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knee replacement pain

Chronic Pain after Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Pain?  Nerve Damage after Surgery?

Where do you turn when you can’t take pain meds?

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I had rapid onset arthritis and within 6 months had to have my knee replaced.

Kathleen told me via video call. She called some weeks after surgery. Her knee was swollen to twice its usual size. It was burning and red. Medicines hadn’t helped.

She had intense, cutting pain and her surgeon diagnosed surgical nerve damage, which she’d have to live with.  He gave her a SHORT course of Naproxen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) & was reluctant to prescribe this because of her history of stomach ulcers. He gave her Omeprazole to protect her stomach from the NSAID. She was in great pain and running out of conventional alternatives.

I prescribed 3 doses of calendula 200c, each an hour apart and the swelling, burning heat and redness were gone by the morning. [I’ve found this to work rapidly in a number of similar cases].

The surgeon’s diagnosis made me doubt we’d be able to cure the cutting pain.  Mag phos will often resolve post-surgical pain but it didn’t help this time.  Nor did Hypericum, which would be my next suggestion. (A good remedy for pain remaining in surgical incision sites is Staphysagria).

We had a full consultation & I learned something remarkable about Kathleen. She had been extremely cold for more than 60 years, since having TB as a child.

I only have to move a tiny bit and my body goes so cold and tingly. Showering is awful. I have to have the room really hot & I still feel freezing when I undress.

It was something that was very difficult to live with.  Kathleen had a very deep sense of duty, held her feelings in and was unable to say no to other people’s wishes.   She had a lot of symptoms that pointed very clearly to a homeopathic remedy called Carbo animalis.

I gave her Carbo animalis 200c am & pm for one day. The cutting pain in the knee went! Great joy! I was expecting to hear how happy she was, but a while later she told me, very disappointed …

The pain is gone, but for one day I was warm, and now I’m cold again!

When you suddenly see what is possible, the goalposts move!

We repeated the Carbo animalis 200c daily in water doses for a few months before she became consistently warm.

It would have been great if she’d discovered homeopathy earlier. With people who need this remedy, I see a medical history of heart stents fitted (as Kathleen has), stomach ulcers and Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (Watermelon Stomach), and knee disorders.  This remedy is also associated with lymphatic & stomach cancers, so treating people as early as possible can have great benefits. Those benefits don’t just total the problems solved, but also the problems potentially avoided.

***** See this article for explanation of how we progress into deeper and deeper disease states and how to avoid doing so *****

I treat patients for pain when they can no longer use conventional drugs or suffer the ill effects of them.  Come for homeopathy first. 
can have terrible side effects.
Read Michael’s case of stomach ulcer caused by Naproxen.
John’s case is the most dramatic. He was left incapacitated, with no solution, after Aspirin destroyed his stomach lining, yet he had to continue to take Aspirin to prevent blood sticking to his heart stents (he also recovered with Carbo animalis).

Can’t take pain meds?  Where do you turn?  Here.
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ankylosing spondylitis

ARTHRITIS Ankylosing Spondylitis: Success Story.

I’ve woken at 3am every morning for 18 years with a deep, stabbing ache in my back and have to walk around for an hour to ease it.  Now swallowing hurts.

Mat came with chronic back pain & fatigue associated with a type of arthritis ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS. He’s a landscape gardener & his young family depends on him.

I’ve started having pain in my neck.  It hurts all day without pain killers. Takes your breath away swallowing food.  I’m so tired, I could always have slept til noon.

Mat was diagnosed in his early 20s. He’s had to take ibuprofen for years. Ibuprofen can have nasty side effects and is not recommended for long term use. He was keen to come off the meds.

ankylosing spondylitis side effects ibuprofen
I’ve treated Mat’s family using homeopathy for general health problems [sinusitis, whooping cough, etc].  He wanted to use homeopathy to treat his pain and slow or stop the development of his ankylosing spondylitis. He noticed no change after the first remedy so we swapped to a second remedy that had come up during his first appointment.

After that I actually forgot to take ibuprofen. I’ve taken no ibuprofen except 2 or 3 times in 6 weeks, and that’s been most likely work related, lifting paving stones.

He’s needed no painkillers despite sleeping on a sofa for 6 weeks! His new family house was not ready on time.

Mat’s case was unusually rapid and straightforward.
We might need to repeat the remedy at intervals and even look for another remedy if the inflammation returns.

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Arthritis & ankylosing spondylitis are usually progressive conditions. Don’t wait to seek treatment for arthritic conditions. We are not sure that homeopathy can help the body to repair calcification that has already taken place.
Mat’s outcomes show that homeopathy can stimulate his body to reduce the inflammation and pain, and perhaps halt or slow the progress … time is of the essence.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions & is recognized by doctors as an effectiveness gap in conventional practice [link to effectiveness gaps].


“I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat”

Tessa suffered overwhelming anxiety since as a child

I’d be lying in bed as a little girl, replaying something that didn’t work out, knees trembling.

Since all the stuff over the years, I love to be by myself when it is quiet. This is a change. I think I liked to help others and be around them, to laugh and be silly. I was lonely by myself, but since kids, life changed drastically.

My panic attacks began when I was in the hospital. I had them occasionally before that & I’d been hiding them from my husband. I was asleep when the panic attack came.  I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat, trying to relax to try to breathe, with palpitations and sweating buckets.

When she came to be part of the Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism study, she was burned out and struggling with exhaustion, anxiety & arthritic pain.
Tessa reported at our first meeting:

I forced myself to walk yesterday and I have fluid coming above both knee caps after.  My finger is very swollen and purple. This right hand had problems many times. My tendons atrophy fast. They can’t bend anymore. I can’t bend it because I haven’t bent it for so long. Over the years I’ve had these swollen joints in the same arm, wrist, then thumb, middle, then ring finger, then the first finger. I’ve also had shoulder problems. I couldn’t raise my right arm for 6 months.

Tessa had her first remedy early August 2016.  21st September she wrote to me:

I’ve always tried to hide my tears from my kids that follow being overwhelmed. Well I read something a minute ago that made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face…lol.. scared my daughter, she was concerned I was crying. Nope! Not today 🙂

Sometimes when I’m treating a deep, emotional problem, a physical problem will return or get worse.  This is a good sign of healing.  This did happen to Tessa.  Her joint pains got worse for a while, but now she has the benefit of the improved anxiety and her joints are freeing up and the pain is far better.  I know for sure she was fitting a shelf in her children’s upper bunk bed on Thursday, having climbed the ladder!
Her message today reads …

arthritis homeopathy treatment

The remedy that suited Tessa so well was phosphorus.  It’s a great remedy for a sympathetic and social person who becomes burned out and exhausted.  She’s a lovely person to work with & she has referred so many people to me since she began to see the results!  She wants all her loved ones to benefit, and they are too.

If you suffer anxiety, adrenal fatigue or arthritis I’ll be happy to talk to you about how I can help you too.
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