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adhd treatment

Adam, Age 11, UK: ADHD Treatment plus serious asthma, anxiety & chronic diarrhea.

Originally published at steemit

Adhd Treatment

Adam recovered from ADHD with homeopathic ADHD treatment.
Homeopathy is a holistic approach:  He also recovered from severe asthma, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, eczema and chronic diarrhea!
He stopped steroid medication & asthma inhalers, & had his first high fevers in his life.
He came off the special needs register at his school and caught up with his peers.
You can read the sequence of events below.  Treatment took place over 1 year. This was classical homeopathic treatment without the use of homeopathic detoxes.  He would have done well with detoxes also.  😀
adhd treatment

1st consultation: 

Anxiety [dirt, strangers, people looking through windows. Am I fat? Animals/spiders].
ADHD.  Anxiety. Anger. Hitting. Quarrels. Hyperactivity. Poor focus/executive functioning/organisation. Impulsive. Hypersensitive & misinterprets friend’s actions. Insomnia. Dyspraxia. Literal thinker. Refers to sexual stuff a lot [inappropriate].
Asthma [steroid inhaler recently discontinued + salbutamol inhaler + antihistamines].
Diarrhea a lot.
Immune system: No fevers when sick. Frequent colds that turn to asthma. 

How he got so sick …

Adam started with eczema after vaccination as a baby.
Eczema was treated with steroid creams and he developed asthma [usual if you manage to suppress eczema with steroids.]
The Asthma was treated with steroid inhalers.
Adam developed ADHD and stomach problems.  Both of these problems are common predispositions in his family.  As his level of health dropped due to suppression, his predispositions were triggered.  Steroid use is associated with mental health disorders.
Adam’s was a descent into mental-emotional disorders which is common among children nowadays. 
Prescription:    tarentula hispanica 30c am/pm 3 days med sol. (observe: No need for daily repeat due to discontinuation of steroids past 5 days).
Histaminum 200c, single dose in homeopathic solution daily to use in place of antihistamine.  
adhd treatment

Follow up [1 month] 

> Using words more than fists and crying rather than hitting. Still provoking siblings. Exam stress.
> Swearing has stopped.
> slightly less impulsive >
> Asthma gone during day.
> much calmer during asthma. Inhaler 7pm only.  Night time ok and daytime at school is ok.   
> No steroids since August [longest without since age 5, 6 years].  
Eyes discharging.  
Outstanding: More clumsy recently.  
Old symptoms returning: fear of dark, alone upstairs.  [Return of old symptoms during treatment usually indicates we have removed a layer of illness and are returning to an earlier, higher level of health.]
Prescription: Tare hisp 200c am/ pm for one day.    ipecac 30c instead of inhaler for 7pm cough [if possible].    Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily. Observe weekend cough in the sitting room [Seems to be an allergen in the sitting room].    

Follow up [1 month later] 

Was bad-tempered after this repeat of tare hisp [aggravation] …
then everything changed.
> Now he is too docile & gentle and a bit silly.  
Wheezy in the house.
Irritability is worse.  
Old symptoms returning: responsibility for others. Shouts at sister to get ready. Anxious. Restless at night.  

Prescription:   tare 200c am/pm for 1 day. Continuing with Histaminum 200c single dose in homeopathic solution daily.


Acute Asthma with a cold later that month:   

acute asthma.  
> Now quite docile.  
> Asthma worse. [Disorder is moving from the mental/emotional plane to the physical plane.  In homeopathy this is recognised as in the direction of healing and would be expected.  It makes cases with a history of asthma sometimes difficult.]
Loves raw onions.  Pain in Adam’s apple.  Cough —> wheezing, evening and night. Refusing blue inhaler.  
Prescription:    allium cepa 200c am/pm dry.  Continuing with Histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution daily.
adhd treatment

Follow up.  [5 weeks later] 

Really good outcome with allium cepa.   
Little need for inhaler.  Weathered another cold well without trouble with asthma! 
>> anger has turned to smiley/joking and happy.  
>> loving toward sister.   
>> Eye discharge/allergy is very much better.  
>> more sensible.
Prescription:   wait.   Try allium cep 200c with 3 bashes instead of salbutamol inhaler when inhaler needed [cautioned to use inhaler if necessary].   

1 Month later: acute 

Acute chest virus:  fever 38.9C and recovered fast.   
>> No need for inhaler during this!  Allium cepa was enough.
>> 1st high fever EVER.  [This indicates a great improvement in the strength of his immune system.  He was able to see off the virus with a fever.  His level of health has raised].

Follow up [5 weeks later] 

Another fever 39C
>> Mood relaxed and calm [nb!  This is a child with ADHD]. Emotionally fantastic. >> No itchy, discharging eyes.
>> Cough better.
>> No more fear at night.
>> Far better mood on waking.
Diarrhea every other day over Xmas. [Now mum is more focused on his digestive issues].
Peer pressure and self-confidence issues [may be age-related & has gone to new school].
Prescription:  allium cepa 1m single dose

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Acute Diarrhea with a  high fever 39c [stomach bug].
>> Coughing but no asthma.
>> Great improvement in self-confidence.
>> Calm. Still massively improved on emotional side.
>> No areas of concern!
>> Brave at the dentists with no anxiety.  
Prescription:  Arsenicum 30c, 3 doses 1 hour apart, dry [remedy helped.] 
adhd treatment

Follow-up [4 weeks] 

>> Stomach is good.
>> Eczema is all gone now.
>> Asthma resolved. Chesty only with a virus now.
Fighting with sister [she’s pushing buttons.  I gave her tuberculinum and she did incredibly well!]
Lacks confidence with friends.  
Prescription: wait

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Dark moods. Grumpy in the morning. Picking fights. Dislikes school. Increased sensitivity to what others think of him [old problem]. Embarrassed easily. Less open than usual.
>> Great improvement in school work.
>> Taken off learning difficulties register.
>> Writing has improved. No probs.  
>> Virus with cough/asthma but recovered fast again.
>> Stools better. No smell. Flatulence improved. Not loose. Bowel health is good [good news as family history of ulcerative colitis and he was showing early signs.] 
Prescription: lycopodium 30c am/pm for 2 days 
adhd treatment

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Some allergy symptoms.  Sore ankle.
>> Appetite improved.  
>> Self-aware.
Anxiety around friends. Hard to fit in. Submissive.  
Sensitive to sounds.
Sister will press buttons and he cries. SATS exam worries.
Change in food desires.  
Prescription: kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days

adhd treatment

Treating Tweens & The Problems of Antidotes.

Follow up [4 weeks later] 

Wheezing, coughing, blocked nose all back with force. Eyes itching, gritty, bright red. Hayfever. Fear people looking in windows sharply increased over this month. Buying coke and lots of sweets.
Was run over by a car.  [all possible remedy antidotes].  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.  

Follow up [4 weeks later]

Self-consciousness. Wheezing all day but no difficulty breathing. Meltdowns. Allium-cepa hasn’t helped. Eyes watery/white discharge at night.  
>> Ran race without asthma and came first!  
Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.   [Darn that boy with his sneaky coke!]

Final Follow up [4 weeks later]

Coughing after a cold. Using inhaler. Eye problems. 
Final Prescription:  Repeat kali bich 30c am and pm for 2 days due to antidote.
adhd treatment
life after chemo

Life After Chemo

First posted on Steemit here.

About Cancer

Cancer is an immune system disease.
We have cancer all the time but ‘cancer’ happens when your immune system can no longer clear and control cancerous cells.
If you use chemo, radiotherapy & steroids to push active cancer into remission your immune system is weakened massively.  If you go into remission, what frequently happens is cancer reappears in a number of places and is even harder to fight.


All the natural measures you took during cancer to raise your immune system [alkalising diet, homeopathy, etc] should be continued long-term to repair your immune system and prevent cancer reappearing.  Don’t go into remission and return to your old habits.   After chemo it’s imperative to raise your immune system above its pre-chemo condition and to a  pre-cancerous state.

We resolve conditions with homeopathy by raising the immune system to a stage before the problem was triggered and try to keep health at that higher level.
Homeopathy is, therefore, an ideal way to recover from toxic cancer treatments.
The Banerji Homeopathy clinic in India has a really excellent rate of positive outcomes in cancer treatment.

In the UK, we are legally prevented from claiming that homeopathy can treat cancer so you’ll not hear about it in many places.  But homeopathy works by stimulating and strengthening the immune system, enabling it to do its own healing.

Cancer is becoming commonplace as people’s immune systems get weaker and it’s caused by generations of suppressive conventional medicine [steroids, antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, recreational drugs, more drugs for the drug side effects] and ever-increasing exposure to toxins in our food & environment.
Start now. Clean up your lifestyle and have homeopathic treatment to help you detox and keep you clean and fit.

We are So Used to Being Sick, We think Fevers are only for Kids!
It’s really uncommon for me to meet a European or American adult who can raise a high fever to overcome a viral infection. Most have chronic diseases and little susceptibility to acute infectious diseases at all. Their immune systems are too weak to mount a significant response (fever) to bog standard viruses like flu or to quickly eliminate flu without secondary infections.

When I examine a child’s medical history I always see evidence of a drop in the immune system at every vaccine date.  We know that vaccinated children have more infections and more chronic diseases compared to unvaccinated children.  Vaccines work by damaging the immune system.  They add aluminium to vaccines to suppress the immune system which would otherwise quickly clear the disease material that’s been injected. If the aluminium remains in the body it continues to suppress the immune system.  Aluminium is also injected in the presence of polysorbate 80.  Polysorbate 80 is used with some chemo treatments in brain tumours to open the blood-brain barrier.  Aluminium + open blood-brain barrier.

I’m frequently seeing children who have never had a fever and don’t get acute infectious diseases [which are necessary for maturing the immune system] either because they are too weak or they are vaccinated and there are not the opportunities.  I’m also seeing children who’ve been directly injured by vaccines and have descended into severe autistic states.

I’ve seen children who regressed into autism after antibiotics and I see children who’ve been clearly suppressed from eczema to asthma and then to psychosis by the continual use of steroids.
Conventional medicine is the 3rd cause of death in the USA.  Only a fraction of deaths and injuries are reported.  Many deaths and injuries happen after time has passed.  We all know at least someone who died or was injured as a result of drug side effects or medical treatments.

Conventional medicine is driving down the health of all populations.
Now, only 5% of our patients are in the upper levels of health.
200 years ago, in Samuel Hahnemann’s time … whilst he was railing against conventional treatments that killed faster than they cured … 95% were in the upper levels despite poverty and poor sanitation. Our health should have improved with improved sanitation & availability of food. Yet, it has plummeted, particularly since the advent of vaccines.

We look back on C19th medicine as a dark age and yet we have so many more treatments that are both more barbaric and more lethal and we blindly trust.

arsenic detox rice

Arsenic detox: Obesity may not be the biggest issue with Rice.

I’m looking to talk to you about arsenic detox and where arsenic toxicity might be coming in from.

I was busy writing a reply to this steemit  post: by @mgibson, but it got a bit too long and involved.  So, rather than dumping it in his replies, I turned it into a blog. [You can find and upvote my version of it here … it is the same as this article.]

Beyond the glycemic index issues around weight gain with rice I want to let people know there are arsenic toxicity issues and how to avoid them and still eat rice.
I read that we sometimes will make fat cells to lock away toxic substances and that it is very difficult to get your body to liberate fat before detoxing those substances as your body will hold on to that fat to keep the toxins locked away.  Maybe the detoxifying action of drinking lots of water is behind the recommendation to drink to encourage fat loss, but I suspect there will be other more complex metabolic processes involved also.

I notice a pattern in my daily practice as a homeopath treating autistic children: very high rates of arsenic in their hair tests when they come from an ethnic group from the Indian subcontinent.  This is the case even when they were born and live in the UK and the USA.
I asked my husband about this. Was it in well water?  Was it transferred down from mother to child because I was seeing high levels of arsenic in children who were born in the USA who hadn’t drunk arsenic contaminated water?
He said it is likely to be from a diet rich in rice grown in arsenic-rich soils and directed me to this article

credit: The Independent.

Recommendations for avoiding arsenic from rice consumption:

Sourcing rice from regions with lower grain inorganic arsenic concentrations – for example, basmati rice is two to three-fold lower in inorganic arsenic than rice from the European Union or from the US. Cooking rice in a large excess of water also helps to remove inorganic arsenic. link.

Need an Arsenic Detox?

There are quite a few ways to detox arsenic.  One of the gentlest and most effective is through homeopathic detox.  [This is something I need to do regularly with patients]. Homeopathic detox is not without its challenges and it is good to be taking lots of vitamin c, and daily recommended doses of zinc, magnesium and selenium to support detox.
There are also other ways involving chelation, but they can be pretty heavy on the adrenal system and organs.  Andy Cutler talks lots about this method. Plenty of info on google.

adrenal fatigue 101

Adrenal Fatigue 101: THE LIFESTYLE EPISODE


You have reached a state of adrenal fatigue & you’ve made the excellent decision to get help from homeopathy.

It is HIGHLY likely you reached this state due to overload, overwork or high stress.
Homeopathy can help with your tendency to anxiety & to pushing yourself too hard … but you need to address this directly too & change your habits.

“ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES [*insert name] A VERY DULL [*insert gender label]”

  1. Examine what is driving you to work yourself into adrenal fatigue?

You need to look at your thinking around:

  • work
  • duty
  • money
  • self-worth

Watch out for the great time eaters: perfectionism and procrastination.

  • Wednesday is my ‘anti-procrastination’ day.  I head to the top of a list of what I’m avoiding and do at least one of them!  The weight of the tasks you’re avoiding is huge!
  • Take a look at this post from my website for ideas on how to address the types of thinking that drive you to overwork, procrastinate, & suffer perfectionism. ]

“WHOA Horsey!”

It can seem impossible to slow down. My patients have debts to paychildren with additional needs, a whole bunch of babies to care for.
There is still room to think outside the box.

  1. Make a list of essential activities and a list of things that can ‘give’ a little. Let go of the things that can give a little. Let them go. Let go of perfectionism whilst you are at it.
  2. Take a regular, fresh look at where you could get support & ways to streamline life. Think outside of the box. Often we have not approached this with an open mind & some inventiveness. We are too busy feeling overwhelmed.

“BUT MY [*insert significant other] IS IN THE SAME BOAT”

It is almost always the way.

  1. Your body can only take healing time when your system is quiet.
    You’ve been building up a massive HEALING DEBT.
  2. Be humane: Don’t use the workhorse for non-essential work!  A humane organisation gives its workhorses rest so that they are ready for the next shift.
  3. Find ways to organize responsibilities so that each adult in the family has a solid 4 hour period of QUIET TIME per week. You need 1.5 hours to begin to switch off your work/responsibilities head. The other 2.5 hours are for pure relaxation.
    Don’t try to do this with family members in the background.
    It doesn’t have to require money.

Please comment below.
Add any forms of support you have found that may not be obvious to others, resources you found that helped with self-worth, ideas of duty, procrastination and perfectionism, etc.

Wishing you a happy ‘Quiet time’.

Depression & Anxiety: 4 Fixes That Work.


Can I Treat It Myself

“Can I Treat It Myself?” Acute & Chronic Diseases

Level 1: Acute Illnesses/Minor Injuries

  1. self limiting and self-treatable.
  2. Minor injuries, viral illnesses & bacterial infections.
  3. Caused by an external force, forcing a reaction from your body.

Treating these with homeopathy is supportive to the body, and relatively simple.

  • You can often do this yourself with a bit of research.
  • Buy a good homeopathic first aid kit.
  • Check out the First Aid tab on this website 🙂
  • You can also ask me for help by making a free 15 minute appointment here:
  • If you are under the treatment of a homeopath, ask them before taking anything homeopathic as some remedies can disturb the action of others you took in the recent past.

Level 2: Sub-Acute Illnesses

On the next level are recurrent infections. You can treat these acutely and resolve them each time, but if they keep coming back you need to look for a remedy with deeper action (which covers all the symptoms more fully) because this is clearly a constitutional weakness in defences.

This is getting into a homeopath’s area of expertise.

Level 3: Chronic Illnesses

The symptoms come from the body’s own attempts to deal with an imbalance it doesn’t have the strength to entirely overcome.
We see by the order in which the body heals with homeopathy (and sometimes spontaneously) that it heals:

  • internally then ever outward toward the least important organs & systems.
  • The body prioritises healing & protection of the deeper, more essential functions (brain, emotional/mental health etc) as without these, death is rapid and certain, if you have to fend for yourself to survive.
  • If the body can’t achieve complete healing it will park the remaining imbalance as far from its essential core as it can achieve, leaving you with an annoying and/or painful symptom. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

How Homeopathy Works

If you treat a single symptom (skin rash) acutely at this stage you might palliate or suppress the symptom because you are not giving the body the strength to get over the hump.  If the substance you use is strong enough to force the body to stop producing the symptom, the body (still suffering the imbalance) will have to retrench to a deeper level of imbalance – parking the imbalance at the level ie, of joints, lungs, etc.
Rheumatism, asthma & anxiety are commonly seen after suppressive treatment for skin eruptions. More rarely we see more serious outcomes such as seizures developing.

The difference between suppression and palliation is level of force.
Palliation is short lived & weak enough to not immediately result in a deeper level of disease.
Suppression by steroids clearly pushes the disease deeper and can only do so by overwhelming the body’s defences. With steroids we frequently see the following types of progression:

Eczema --> asthma --> mental health/behavioural/endocrine disorders. Click To Tweet

Much of my work as a homeopath involves gently bringing people back to health after steroids, NSAIDs and repeated antibiotics. Their old complaints (asthma, repeat infections, eczema) resurface because they were suppressed (not healed or grown out of!) & we come back to the simple problems they started with & work to heal those. [Read: You Got Sick & Now To Get Well.]

Thanks for reading this article.  I hope it will enable you to make decisions more easily about what you can treat yourself and what to seek assistance with.
Please comment below with any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them for you.

Appointments can be booked at for local and international patients. I’ll be happy to help you with your recovery.

get well soon

You Got Sick & Now To Get Well

Essential information:
A New Way To Look At Your ‘Disease’ & Recovery. 

ALL ill health is connected.
You don’t have multiple illnesses.  You have one illness with multiple symptoms across multiple systems.

Your body isn’t disconnected bits & it needs to be healed as a whole.

From a homeopathic perspective, conditions given different names are not distinct illnesses, so much as weaknesses in defences or predispositions, that are triggered.

To bring your health back you have to raise your level of health to the stage before your predispositions were triggered. With different weaknesses and predispositions, you’d develop different symptoms, given different disease names.

Health can be driven down by

  • natural ageing,
  • undue stress,
  • environmental toxins,
  • poor diet,
  • unhealthy habitats,
  • traumas,
  • negative relationships,
  • recreational and prescribed drugs,
  • other, chronic stress factors.

To return to earlier, better stages of health you must assess and attend to all your chronic stress factors, but you may not have the ability to spontaneously recover once they are removed.
You can have homeopathic treatment to raise your level of health at this point.
However, without attending to your chronic stress factors you retain a ‘maintaining cause’ that will bring you back down however hard we work to raise you with homeopathy.

We see that, as our physical health descends, we develop symptoms first at the skin level (maybe as children), moving to the mucous membrane level (throat, tonsils, ears) then within the muscular-skeletal system (rheumatism, back pain, arthritis). As health descends further we might experience lung problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc), then problems in organs like the kidneys, liver, heart, etc. Next, we might see the endocrine system involved (as in adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism) and finally the brain and nervous system may become involved (as in multiple sclerosis, for example).

However, human health doesn’t exist alone on the physical level. Nor do all people have predisposed weakness within each body system. Under particularly heavy stresses, we may descend fast and bypass some of our simpler predispositions, arriving at the deeper mental and emotional levels.   We are three-dimensional beings, not just existing on the physical level (see fig).

levels of health

If a person is particularly predisposed to emotional health problems, when their level of health descends rapidly they may move straight to anxiety, phobias, apathy, depression or suicidal depression. When you are beginning to see the development of such ailments under drug treatment for physical conditions you should see this as an acute warning sign that this treatment is helping your symptoms at great expense to your health. Sometimes it is unavoidable in the short term, but seek homeopathy so that you can eventually, safely come off drugs that are having side effects.

At any one time we may have physical, emotional and mental health symptoms of disease, but with suppressive medications and chronic stress we will always move gradually toward more emotional and mental health problems and/or deeper physical problems, and the lesser physical symptoms will usually be ‘grown out of’.

A Typical Descending Case:

A good example is the following case of a boy I am currently treating:

  • At 2 months of age, he was immunised and ‘immediately’ developed eczema. (A family predisposition).
  • His eczema was treated with steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines.
  • As the steroid treatment began to ‘cure’ eczema he developed asthma (A family predisposition. This is a common development in eczema cases).
  • His asthma was treated with more steroids. This time they were not steroid creams but steroid inhalers and steroid liquid medication.
  • As his asthma came under control he began to develop very disruptive behavioural traits, he lost empathy and self-control.
  • By the time he came to me, aged 10, he was clearly ‘mentally’ ill. He was demonstrating distinct autistic traits and attending a special school. He isn’t safe unattended in his own home for any length of time and he swears and attacks people continually. He is very anxious and he has disrupted sleep.

All his ‘diseases’ are seen by conventional doctors as unconnected.
Under homeopathic treatment, we have seen him moving back through his symptoms as he heals. Gradually his mental-emotional symptoms have improved, his asthma has begun to improve and his eczema has returned. This is a great sign for a homeopath to see. We know his case is moving in the right direction. His body is winning the battle to push its imbalance outward to the skin. When eczema returned his mother used steroid cream and his asthma worsened and his behavioural improvements relapsed. We repeated his remedy & he began to improve again. Currently, she is using non-suppressive, soothing applications for his eczema (emollient cream and Stellaria/Chickweed cream) and the eczema is gradually moving lower down the body and out to the fingers and toes … finally, to disappear, we hope.  If he had started homeopathic treatment for his eczema, he would not have had to go through the stages of ill health he’s been through. Thankfully, I frequently treat children with eczema that hasn’t been complicated in this way.

A Typical Ascending Case:

If you read ‘Helen’s Case’ … a case of autoimmune hypothyroidism returning to health via asthma – treated with homeopathy, you will be able to spot Helen returning through the old symptoms she acquired as a child as she begins to heal from her hypothyroidism.   You’ll be able to see her problems moving toward less essential systems as her body begins to win the battle.

Helen’s is a similar case of steroid suppression, with very different outcomes because she has a family predisposition to autoimmune hypothyroidism rather than mental health problems, but she was beginning to show signs of mental symptoms such as brain fog and memory loss and emotional symptoms such as apathy.
Now she uses no medication for hypothyroidism and has regained her energy, vital heat, mental function, menstrual cycle, ovulation & night vision (this was the first thing she reported had come back and she’d not even mentioned it to me!)

To find out more about this kind of recovery book a free 15-minute discussion about your health.
You can also join the Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism Study. if you have adrenal or thyroid dysfunction.


Sally Lloyd is an international classical homeopath specialising in children’s anxiety & behavioural disorders, adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism.
She is part of an international team (with Ingefleur Spreij and others) studying the interrelationship between adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and fertility problems in homeopathic patients, worldwide.  She also carried out a study into treating children’s anxiety and behaviour disorders.


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