pushing buttons.  I gave her tuberculinum and she did incredibly well!]
Lacks confidence with friends.  
Prescription: wait

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Dark moods. Grumpy in the morning. Picking fights. Dislikes school. Increased sensitivity to what others think of him [old problem]. Embarrassed easily. Less open than usual.
>> Great improvement in school work.
>> Taken off learning difficulties register.
>> Writing has improved. No probs.  
>> Virus with cough/asthma but recovered fast again.
>> Stools better. No smell. Flatulence improved. Not loose. Bowel health is good [good news as family history of ulcerative colitis and he was showing early signs.] 
Prescription: lycopodium 30c am/pm for 2 days 
adhd treatment

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Some allergy symptoms.  Sore ankle.
>> Appetite improved.  
>> Self-aware.
Anxiety around friends. Hard to fit in. Submissive.  
Sensitive to sounds.
Sister will press buttons and he cries. SATS exam worries.
Change in food desires.  
Prescription: kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days

adhd treatment

Treating Tweens & The Problems of Antidotes.

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Wheezing, coughing, blocked nose all back with force. Eyes itching, gritty, bright red. Hayfever. Fear people looking in windows sharply increased over this month. Buying coke and lots of sweets.
Was run over by a car.  [all possible remedy antidotes].  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.  

Follow up [4 weeks later]

Self-consciousness. Wheezing all day but no difficulty breathing. Meltdowns. Allium-cepa hasn’t helped. Eyes watery/white discharge at night.  
>> Ran race without asthma and came first!  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.   [Darn that boy with his sneaky coke!]

Final Follow up [4 weeks later]

Coughing after a cold. Using inhaler. Eye problems. 
Final Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.
adhd treatment

Highlights from Practice: Week beginning 27th March 2017


Over the weekend

  • I had one small girl with impetigo and an ear infection who couldn’t get her remedies locally [definitely going to get a Helios 36 remedy first aid kit] and had to start antibiotics by Sunday … Remedy [Mercury] received Tuesday and after taking it she fell into a long, healing sleep. I’m waiting for an update.
  • A little boy with an ear infection who responded very well to silica, started eating again and playing.
  • And another with high fever managed beautifully with remedies. 🙂
  • Toddler with a cough causing him to vomit needed help too.  I’m guessing he’s well since I’ve not heard back from his mum that he’s still suffering.
  • A man I’ve been treating for back pain [pinched disc] has not got back pain and can walk again but needed a remedy to sort sciatica.  Kali carb did a fast job for this final bit of healing. I often see people further down the line with stomach problems after medications for sciatica.  Nice to get an uncomplicated sciatica to deal with rather than a stomach ulcer on top.

I’m on call for a lady who is now in labour with her second baby as we speak. <3  I’ve had my phone on for a few nights and tonight will hopefully bring good news and pictures of the baby girl she’s expecting 🙂 Such excitement!  I’ve had a picture.  She is BEAUTIFUL!  Remedies were useful for promoting contractions when these didn’t get going well.  She’d also had remedies for fear and anxiety about the birth, which had been very helpful.

Today I followed up with a lady who said her eyesight improved this month after remedies.  Her own mother suffers from macular degeneration.  She went to take out her contact lenses to discover she’d not been wearing them!  🙂 That made me giggle.  She reported that her brain fog had lifted a lot … but I’d already spotted that within a minute of speaking with her.  So much more lucid! She looked ‘bonny’.  Her daughter told me her eyes look less cloudy.

Today I signed off a man I have been treating for anxiety, depression & OCD.  He came off his medication [Sertraline] last autumn after we started with Aconite 10M. Then cannabis indica 30c and 200c finished off the remaining problems he was having with compulsive thoughts & actions.  He is loving living without the emotion-deadening side-effects of the meds.  He’s suffered from anxiety since about age 2.  Wonderful relief. He looks really well.  He’s lost the numbness and tingling in his hands and feet too.

I followed up with the parents of an autistic boy who said he understood his mother’s joke and his expressive language was improving. He was doing division and playing hangman! The next detox remedy will likely be the one that makes the most difference to him as it will contain the MMR and he regressed markedly after the MMR.

I’ve been treating 4 boys within one family and this week I was able to move 2 of the boys to ‘maintenance’.  It means they just come to me if they have a new problem. They are well enough to not need to come regularly. <3

A little while back I saw a lady who’s fingers had become arthritic, cold, blue and swollen since she got a thorn in her hand.  I gave her ledum and she reports that the blueness, coldness and swelling is much improved.

7 year old boy started to speak after a vaccine detox.  I’m about to hear more this Friday 🙂

Constipation resolved in an autistic 7 year old patient, who is gaining words gradually and has discovered his eyebrows can move now and is fascinated by his mum’s too. 🙂

Some Lowlights: 
It is always disappointing when people leave off treatment before they’ve recovered. That is their choice and sometimes I can’t offer them enough change soon enough to keep them trying.  Sometimes we’ve made great headway, but there are some symptoms that don’t seem to want to shift for some reason.
I signed off with a man who has done well with a number of deep problems but I don’t seem yet to be able to resolve the fibromyalgic pain he suffers with.
A child left after not much of a result with the first remedy.
I find it hard to watch them walk away and I hope they find another solution that suits them and doesn’t involve iatrogenic damage from conventional medicines.
It is hard for people to know that in some cases healing will take longer because the problem is very deep.
In other cases I just didn’t find the right remedy yet.  There are so many potential remedies that this is a definite possibility sometimes that I’ll fail to find it.  The deeper the ill health the more difficult it is to find the remedy often.
Many of the people I work with have deep ill health.

Keep trying <3

sally lloyd homeopathy

Highlights from Practice: March 18th 2017

It was nice to have my dh home again and fit in lots of dog walks and garden work over the weekend 🙂  This week I’ve also taken to running a mile before work [literally, not figuratively!]

We had a great, long discussion about adrenal fatigue [causes and solutions] in my private facebook patient support group this weekend.   If you are a patient of mine and not in the group, friend me on facebook and I’ll add you.

  1. I received an overjoyed message saying one of my patients with ASD has picked up his spoon and fed himself. A great breakthrough.  I mentioned him last week as he was attempting some pretty tough words. His coordination is gradually coming together really well.  We see this in his ability to form words and his ability to operate a spoon. He just looks altogether better too.  He’s begun an opiates detox. Opiates slip into our children through pain meds in labour & pain meds for procedures they have had themselves.  Opiates can cause breast latching trouble at birth, constipation from birth [lack of gut motility], attention problems, etc. Detoxing them is simple and can bring great gains. 🙂
  2. I had an update from the 3rd of these little girls, who is doing really well still.  Her sister is coming for some help for separation anxiety.  Anxiety often runs in families, not merely by being acquired through modeling as is often assumed.
  3. I also had contact with another girl of a similar age with a similar problem who will book in this week.  Anxiety among children is epidemic and can limit development as it limits freedom to explore and express oneself.  The reasons for the epidemic, I believe, are part social and part medical.  For my social commentary click here.  Traditional medicines reduce the level of health and drive illness over toward the deeper mental/emotional level. Antibiotics, vaccinations, fever reducing and other types of meds can do this, as well as stress, traumas, and environmental toxins.
  4. I’ve been hearing about lots of good detoxing responses among children I’ve just begun treating.  This is such a good sign.  It is sometimes tough to deal with but if parents know these are positive signs they can more easily work with the process and keep their confidence in it.  Lots of fevers coming up this week, after years without being able to produce a fever, this is the BEST thing we hope for with homeopathic detoxes and homeopathic remedy responses in general. 🙂
  5. Thank you message came in from a little girl who was running a very high fever and mum couldn’t get it down with any of the usual fever remedies.  We had a quick urgent appointment, established nux vomica as a good match and her fever is down and she bounced back.  This was important as she was convulsing with her fever and we’ve been working to recover the use of her right arm and leg since she had a seizure in November.  I notice I don’t see her squint any more too!  Mum says it is more intermittent now.
  6. Another message on my patient support group that a young lad with vitiligo turning his hair grey in patches has hair growing back his natural colour since we gave him a remedy last month!  Fast!  [Remedy was kreos 1M, single dose].

Lots and lots of new cases and enquiries this week, as usual.  We are really encouraging homeopaths from our large practice group to learn to work with healing autism and pandas & get brave … we are run off our feet.  <3



sally lloyd homeopathy

Highlights from Practice this Week: March 9th 2017

Highlights of the week:

1. An anxious 10 year old girl who could swallow nothing but small quantities of smooth soup for fear of choking (after seeing her sister choke a while back) is able to eat after 1 dose of Phos 10m, and has been able to go to the corner shop & a short trip to the park with friends, without mum. She’d reached quite a crisis point with weight loss so fast action from the remedy was a relief ❤ Her’s was an emergency appointment last week.

2. A man with extreme back pain (pinching spinal disc + sciatica), is up & about walking and wrote in the new patient support group that he went back to work 😄 Kali carb 1M, followed by Hypericum 200c. [He also used Mag phos acutely for pain management].

3. A lady I’ve been treating for a deep depression reported she’s now coping beautifully despite her life circumstances getting tougher. She was shining and motivated. She’s had increasingly high potencies of pulsatilla. This week we signed her off treatment onto ‘maintenance’. She is well 😄  No antidepressants needed. Homeopathy improves your health whilst alleviating your symptoms.  Win-win!

4. She also reported that her son’s teachers say “we don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it!” He is recovering from autism with detoxes and classical homeopathic treatment under my guidance.  We are seeing some nice breakthroughs with expressive language and concentration.  🙂

5. This evening I skype visited with a 7-year-old boy who has autism and apraxia (his brain struggles to coordinate all the processes that enable us to produce speech.  He was non-verbal when we started his treatment in October 2016). He was asking for ‘some’ each time he wanted another spoonful of breakfast and managing the word ‘tongue’ pretty convincingly, working hard to coordinate the nasal stop sound in the word.  His first word some months back during steroid medication detox was ‘dog’. We can now hear he is talking and it’s garbled but it has a definite sound of deliberate speech and some words are pretty clear. He understands a lot and he’s gradually being released from his silence, his chronic head pain, distraction & his ‘stimming’. He’s able to concentrate well on hours of school work per day now and able to cope with outings really well (his family was unable to go out with him for a long while). Still plenty of work to do, but edifying gains (after hard detoxes). We hope to recover him <3

6. A lovely lady with severe memory loss after a head injury reports she has images appearing in her head now. Imagine a mind where you can’t form images! She had some fleeting memories of her children from past times. She’s able to read again [she went mad renting books from the library in her excitement] and is looking toward the future. She’s not been able to organise her mind enough to look forward and make plans.  She’s been organising home educators groups even!  This is very exciting for her. Nat Sulph 200c and arnica at work.  Still a long way to go, but her gains are steady and noticeable even in these early days of treatment.

7. A man with a high-stress job in finance, suffering from performance anxiety and work stress reported that he’s no longer skeptical of homeopathy. [I admit I tend to give a slightly higher potency, that will have a skepticism-busting effect when someone is going to need to see proof it’s the remedy working!  Otherwise, it is too easy to put the improvements down to just about anything else that is more feasible in your mind.  You might get a touch more remedy response [aka aggravation] in this case, but you are more likely to stick with and benefit from the treatment if you’ve seen the remedy action] He’s been able to take some healing time [before he didn’t dare rest] and is doing well. His anxiety & depression is lifting & he’s coping better at work & home. Nux vomica 1M.

8. Finally seeing progress with a teenage boy with autism and asthma. His violent and impulsive behaviour is improving with the recent remedy (tarentula hispanica). He’s much calmer when he’s had the remedy. Peculiarly calm for him [great breakthrough because watching him required constant vigilence and he was often violent.] His asthma steroid medicine antidotes the remedy after a few days so we decided to repeat it daily instead of weekly. Today we worked out a remedy for his asthma so we can begin to see an improvement that will enable him to withdraw the steroid inhaler. Meanwhile we detox the ill effects of the steroids with a steroid detox twice weekly.  Steroid use for eczema when he was a baby led to asthma and steroid use for asthma has led to considerable mental health problems and autism.
His mum has shown great patience and trust and we are making real headway now. So pleased! ❤

This week wasn’t without its challenges. I had an iCal glitch that wiped an appointment that was much needed. With 200+ patients I’m dependent on efficient systems. It works very well when technology is on my side. I managed to find space for him and reassure his mum. He’s in the early stages of treatment and has come from a very low state where he’s seen many homeopaths and never responded to any remedies. I started him with a dose of Thuja which can help where there is no response. His response was a return of old symptoms and an aggravation. Great news if you know how to interpret it. He’ll do well but this is the tough early stage.

This week I set up a private Facebook support group just for my patients. It’s got busy already. I was asked if I’d set one up by 3 independent patients in one day, so I took that as a clear indication it was both needed and meant to happen! The group enables parents to talk to each other about their experiences going through homeopathic treatment with their child and enables patients to read other people’s questions and get support for their own.  Hopefully, people can ask some of the many questions I get in there 🙂  There are lots of people in there that are ahead and understand the process well.  And it will be useful for others to read the answers to questions.

Right. It’s been an intense week (parenting solo with my husband travelling for work in the US, seeing my daughter through a two-day art exam & seeing some 30 patients) and I’m off now to relearn how to think about something other than homeopathy during my waking and sleeping hours.

Have a great weekend!

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