Homeopathy is used for safely detoxing toxins such as metals and the side effects of medications.

3 responses to detox and what they mean.

Some symptoms improve during the 8 week course and you see some detox signs:

  • Keep a note book.
  • Typically lasting 2-5 days out of an 8 week course
  • Usually beginning at 30c and peaking at 200c.
  • Increased need for sleep and rest:  When your body starts healing it will prioritize sleep and rest over activity.
  • Fever:. Don’t suppress with Tylenol/Calpol etc.  Use homeopathy if the fever lasts longer than 24 hours or rises over 39.9C/104F.
  • Skin rashes [ways to cope]
  • Sweating: increased &/or smelly. Wash, wash, wash. Don’t suppress with antiperspirants. Toxins are coming out!
  • Nose & ear discharges.
  • Coughing and phlegm.
  • Stool changes: more often, looser, smelly, etc. 
  • Urine: more, dark, smelly, etc.  Sometimes bedwetting in children.
  • Mild ‘flu’, cold or sore throat symptoms
  • emotional ‘discharges’: transient sadness, weeping, anger, anxieties, aggravation of obsessions, rigid behaviour and/or temporary return of autistic traits.
  • Return of old symptoms [‘retracing’: old symptoms may return and be healed if they were suppressed with medication like antibiotics or steroids. Sometimes they will pass quickly [I call this an ‘echo’], sometimes another remedy will be needed to resolve them.

No reaction to the detox remedy in 8 weeks and no sign of detox or improvement

  • If it clearly was the beginning of your problems, you don’t have enough energy to detox due to adrenal fatigue or illness.  You may need adrenal support before continuing.
  • This can often happen after chelation treatment, which usually results in adrenal fatigue.
  • The detox substance was not the cause of your problems.

Strong detox symptoms but no improvement in 8 weeks.

  • This indicates the detox is needed but the body is unable to detox
  • Something is blocking the detox: constipation, another medication needs detoxing first, the organs need more support before they can detox the body.
  • There is no problem with taking a break.  We can start again after supporting the organs or resolving constipation, etc.
  • The detox symptoms will go away of their own accord after stopping the detox.

Give your detox a helping hand

  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C, zinc, selenium & magnesium + B6 to help absorption of magnesium. [Often referred to as orthomolecular therapy].
  • Bath with a tablespoon of Epsom salts [magnesium sulfate] weekly.
  • Eat ‘alkaline’ foods.  [Chart here].

Homeopathic detox has been done for a few hundred years and shows good outcomes.
It is entirely safe.  Homeopathic remedies are too dilute to cause chemical side effects or allergies and they stimulate the body to detox more efficiently through the body’s usual, inbuilt methods.  This creates less strain on organs [like the liver] than other detoxing methods such as chelation. With homeopathic detox the body releases toxins steadily and the organs are enabled to eliminate toxins more efficiently, protecting the brain and other organs from unnatural spikes in blood toxin levels that can be seen with other methods.
However, as described above, some detox symptoms can be difficult to live with.

If detox or remedy reactions are too strong

  • If you are concerned or have questions, contact your homeopath.
  • If the reactions are manageable, wait 24 hours.
  • If they are unmanageable or become unmanageable, contact me [if you are my patient.]
  • If symptoms get worse after 24 hours I’ll ask you to make a dilution as follows:

Dilution method

Other causes of reactions during a detox course:

You may catch a virus during the detox course and this could be the reason for the reactions.  You’ll usually know if there is something going around with similar symptoms.

  • If you are my patient, let me know.
  • We can treat this with homeopathy if it gets troublesome. [See my first aid section for colds & flu or fevers, or book a short appointment].  Meanwhile, the virus attacks cells that are already weakened and the body clears them as discharges.  It’s a very detoxifying process.
  • It is ok to take a break from the detox whilst this is done.
  • The detox can be restarted where you left off when you are recovered from the virus.

*Credit for a good chunk of the information on this page is given to Ton Jansen’s book Fighting Fire With Fire, 2016