Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism Study

Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism Study


We are an international team of homeopaths investigating treatment of adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism through homeopathy.

Our aims:

  • To improve knowledge about which adrenal fatigue & hypothyroid cases respond well to homeopathic treatment.
  • To be able to offer more accurate prognoses to patients and
  • To find ways to further improve outcomes.

Questions the study will attempt to answer:

  • Is there a key difference in outcomes between ‘autoimmune’ hypothyroidism and cases related to generalised hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue?
  • Is the time since diagnosis of hypothyroidism important?
  • Is the presence of antibodies (autoimmune type hypothyroidism) a significant factor in prognosis?
  • Are reproductive cycle abnormalities associated with most or all adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid cases?

We are especially interested in working with patients who are struggling with reproductive cycle abnormalities leading to infertility, who also have symptoms of adrenal fatigue and or hypothyroidism.

adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism study

Homeopaths involved with the study:

Sally Lloyd [Staffordshire UK, taking patients internationally]
Ingefleur Spreij [The Netherlands, taking patients internationally] link
Alan Freestone [Birmingham UK, taking patient nationally]

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