anxiety, adhd & adrenal fatigue treatmentWith SAFE, GENTLE EFFECTIVE methods
to free your child to be their best self.
With first improvements usually within a month.



Come and talk to me via skype [FREE 15 min].  I can work alongside conventional medication and help with withdrawal symptoms too.  I’m nonjudgmental, compassionate and understanding.  I have a private practice support group for my patients & their families & I’m available for emergencies 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

I offer consultations for anxiety, autism & adrenal fatigue, as well as panic attacks & OCD, ADHD, & hypothyroidism. [I consult for most acute & chronic health conditions.]

Causes of anxiety, autism & adrenal fatigue, OCD, ADHD, etc.

The following factors can play a part:

  • Vaccine damage: where parents report that their child’s problems began or became worse after vaccination.
  • Medications can trigger some of these conditions: like steroids, taken for conditions such as asthma, eczema or repeat infections.  Repeated courses of antibiotics can impact on mental & overall health also. 
  • Emotional stress: bereavement, transitions, and traumas. Bullying, Difficulty within relationships, school environments & at home. These can also lead to hormone disruption
  • Genetics: Some people have a family predisposition to these problems when exposed to triggers like stress, toxins, vaccination, medications, & bacteria, etc.
  • Toxin accumulation: via vaccination, from the environment or because of an inability to detoxify the body adequately.
  • Unusual susceptibility: to bacterial infection (PANDAS for example) due to a weakness of the immune system.

Are Anxiety attacks, Autism & Adrenal Fatigue really healable?

Yes! In many cases, most or all symptoms can resolve with effective homeopathic remedies and most people stop needing conventional medicines they were using.

Anxiety, Autism & Adrenal Fatigue Treatment:

Your homeopathic treatment plan will be tailored to you, depending on likely causes of your condition & the state of your health.  

I use Classical Homeopathy, using the remedy that matches you or your child completely. 
You may need detoxifying with homeopathic remedies. This can be from toxins or a medication/vaccine that originally triggered the condition.
Sometimes homeopathic remedies are needed to heal damage to the gut, bowel or neurological system.
Also, homeopathic organ support can be very useful. 

Testimonials & Cases

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Study into homeopathic consultations for anxiety attacks in children 2015

International study into Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism 2016

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