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treat autism naturally

I treat autism naturally, along with its associated conditions:

  • Regression after vaccines [loss of speech, eye contact etc].
  • Metal toxicity & medication side effects.
  • Bacterial & viral infections: Staph, clostridia, HHV6, Lyme, Bartonella, etc
  • Aggression, headbanging, PICA, and ‘stimming’.
  • Adrenal fatigue & liver weakness after chelation therapies.
  • Allergies & leaky gut.
  • Constipation & incontinence.
  • Anxiety, panic attacks & OCD.
  • PANDAS, PANS, ADHD & Lyme.
  • Sleep & hormone imbalances such as hypothyroidism & adrenal fatigue.

treat autism naturally

Autism Treatment:

Treatment is tailored to your child’s needs, depending on likely causes of your child’s condition & their state of health:
Homeopathic remedies can enhance the body’s ability to detox toxins like toxic metals or a medication/vaccine that originally triggered the condition.
Homeopathic remedies are used for healing damage to the gut, bowel, mitochondria, & neurological system & to overcome viruses, bacteria, yeasts, & parasites.



sally lloyd homeopathytreat autism naturally

*This site is for informational purposes and DOES NOT constitute medical treatment.  I am not a medical doctor and cannot offer diagnoses.*