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I’ve woken at 3am every morning for 18 years with a deep, stabbing ache in my back and have to walk around for an hour to ease it.  Now swallowing hurts.

Mat came with chronic back pain & fatigue associated with a type of arthritis ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS. He’s a landscape gardener & his young family depends on him.

I’ve started having pain in my neck.  It hurts all day without pain killers. Takes your breath away swallowing food.  I’m so tired, I could always have slept til noon.

Mat was diagnosed in his early 20s. He’s had to take ibuprofen for years. Ibuprofen can have nasty side effects and is not recommended for long term use. He was keen to come off the meds.

ankylosing spondylitis side effects ibuprofen
I’ve treated Mat’s family using homeopathy for general health problems [sinusitis, whooping cough, etc].  He wanted to use homeopathy to treat his pain and slow or stop the development of his ankylosing spondylitis. He noticed no change after the first remedy so we swapped to a second remedy that had come up during his first appointment.

After that I actually forgot to take ibuprofen. I’ve taken no ibuprofen except 2 or 3 times in 6 weeks, and that’s been most likely work related, lifting paving stones.

He’s needed no painkillers despite sleeping on a sofa for 6 weeks! His new family house was not ready on time.

Mat’s case was unusually rapid and straightforward.
We might need to repeat the remedy at intervals and even look for another remedy if the inflammation returns.

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Arthritis & ankylosing spondylitis are usually progressive conditions. Don’t wait to seek treatment for arthritic conditions. We are not sure that homeopathy can help the body to repair calcification that has already taken place.
Mat’s outcomes show that homeopathy can stimulate his body to reduce the inflammation and pain, and perhaps halt or slow the progress … time is of the essence.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions & is recognized by doctors as an effectiveness gap in conventional practice [link to effectiveness gaps].


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  1. I have severe A S and arthritis and would try anything to ease the pain.

    1. Hi Robert, it’s worth trying homeopathy. It can often help greatly with the pain and can at least slow degeneration. As I said in my article, it’s worth getting help fast as we are not sure that your body can undo calcification of joints, so the aim is to halt progress, ease inflammation & help with pain.

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