Chronic Pain after Knee Replacement

Kathleen had nerve damage pain from knee replacement surgery. GP allowed only a SHORT course of Naproxen (she suffers stomach ulcers). Running out of alternatives, she turned to homeopathy.

ARTHRITIS Ankylosing Spondylitis: Success Story.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter I’ve woken at 3am every morning for 18 years with a deep, stabbing ache in my back and have to walk around for an hour to ease it.  Now swallowing hurts. Mat came with chronic back pain & fatigue associated with a type of arthritis ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS. He’s a landscape gardener & his young family depends on him.

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“I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat”

Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Tessa suffered overwhelming anxiety since as a child I’d be lying in bed as a little girl, replaying something that didn’t work out, knees trembling. Since all the stuff over the years, I love to be by myself when it is quiet. This is a change. I think I liked to help others and be around

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